What can lawmakers do to address systemic racism in RCMP?

MPs Greg Fergus, Glen Motz and Matthew Green discuss the RCMP walking back comments on whether systemic racism exists in the force.

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    1. Hal Lives our systems were in place long before immigrants came to Canada. Did Canada not accommodate them by developing human rights for all and adding that and diversity into our core values. Unbelievable

    2. @Kerri Grandmaison What can be done about the PM and the RCMP hating on average Canadian Citizens?

    1. What…blackface??? He can’t go yet, he’s got more work to do. Plus it takes one to know one.

  1. Get rid of police unions and hold cops to higher standard, not a lower one, as is currently the case.

  2. I wish Trudeau would just stay in his house…so disgusting… CAMERAS on cops it’s that simple!! Accountability for individual decisions. Cops are trained their payed well and have tons of offensives toys, so they should be more accountable. Crimminal acts on or off duty pay the same price as the Tax payer for their crimes. On that note, our prisons are going to fill up?

  3. Racism is as real as its perception. Check facts and the whole story before you watch a 15 second clip and declare it racist.

    1. Is it systemic racism or we’re the system in place before immigrants and they tried to accommodate by putting diversity and human rights into their core values, whenever you talk about anything you get attacked or you offend someone.

    2. Edmonton journal has the full 12 minute video on YouTube. Once you watch it, there’s nothing to see here

    3. @Prairiedoggen Govt. isn’t here to help, it’s here to divide the masses as deeply as they can. Oldest trick in the book and were all falling for it.

  4. I like listening to these intellectual idiots. The problem with issues like this, the news is the worst for bringing on guests that don’t have a clue what they are talking about. So tired of it.

  5. Greg conflated racism with sexism as if it doesn’t matter what you call cops as long as you are tearing them down.

  6. Given Trudeau’s history of strong handling woman who don’t follow the party’s line find out if it was political interference

    1. Are you referring to the under-qualified JWR? Trudeau’s biggest mistake there was appointing someone who was not suited or best qualified for the post she was given. Instead, he tipped the scales to favour her appointment because she is both a woman and aboriginal. This unfairly and inappropriately favoured her over both men and other women that may have been better qualified on merits.

  7. There is no systemic racism. Canada is a multicultural nation and there’s a culture or two that isn’t integrating into mainstream society. I worked alongside SE Asians and Chinese ethnicities throughout my entire career – we all work extremely well together as a team.

    1. Rata 4U has Canada not accommodated by developing human rights and diversity into our core values, there are racists period

    2. Canada wasn’t always multicultural. Ontario has doubled its population in like 25 years. Most all were non Euros. The question is why do we allow and tolerate other coming to our nation who then cause this kind of division and the undermining of our societies?

  8. Interesting… if anyone was racist maybe it was this guy! Shows no respect for the officer that’s a different colour.

  9. If you watch the full 12 minute video, You will see Canadian First Nations “Privilege.”
    The first cop should not have been by himself as he was in a dangerous situation. The second cop that did the take down possibly could have done something different however, his actions were “in the moment.” It’s easy to say what you saw is wrong however, this is not racism.

  10. “”If we all stay home, destroy the economy, and ruin our lives, my 99 year old grandma will live to be 99 and 1/2″” – RLM

  11. To solve racism in Canada, you simply have to arrest all the liberals who voted for Trudeau!

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