1. @Jack LCII ya’ll only care about children before they’re born and do nothing for families who are struggling. Also, ever heard of separation of church and state? Your religious beliefs shouldn’t dictate law.

  1. If it it takes a women 6 weeks to realize she is pregnant. She and her partner should’ve been more carful and cautious.

  2. It’s funny how the democrats can all of sudden be all about women rights, but left so many Woman in the hands of the Taliban less than a week ago……

    1. All of a sudden? Hardly. The progressives have been for women’s rights for over a century. This particular issue was fought half a century ago. The timing of the Republican party violating women’s rights at the same time as the Taliban is purely a coincidence.

  3. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth about this Texas abortion law. Lots of screaming of euphemisms – “womens rights”, “bodily autonomy”, “choice” – but none of this changes the fact that abortion kills an innocent human.

  4. This law does not allow for a woman receiving an abortion to be sued. The only people who can be sued under SB are the people who perform the abortion or aid in helping obtain an abortion, such as providing financial assistance.

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