GOP Pushing Back On A 'Changing Texas' With Restrictions, Says Castro 1

GOP Pushing Back On A ‘Changing Texas’ With Restrictions, Says Castro


Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro joins Morning Joe to discuss Rep. Jim Clyburn's support for amending the Senate filibuster amid the push for voting rights and Texas Republicans advancing voting restrictions.

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GOP Pushing Back On A 'Changing Texas' With Restrictions, Says Castro


  1. There is nothing worse than spending time to voice your vote when an autocracy just destroys your ballot!

    1. @JoeBidenIsAnEmbarrassment 1234 learn to read because apparently you’re hard of hearing mayoral race in NYC has been settled and I haven’t heard of the looser calling for an audit to overthrow the results. Take t Rump for example, lost by a landslide but would rather incite people to try and overthrow the government while he watches on TV. PATHETIC and pro fascist. Can’t avoid taxes or death forever 🙂💯💯💯J or D which ever comes first is good with me.

    2. @Sarah Petty some of those red states are turning blue because people are more aware that GOP only wants to govern for corporations and the super rich. Many of us know what happens to the empire when the income inequality gap gets wider than it is now. And GOP wants to ignore climate change because it means loss of profit to multi billion dollar fossil fuel industry. With GOP/right wing/ science-denying/ conspiracy theory cultists in charge, we’re doomed!

  2. less talk, more action. Feferal legislation is vital for setting up base standards across the country.

    1. They actually do. Maybe you should check the legislation. We need to stop with this ridiculous argument. Even if this was not the case, should we allow states to be dictated by party politics or should we ensure voting is fair for all. Change, evolve, challenge. If this did not happen, slavery may never be abolished. We are allowed to grow as a nation.

    1. @Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​ ” krang ” ????? that’s the best you can come up with ? seriously ? lololol

    2. @Robert Norrell It’s cute how people like you actually think that you’re smart and on the correct side of history.
      You wouldn’t be able to discern what reality is, even if it were the bus you walked in front of because you thought the world revolves around you, maybe if you understood how to form a complete sentence you’d have a chance of being considered as a creature that’s capable of conscious thought.

    3. I just don’t for the life of me, now what planet you come from, tell me what government has ever been fair compared to life? Just by definition that comparison is an albatross.😀

    1. Never heard it put like this before, appreciate it! We start out fully aware/transcendent (or capable of it) but life and our ego quickly shade our view.

    1. I hate to say this because I am a Christian, but you need to look at the Evangelicals who support all the evilness of these dirty politicians, especially Trump.

  3. I am so disgusted in our politics! None of the Senate knows what we the people go thru! Vote them all out!

    1. Good. Then they’ll be voted out of office. The GQP cult won’t vote for them if they join that party.

    2. @K L yep, theyll lose primaries and those spots will become permanently republican. The ONLY reason Democrats won those spots in the first place is that they werent progressive crazies. The only reason they had a shot in those districts is being blue dogs.

    1. @Jack B Laissez Faire isn’t a republican economic policy. It sounds like you have very little knowledge of classical liberal views and what makes libertarianism work in practice. Neo Liberalism has been championed from both sides of the aisle, and look what that got us.

    2. @Altrusian WolfDog You should use that logic on those rioters that tore big city hubs apart all last summer. It still doesn’t seem to be getting through to them. Or were they “mostly peaceful protests”. If you call those attacking the CNN building “mostly peaceful protesters”, then I’ll give that one to you.

    3. @John Titor It sounds like you just wanna spend some $20 dollar words, but only have $5 in your pocket

  4. From outside the US
    I don’t understand why you can not be ONE UNITED COUNTRY?

    If the US is FALLEN, you ALL are in the SAME PLACE with the SAME TROUBLE.

    1. The US is 50 separate countries barely glued together with racism and greed. Of course it’s a failed state.

    2. Our leadership is closer than you might think. One party’s main goal is to give businesses the most freedom possible and to pay as little as possible in taxes, while the other says maybe taxing multi-billion dollar corporations a rate higher than the average citizen’s tax rate isn’t socialism.

    1. Never gonna happen. Polling shows most blue state refugees vote republican and most second gen immigrants vote republican if approached properly… BUT… why you were trying to turn Texas blue, we turned Ohio red… and are one or two cycles away from turning now purple Penn, Wisc and Michigan red. Once that blue wall falls, democrats never win another election.

    2. @Timothy Arnold coming from the party that lost the house and the president and your morals and your sanity.
      Texas is all ready purple.

    3. @B *allegedly* lost. Meanwhile, your party turned the capitol into a third world armed camp, has openly talked about rigging the congress and the courts, wants to install a democrat controlled vote rigging scheme in every local election in America and is sending goon squads to “check Americans papers”.

  5. Honestly idgaf what Biden or Harris says abt voting rights, call me when Biden had a comprehensive voting rights bill

  6. This government is suspiciously dysfunctional. A lot of this feels like sensationalist distractions, to keep from addressing real issues.

  7. Beyond shameless!!! And these GQP-ers still are part of the government and swore an oath to uphold the constitution. Where is the justice in that?

    1. If voters realize that they are being cheated they have the power to vote GOP losers out, but they are brainwashed.

  8. Get rid of the filibuster!!! And I agree with Michael Marceau “Eliminate lobbyists and corporate PAC’s.”

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