‘What a lunatic says’: Kinzinger on Greene’s previous comments and her briefly presiding over House

CNN political commentators Adam Kinzinger, Alyssa Farah Griffin and Mondaire Jones join "CNN This Morning" to discuss Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) past comments and the lawmaker's temporary role of speaker pro tempore. #CNN #News


  1. Let’s not forget about when Greene chased a teenage school shooting survivor down the street accusing him of “trying to take her 2nd amendment” and taunting that victim of gun violence by repeatedly informing him that she has a gun in her purse right now.

    1. @Chuck Taylor putin/ trump phone calls- with NO ONE allowed in- not even interpreters. wtf? let’s hear some of that!

  2. This woman is so sad; however, the fact that she was elected makes me worry about the people who voted for her. The dumbing down of America is real!

    1. @C10wiremantaw Wallace…your comment reveals your limited knowledge. Look up “citing” and “siting”(?)

    2. Even though I’m a atheist, I would actually love to see Jesus suddenly show up, take one look at the GOP and let them know that none of them are ever getting into heaven.

  3. Not all republicans want her in but to those that do you got what you asked for and to think you KNEW all about her and still want her lol.

    1. Democrats sitting president of the united states
      said to black voters in 2020 if you dont vote for him… you anit black

      Democrats the party of SO CALLED ZERO TOLERANCE knew that before you voted
      But obviously Racism only matter when its from those that you dislike… when it from Joe Biden its ok!

  4. Inconceivable how an American citizen can say such things and suffer no legal consequences. Specially one who holds elected office!

    1. @C10wiremantaw Wallace then your mind has been corroded with MTG’s BS.

      It’s sad that you don’t even know that you’ve been lied to so badly & brainwashed.

    2. @C10wiremantaw Wallace Yeah, someone that confuses the Nazi secret police with soup and thinks that a states entire educational budget goes to a single school to teach CRT. Luckily, she’s so dumb that she’ll probably end up killing herself by trying to plug a can opener into a wall outlet. P.S. Pegasus come from ancient Greek mythology, while the rest come from Scandinavian and European mythology.

    1. What’s really the scary part is that people as crazy and stupid as she is has enough supporters to get elected in the first place. We have a serious problem with the intelligence of a lot of the public who are voters. How they can function on a day-to-day basis is amazing.

    2. People better take this very very serious because Green and others are a threat to our country and our Democracy this is pure evil evil in it’s biggest form

    3. She should be charged with misleading the public and with encouraging insurrection attitude still. She needs mental evaluation apart from the fact she is so ignorant.

    1. Her in that very seat is a Crime against us ALL. It’s an absolute a front thier perfectly aware of & more than comfortable with.
      It’s a direct provocation, against those they consider weak or worst of ALL, Harmless & won’t do Jack about it.

    2. That is exactly why I always scream. No lawmakers without law degrees. That monkey pox spreader MTG is now holding hearings in the House. But she isn’t experienced to be playing a lawyer! Time all Americans stop electing folks without law degrees for positions in Congress. The House and Senate make and take away laws. They SHOULD be educated in the law!
      Sick of ppl getting elected by the R or D. Next to their names. Or being elected on popularity or looks!
      My god stop electing inexperienced ppl to work in the 2nd HIGHEST COURT in America!
      Only a moron would argue it. Saying it’s in the constitution any one can get the job. Elected. By choice! Doesn’t say we HAVE TO vote for idiots without experience!
      I wouldn’t want a car mechanic doing open heart surgery.

  5. Kinzinger’s comment about leadership having a responsibility to not give voice to the darkest fears in people’s hearts is one of the best things I’ve heard in a long time.

    1. @Catherine Whitman Cheney is a stand up human being as is he, but she’s a war hawk, anti LGBTQ rights and anti abortion. No thanks.

    2. @Catherine Whitman You clearly have no idea the history of Cheney, and some of the things Kinzinger supported while in office. True that both of them were stellar patriots on the J6 committee. But let’s not pretend that is the only thing the did while in office. There are records. Cheney is horrible. A corporate bought shill, who would sell every American down the road for corporate profits, she would ban abortion nationally, and I would imagine based on what I know about her, be OK with prayer in public school. A Handmaid’s Tale kind of world. So don’t confuse them serving dutifully for a year, with all the damage they would do and have done to this country.

  6. The scariest thing about MTG is that she got votes as well as applause at this function. What is going on ??????

    1. @IYamWhatIYam was you EMBARRASSED when Joe Biden told black voters if you dont vote for him… you are not black! i mean clear racism from Biden.. yet Democrats that voted for Biden… claim MTG words are hate… BUT same time voting for a racist

    2. Yep. She said openly that she would have “successfully” led a coup against our government and she received applause of that. It’s so 1984, and yet that group will scream and stop their feet that they hold the corner on patriotism. The cognitive dissonance is going to the the topic of mental health studies in the future.

    3. @Nigget-tv-videos He said it hastily once – and apologized for saying it. I have yet to hear any apology for ANY racist remarks from the right. Biden is not a racist like the republikkkans. The outrage for all racism is real because only weak, disgusting and vile people engage in it – don’t you agree?

    1. Sad day for America to see you vote in geriatric guy for president that’s sad to see you don’t have anything good to vote for but all bed. And before you say anything you blaming Putin and Russia for your troubles. It seams you don’t have much hope. Specially to see this guy republicken turns against he’s party for the sake of falls politics that cnn stands for.

    1. There is evil, who support what she does for their own profit and those whose ignorance gives them no defense

  7. So great to see Adam Kinzinger has taken on a job at CNN. It was so reassuring to hear his perceptive, intelligent contributions during the January 6 Committee hearings.

    1. Keep AK, lose AF Griffin. For the life of me I don’t know why CNN considers her a conservative voice. She worked for an authoritarian wannabe administration. I think she should only be talking about how she could reconcile her right wing ideology with working for a man who would be dictator. She is one of many opportunists in both parties, but come on, don’t put her out there as a run-of-the-mill conservative. His goal was tyranny and she was supporting him. As they all were in his administration.

    1. It’s called white filthy privilege, where have you been? It’s the disgusting American way per history and present. Have to start calling this crazy and disconnect out for exaclty what it is regardless of who’s racist feelings you hurt, smh . Marjorie, Trump, White Nationalism, complicit republicans and the list goes on.

    2. It’s just as disgusting to have MTG (that trailer park trash) in the speaker’s chair, as it is having DJT in the oval office.

    3. @Isaacs Obeng But yet the creator of Fox News literally created the station as a counter to the truth and republicans eat that lying and deceptive bs up, smfh.. Guess it goes with their Alternative Reality following ya think 🤣🤣.. Your deflection about CNN is pure FUCKERY, stop that bs.. This is the Age of Information last I checked, try it out sometimes instead spreading that republican bs PROPAGANDA

  8. She is so screwed up. Even her husband ran from her. I send out sympathy to her enemy’s. Her own people as well. Must be embarrasing to anyone connected to her.

  9. It’s hard to have faith in humanity when people like MTG are reelected. Seeing her at the house podium just made me sick.

    1. Unfortunately, there is a large and rabid core of imbecilic voters who vote for people like Greene, Boebert, Jordan, Ron Johnson, Gaetz, Gohmert, et. al. because their sole priority in selecting leaders is to “own the libs”. Environment, healthcare, democratic principles, education, infrastructure mean little to nothing to them.

    2. BP I hear ya. However, Please remember the Midterms. The American citizens said knock off all this crazy 💩. House Republicans never stopped long enough to see or hear Americans cries in the last three elections. 🙄

    3. @Stormie I remember the midterms and in no way can you say that is an example of the true public sentiment, come on be honest 😉

  10. How do we get these people out of office? There is no way they should be allowed in our government when they tried to overthrow the very government that they work for and get a paycheck from right now. This is scary. It is absurd. It should be unlawful and there should be laws and place preventing this very thing from ever happening, and these people should be kicked out of our government.

    1. Exactly…and they gripe and moan and hate government, but yet, what does she and the other whiney reps call what the heck their job is? Government jobs! Just UNbelievable. How much more moronic can these UNamerican traitors get?

  11. Unbelievable that a lunatic was allowed to preside over the proceedings of the US House of Representatives. This is the literal meaning of the patients running the asylum!

    1. Kasmot Dolphy * I agree. It’s also unbelievable that MTG passed the background check for a gun carry permit with her psycho, and violent behavior, and public speaking inciting insurrection. Any other citizen would not been approved.

  12. I am so proud of Adam Kinzinger. I pray for his and his family for the crazies out there who threatened them. Keep speaking out Adam. We don’t get past this doing nothing and hiding our heads in the sand. God bless you.

    1. Agreed. However, we must never forget his terrible politics. He votes for corporations not people.

    2. Let’s not forget that the whole point of having Donald Trump and his following of crazies is to make the “regular” Republican Fascists look normal. Don’t buy into the lies and lunacy of those who have doubled down exponentially on traitorous foolish stupidity.

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