Whale travels 800 miles entangled in fishing gear

A North Atlantic right whale was left in a dire situation after it became entangled in commercial fishing rope and lobster pots. #CNN #News #shorts


  1. These people and companies responsible for this stuff that KEEPS happening absolutely repulse me.
    Absolutely repulse me

  2. There should be laws passed to make fishermen pick up their nets and other fishing gear. It’s too dangerous to be left behind. They are well aware of that fact too. Is it just laziness or why leave those behind all the time. It must be expensive to do so.

    1. In lobstering there are strict laws about it and the construction of a trap is strictly regulated. Other industries I don’t know, but they need to stop claiming this is a lobster trap. It’s definitely not.

  3. It’s a shame that people go into their living environment and put the 🐟 in danger by doing things like this. That’s THEIR living environment. You fisherman are just visitors. This is their home.

    1. catch and release no good either. Keep to eat only or don’t touch. People using it for the fight is bs. Why play with a wild fish and beat it out for people own fun. This could keep going.

  4. This is so sad to see 😢. Humans, especially the fishing industry need to be more aware of what they are leaving in the ocean. Those waters are home to these animals and should be respected. Try a little harder please! I watch Ocean Conservation Namibia and they rescue and release seals for fishing lines and other various garbage. Bless those that are helping these babies, hopefully freeing them to continue their lives.

  5. I’ve been eating way less fish since like 5 years because stuff like this. I stopped eating bluefin tuna almost 15 years ago. Boycott the companies behind the industrial fishing boats that replace fish with used up fishing gear, nets, lines, lobster pods, plastics, metals! Capt. Iglo or Rio Mare for example.

  6. I hope that poor whale is alright now😢 People are supposed to look after God’s creatures, not make their lives miserable by pollution!!

  7. Is there a legal thing protecting whales like manatees? I’m not saying they did anything wrong I just am curious if there are laws protecting whales

  8. 1. That is not a lobster trap (I’m from Maine) 2. If it were they are specially made to break apart so they don’t hurt whales or other wild life 3. Stop claiming it’s a lobster trap, you’re hurting an industry that goes to great lengths to protect species like this and prevent these incidents.

  9. Stop all ships. Oil tankers to. Fishing gear they can still save them some chance. Ship you don’t see the sudden death.

  10. Great job of getting this beautiful creature out of what can only be described as an awful, unnatural, man-made & man-caused predicament that it found itself in! 🙏💙

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