WH Senior Adviser: Biden Would Prefer To Work In A Bipartisan Way On His Plan | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

WH Senior Adviser: Biden Would Prefer To Work In A Bipartisan Way On His Plan | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Anita Dunn, White House senior advisor and former Obama White House communications director, discusses President Biden's strategy to sell the American Families Plan.

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WH Senior Adviser: Biden Would Prefer To Work In A Bipartisan Way On His Plan | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. We will never build back better unless there is a plan to call up the Chinese leader and tell him we need some of there workers over here. as it is America can’t get anything done, we do a study for 20 years on high speed trains in California and spend 100 million on the study and at the end of a 20 year study determine we need to study it further and need another 200 million , China was putting up 1000 bed covid hospitals in less then 2 weeks , they built a 300 mph bullitt train between 2 city’s in 2 years and we can’t even average 75 mph on passenger trains in the usa ,Japan and other countries were over doing 200mph in 1964 with trains so the USA is doomed on infrastructure unless we get China to do it for us, we have proven that our current govt leadership with all the special interest groups in tow will get absolutely nothing done but all your kids money will be gone the middle class and poor got poorer and the rich people will get a lot richer in the process

  1. Biden put the GOP in a bind last night. Now is the time for them to be constructive , not destructive.

    1. @Yvonne Plant are you the racist that apparently proves him wrong? If not you, is it your boss? Or your father? Exactly who in your life, in whatever city and state you live in is a racist. Be brave, call them out.

    2. It’s funny you use the words the words biden and construction in the same word. Whose wall did he just say he is finishing construction on again??

      real high IQ people. Very big brain.

    3. @Jack Dorseys Mom that’s not at all what was said. You know for a person that is constantly insinuating you’re more intelligent than others, you sure seem to have a hard time following a simple dialogue. Biden simply stated further construction on the wall hadn’t been ruled out. He never committed to it or even remotely said it was going to happen. Seems like you need to do some work on your comprehension skills.

  2. It didn’t really work out too well for Obama when he tried it. Work around them, not with them, to get results.

    1. This is Fox Thinkie…..Newtie Politics…except that it is mis-named to call it politics. Politics is …one hand washes the other,.

      Added to graft and pay to play. Always had been.

      Nobody ain’t said nothin’ about no Vladimir and algorithms and Frankenstein Murdoch. He’s a-lllllllive, Get them out of here, we’ve seen this movie.

    2. Repugs aren’t interested in supporting any legislation Biden~Dems put forward. And put forward in good faith regarding moving America beyond the destructive ‘trump years’ and getting back on the path of health and economic recovery.
      Hard to fathom why they will not or can not work across the aisle in that endeavor.
      trump~putin Kompromat?

  3. I am most pleasantly surprised by Biden. Republican Congress is only representing fraction of republicans. So work with republican voters, not republican representatives.

    1. that seems to be the plan. Talk with local city reps and such to get the pulse of the actual republicans across the country. It seems like a lot of them are supportive or at least open to his suggestions/ideas which is quite the contrast when compared to the stonewall he seems to be getting from a lot of the reps in the legislature.

    2. @Komenisai
      The majority of Republicans will probably throw tomatoes at Joe. That’s how much that they hate him.

  4. Yup, repubs say they are pro life, but they are not pro family. This needs to be brought to the attn of their constituents.

    1. @Matt O you got that right, just replaced parts of already standing wall that can be scaled right over. And also destroying private and nature conservancy lands that now lay barren. No real plan was ever in the blown up balloon tied to that extra long necktie

    2. You mean like destroying the middle class, protecting pedophiles, rapists, murderers, bringing us to the brink of civil war?

  5. Republicans were so nasty to Democrats at every turn they have a history doing that. But now, with a Democratic president all we hear is them whining about not getting their way again.

    1. After doing some quick googling I’ve found that the US does have a tax on financial transactions. It is REALLY tiny and works out to roughly 2 cents per $1000 traded. That’s pathetic and extremely low. Your 0.1% tax would pull ~$1 out of every $1000 traded which sounds a lot more reasonable.

  6. Hey…throw in a tax cut for the rich . …they listen!! We lost trillions by that cut to the rich!!!

  7. Seeing how they didn’t yell out “You Lie” in the middle of his speech. They somehow had respect for the white Democrat. That confirms it. It was about race.

  8. 64% of Americans approve of Pres Biden’s plan. Those 64% need to call and write their representatives and demand they approve Pres Biden’s plan.

    We the people, 64% is bigger than 36%. We the people need to demand that Congress does what we want and we the people need to vote these Republikkkans out of office.

    1. 64% of americans support joe biden but his videos all get downvoted to oblivion. You’re a very intelligent person. Not a moron at all.

  9. With the current trump based Republican Party, Biden has as much chance of getting bipartisan legislation passed as seeing satan going to work on a snowplow

    1. @Jack Dorseys Mom there is zero point in working with republicans, it’s not an excuse just the reality of the situation. When the shoe was on the other foot conservatives didn’t concern themselves with bipartisan work they simply rammed their regressive agenda through without a second thought. What comes around goes around.

    2. @Matt O I disagree, because mindless right-wingers never give anything any thought whatsoever, because thinking takes too much effort, they just let their equally mindless leadership pretend to do it for them. That’s why they couldn’t possibly have not given it a second thought.

    3. Well in less than 2 months he got us to the brink of nuclear warand is destroying the economy.

  10. Biden may be old as the hills, but he’s wise enough to know that things run in cycles. Four decades of Reaganomics brought us to where we are now. Any more laissez-faire and we’ll all go down the drain.

  11. It’s great that he wants to play with others. But just like on the playground if you ask somebody if they want to play ball with you and they keep telling you no then you either have to find a new group of people to try to play ball with or bounce it against the wall and play by yourself.

    1. Your analogy is flawed in so very many ways that I know whatever teacher taught you about analogies is ashamed of you.

  12. Anita Dunn…good to see a wise woman with a few years under her belt talk to us. Senior Power! We are not invisible! Sorry…had to rant.

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