Trump Blows Out DeSantis In CPAC Straw Poll | MSNBC 1

Trump Blows Out DeSantis In CPAC Straw Poll | MSNBC


At the conclusion of the conservative CPAC conference in Dallas, former President Trump gave the closing speech. He also got some good news. A new straw poll from the conference shows Trump leading Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by a whopping 51 percentage points, if he in fact runs in 2024. Alicia Menendez talks to a panel of political insiders about what Democrats need to do immediately to make sure Trump doesn’t steal his way to another nomination.

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Trump Blows Out DeSantis In CPAC Straw Poll | MSNBC


  1. This straw poll is a vote in favour of authoritarianism. The fight is not over. Do not let democracy die.

    1. @Jock Young “Legislation” —- you were very careful to use that word, huh?

      What about “Executive Orders”?

      How about ‘tomorrow’?

      Next week?

      10,300+ FAKE votes uncovered in, Maricopa county, and that’s just the start.


    2. @No Show Joe history shows republican have been the only one that infringe on gun rights. trump bump stock Ronnie auto style assault rifles.

    3. @Larry Garland I looked on every right wing site I could find and no where does the text exchange mention anything about “over the age of fourteen”, so that must be your own super gross repressed projection. 🤢🤮

      No one’s surprised honestly.

  2. Wow as a Canadian. I look down at to the USA and scratch my head. How can such a great country fall so far. Putin really got what he wanted when his government placed Trump in to power. They used the CIAs playbook on how to destabilize a government and country. Why has no one looked in to if Trump is an agent and his wife is his handler. He has had two wives that are eastern European.

    1. @Brian Ward I too wear a Canadian flag with pride. I was over seas in Asia and some guy came up to me, he was very aggressive and asked if I was American. I was wearing a Canadian flag patch on my hat at the time. I turned to him and said Sorry No I am Canadian. We then had a great little chat in the local Starbucks.

    2. @Billy Pardew wtf are you talking about? The Mueller report stated that they couldn’t charge a “sitting president” with a crime. Meaning because Trump was the president, he couldn’t be charged. If he was no president he would already have an orange jumpsuit on. Get you fact straight before you speak!
      Plus, all you idiots that are donating to Trump to “fight”….you’re just paying off all his debts. Constant grift from Trump and all you Maga loving traitors are dumb enough to believe. The state of America is crumbling and Russia and China are loving it.

    3. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL so many countries greater than America trump has made your country a world laughing stock

    1. Trump is the rightful president.
      The sdny prosecutor had 16 years to look into Trump’s taxes. Why didn’t they check back 16 years ago

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr I don’t know what the SDNY prosecutor has to do with the fact that Trump obviously lost the election.

      Jan 6th, It’s illegal to incite violence.
      “The big lie” show
      King grifter tRump will meet you at the capital 😂 suckers
      500 + MAGAts charged and many more under investigation

    2. Face Off Hey man, if we’re talking about arresting former US presidents, let’s start by locking up the Clintons, Bushes, and Obamas

    3. *OP* Then why delete CPAC video?
      Liberals praise the corpratocracy 🙄
      Only a Leftist tool would want censorship.
      –some results have been removed–
      (not edited)

    1. 75 million votes more than Obama and any sitting president in the history of America. The poll isn’t insignificant.

    2. @D4rkSyl3nce Hillary Clinton got more votes than that orange lunatic clown. He just won the right racist states and electoral college (which needs to be elimibated) put Don the con in

    3. @Mercy Effiong Bingo!!! Let them live in denial and watch them have heart attacks and strokes when the dearly beloved one is reinstated. This is just too much fun!!

    1. Well call it what you want but there are more crazies than there are of you nut bags! Lol get ready for us to win AGAIN!

    2. @Larry Garland that is not what they say, but you apparently interpret the situation to fit a bigoted, science-denying world view.

    3. Liberals do not defend corporations who blow you gas tanks for ratings 🤣 fake war footage for profit 😂
      Hide lab leak possibility 😂 😂🤔

  3. Uh, that’s what always happens at CPAC. They always choose the nuttiest flavor of the moment as their hero.

    1. It’s code to DeSatan to stay out of his way or he’ll leak everything he has on DeSatan. They’re partners in crime.

    1. The at the end is having a desired effect. Don’t let it upset you because this is only politics.

  4. Lol, “a group at CPAC is distributing cards with a 7 point plan for reinstating T****…” lololol idiots

    1. Yes they should, but see how there not. They have more to hide than trump all day. Why sensor the entire cpac YouTube channel for a week? Answer is youtube and Democrats are weak and afraid.

    2. @Christopher WebberWhen O’Keeffe asked O’Sullivan why Chester is employed at CNN? O boy! Project Veritas shared that Chester claimed the network had excited COVID fears to increase ratings and is the CNN director who confessed that the network was intentionally downplayed coverage of black-on- Asian hare crimes. –uncancelled–

  5. Don’t you just love the entertainment when people within this GOP party start eating each other alive.

  6. I hate hearing his lies., I hate even more that people believe him, and worst of all I hate that the republican party goes along with it all.

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