WH Press Secy. On Biden’s Voting Rights Agenda | MSNBC 1

WH Press Secy. On Biden’s Voting Rights Agenda | MSNBC


Voting rights and election subversion are two of the biggest threats to the future of our democracy but is President Biden doing enough to stop them? White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki joined NBC’s Mehdi Hasan to discuss the Administration's plan to combat these existential threats and where things stand on filibuster reform that could allow for the passage of H.R.1.

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WH Press Secy. On Biden’s Voting Rights Agenda | MSNBC


  1. Mehdi knows exactly how to question people to get REAL politics out there for everyone to understand what is ACTUALLY going on. So fricken rare. Awesome.

    1. @Donovan Tucker
      You miss Bleached Blonde Barbie?
      More of your intelligence level gramps?
      There are more of them on Fox.

    2. @Malcolm X He does come from England where our “far-left” is more like their “center-left”, fair. But not even close to Maoist principles, nor communism, which you likely know nothing about other than scary talking points to rile up nonsense. That said, I was talking about his questioning/reporting based on getting into nitty-gritty facts, and not so much just echoing soundbites.

  2. Jim Crow voter law – Appears to apply to all but targets a specific group or can be used to target a group. e.g., One drop box per county (counties very is size and distance), voting at the wrong site (sending out confusing info, or change polling sites of the targeted group) Have to pay all fines (Of course the wealthy can pay and it encourages higher fines). Hard to comply with ID laws, selective (e.g., don’t except student Id), and/or none that are free. (Poll tax) Suppression – limiting hours the boss can go when he wants but workers cannot. Closing polling sites to create long lines in targeted voting districts. New Hampshire had a beauty requiring students to change the registration of their cars which can be costly at a time when they are focused on getting ready for the upcoming school year. (That one did get struck down by the states court.)

    1. I’m afraid you are behind the times. There is no more Jim Crow. Instead Joe calls at Jim Eagle. It’s Jim Eagle now.

    2. and there is the fact that native americans do not have that kind of ID either. Many of these bills will ensure that none of them can vote.

    3. @espy You can walk into most polling stations with a utility bill with your name on it or your name & last 4 of your social security number and vote. I voted in 2016 with a gas bill and 2020 with my water bill.

  3. We need a mechanism that FLUSHES CONGRESS/SENATE PEEPS THAT DO NOT WORK FOR THE PEOPLE, besides voting.

    1. Hello Tony Jen Psaki is right it is hard –
      1. Covid
      2. Economy
      3. Reproductive rights for Women
      4. Voting rights
      5. LGBTQ Rights
      6. Police reform
      7. Child care
      8. Expanding Medicare, social security, Medicaid, affordable Healthcare, affordable housing.
      9. Putin, CCP, Trump
      10. Raising the minimum wage.
      11. Domestic Terrorism
      12. Cyber attacks on our infrastructure.
      Etc … All while GOP continues to filibuster Democrats efforts to pass meaningful legislation.
      Love MSNBC Love White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

  4. The 15th Amendment states: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”

    1. @Trumpocalypse Democrats what background checks to prove they are legal Americans, why not the same thing to vote?

    1. @Mike Bockey I actually just started watching. Used to be a Bernie bro, then a-political from 2016 to 2020. Now I see the corruption that stole Bernie’s win.

    2. @Jessica Ghalager, i see that you joined 3 days ago and have no subscribers. i’m guessing you’ve been doing this for a while. i’m also going to guess that you’re not actually jessica ghalager, you’ve been watching fox news for years, you were never a “bernie bro” (whatever that is), you were never “a political” and the corruption that you see is really only just all the lies in your head.

    3. Look if you support no voter ID and all the rest. Guaranteed in the future not even your vote will mean anything. He’s pushing non transparency.

    4. @Tamme Brown, your guarantee regarding the future is without substance or merit. it means nothing. people who argue based on emotion blow over on a windy day.

  5. When the Dems lose the house and the senate in 2022 they may look back on all this jaw-jaw and the reality will then sink in all too late that the Republicans were only ever interested in war-war.

  6. Thats disgusting, the fact that the Biden Whitehouse welcomed Mohammed Bin Salmon, that is enough to make me not vote for Joe Biden in the future.


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