1. @Jay Mas How do you have no ID elections when each voter has to pre Register and give all of their personal information and signature that the state keeps on file?

    1. @News Troll
      Give him a break, when you only have one tooth it hurts to think! He ain’t got much learnin, he’s like Jethro Beaudine he’s just learning his Gazintas! Bahahaha

  1. I call Manchin and Sinema all the time to beg them to “save our democracy” … Democrats are shooting us down here, not Republicans.. but conservatives, yes….Manchin and Sinema could care less about anyone but themselves.

    1. @Rick Keeton . I think u mean fascist. The fact u said communist means u know nothing about communism except its bad. Its a left wing ideology more closely tied with socialism. U seem to want a 1 party system because u call the other party terorrists. Whose the communist now?

    2. @Bruh Well only one party is defending people that preformed a domestic terrorist attack on our capital, so seems pretty fair to call them terrorists.

  2. Has the DOJ taken open defiance of the law, threats in the open by elected officials for granted?????? Where the heck is the DOJ?!

    1. Biden needs to fire Garland. He seems to take crimes in politics & McCartney obstruction of justice via a press conference like it’s no big deal. Then he looks the other way.
      Biden needs to put a AG in the DOJ who is about law n order and it DONT matter who you are. Garland is definitely a disappointment.

    2. @Pretty One The biggest part of the problem is that the vast majority of the government is controlled by stodgy antiquated white men that are more concerned about the amount of fiber in their morning cereal than every woman in Texas coerced to flee to a different state to pursue their pro-choice constitutional rights.

    3. @William Springer Just another one of thousands of dissenting opinions posted on YT every day that deserve to get lost and forgotten in the shuffle. No doubt most of your posts are a consistent yawn fest.

    1. That’s why he hangs out with Donnie Dementia, when they shower together the Orange Failure keeps intentionally dropping the soap and Bannon never gets to use it!

    1. @David Eby yeah…so basically you’re saying Don’t tread on you. Don’t take your guns. But it’s okay for the GOP to write laws that tread on the “others?” is that what you’re saying? That it’s okay to violate non-white people’s rights but when it comes to yours don’t tread on you?

    2. @Charles Austin Recite me ONE law in America that singles out non-whites. You can’t do it. Yeah, I don’t think Democrats should take Americans guns when they give millions of weapons to terrorist and the Mexican cartels!!!!! Democrats are kinda dumb,you must be a Democrat!!Sorry.

    1. Way to many cult people on horse medicine in this comment section 🐮🐽🦄🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐽

    2. Your comment is ridiculous. Ivermectin is for human consumption also. There are two types. Educate yourself. How about monoclonal antibody treatment?? Is that crazy also?

    3. @N L Wilson Speak to Joe Rogan and many others who took it along with monoclonal antibody treatment. There is treatment out there to lessen the symptoms. The vaccine is a money maker

    4. On jan 30, 2020. Before test and vaccines. Just announced corona virus outbreak. For three days vapor rub to open lungs as I sweat out the flu like symptoms that started with scratchy throat one day, waking out of dead sleep bone marrow freezing unable to breathe within twenty four hours.
      Last flu prior, 2003. One day sweat out. Cold and flu juice, no vicks.
      Prior many a flu in flu country IL. Never longer than eight hours to sweat out.
      Good luck with your choice.
      I eat all natural diet.
      Papaya seeds parasites do not like.

  3. The guy who openly stated that he intended to bring down the whole American system was pardoned by the previous president. Domestic terrorism on an (ex-)presidential level.

    1. @Scott Covert Confused,

      Loser DONALD J (DrUMPf) TRUMP will be known as the second college over majority Republican white house squatting administration to reverse a stimulated growing majority elected Democrat economy into a depressed economy.

    2. @Scott Covert these people are sick. Antifa is facist and blm is racist how ironic they scream out racism while being racists.

    3. @Bass INC trump had the best economy you are thinking about obama. Enjoying those open borders and afghan disater your f ed up sick president biden has cause and only im his first year. Nothing good has come from the biden administration. Trump actually did a lot for this xountry but your washed brain would not know clearly.

  4. The good folks who care about policy are leaving school boards and commissions because the threats against them.

    1. @Scott Covert Yep, because it is. The Republican party has been under a hostile takeover. Any conservative with any moral compass left the party for that very reason.

    1. @larry taylor It’s the outside puppet masters I’d be more worried about, the stupid “Patriot” followers can be dealt with, the others outside the US can act with impunity and keep doing it.

    2. @Joy Hopkins
      You’ve been listening to Fox News to much. Truth is terrorist are not breaching our borders and immigration is humanely under control, and-yes-immigrants are still coming to America. Your problem is your terrified of the browning of America, and I totally understand your predicament. For 414 years, since the English arrived in America, you’ve had it pretty good while indigenous Americans were experiencing genocide. Can you imagine their fear of “white eyes” as they encroached upon their land? Now you’re feeling the fear they faced as America becomes more diverse. Welcome to reality.

    3. @crispy
      I disagree. We’re the most powerful nation in the history of the world; other than cyber attacks, outside forces aren’t the problem. Our problem is internal, similar to Rome’s until it’s eventual collapse: the repudiation of immigrants. The main reason for this vile and evil ideology is white superiority and fear of losing their privileges. These so called patriots just don’t want to share or compete with POC.

    4. Crispy, you seem to assume those Haters and Enemies are watching from the sidelines. They aren’t. People’s hates and fears are being stirred up deliberately. They keep Americans fighting one another on purpose.

    1. @Tommy Smith President Trump made the deal. That’s why we are out. Did you have a point,or just killing time. Sadly,President Trump wasn’t in office to execute the withdrawal so it wouldn’t have been a disaster. Joe Talibiden screwed it up BIG time. From getting 13 Americans killed to leaving Americans behind. No honor in leaving ppl behind,but Talibiden is a complete failure with zero honor.

    2. @David Eby Okay, so why get upset with Biden if Trump made the deal? Biden could have decided to make a new deal, but; he honored Trump’s agreement and you’re mad at him. Leaving Afghanistan was going to be a disaster no matter who was president at the time. He did what he was supposed to do by getting them out by the time he said he would. I don’t see how you can blame Biden for the 13 Americans who were killed. Sure, he has to take responsibility because he’s the sitting president, but; he’s not directly responsible. Do you blame Trump for the hundreds of thousands that died from COVID-19? Back to Afghanistan; you do know that Trump’s administration held up the visas for people trying to leave, right?

    3. @leon parham Democrats are sitting back waiting for Republicans to play fairly and it’s not going to happen. The GOP has proven time and time again that they’re willing to do anything necessary to get and keep power.

    1. The GOP is insane,but the Democrats gave the Taliban millions of pieces of military equipment and abandoned hundreds of Americans? You one crazy little libby,Karen.

  5. I’ve seen this as a peacekeeper in Bosnia and East Timor…. This is going to go the way it did in Northern Ireland during “the troubles”…. You can’t talk down fanatics, these guys WANT a conflict…. Best thing you can do is keep it regional

    1. Keep pushing the narrative. Keep pushing propaganda. Need not forget, we ALL live here and embrace freedom. History proves, when absolute powers begin to divide while BOTH embrace the same freedom….we the people are the ones to suffer. Learn history, my friends to protect the future!!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇲 💪🏼💪🏼

    1. You mean “voting security” and “election security” of course. That’s according to SCOTUS current rulings. So you’re saying you know better than SCOTUS?

  6. Republicans have been trying to do away with democracy and install a one party dictatorship since at least as far back as Nixon. It’s right out of Hitlers Mein Kampf.

  7. “If you ban mask mandates, outlaw abortions, dictate what educators can teach in schools, and stop people from voting, you’re not the party of “limited government.” ~~RReich

  8. When we cry “END SYSTEMIC RACISM” we are, in fact, crying “SAVE DEMOCRACY.” It’s just lost in translation. Police reform right now, please.

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