1. I would assume that all of these encounters were photographed by the interceding aircraft prior to being shot down. I hope that these photographs will be released to the public at some point.

    1. @Erica Rona Russia says anything at this point. They are just desperate to justify their own centuries long history of imperialism.

    2. No the octagon empire has deleted the evidence of their invasion scouters surveying the area for a suitable area for landing

    3. @True Thought they have told us the sizes, the shapes ,the sizes and where they were shot down. If they haven’t retrieved them yet what more can they tell us at this time. I have a feeling you wouldn’t believe anything anyway.

    1. @Travis T Phoenix They aren’t. Any drop in the Super bowl? no. In any of the playoff games. ? No, In any NCAA basketball games, ? no. Turn off Fox

    2. Remember kid’s, our Plane-t is Flat. Media is cgi & lies, keep your eyes open. The moon is literally our map. Ask your teachers to prove a globe without Computer Generated Images, Enjoy!

  2. They’re flying lower: first 60,000 then. 40,000 and now 20,000. Pretty soon they won’t have to shoot whatever they are, they can just get them for driving without a visible driver.

    1. Why are none of the news outlets reporting on America being behind Nord Stream explosion?? Or the train wreck that is putting chemicals in the air ??

    2. @billycarson yeah the the first one was spotted in Montana by a civilian with binoculars after it crossed much of the country already 不不不不 anyone who believes any of this will believe anything

  3. “octagonal shape” is the typical shape of UFOs right ? without any clear flight control surfaces ie, like wings ? i mean very close to it. they need to say the speed, to rule out balloons and other inflatable objects.

    1. @Vince Kelly I’m glad people aren’t just laughing it off. #1, do your research on everything that they’ve uncovered. And think logically…we really think we’re alone in the universe? Fact we exist at all is unbelievable. Chemistry that made us has to be consistent in other solar systems

    2. @Brooks Orlando I agree , there’s an awful lot of space for mystery in this universe, I don’t see why there wouldn’t be live somewhere else in this vastness.

  4. Speaking in a _totally speculative_ mode all the wires _could_ be there to change the radar signal that comes from whatever it turns out to be, just a thought.

  5. I keep clicking on these vids thinking Im going to learn something new about all of this. I just end up feeling more confused and pessimistic about our country and learn nothing new about these UFOs

  6. Given that we’ve sent a rover to mars, it is fair to start assuming other entities might be able to send UFO to earth. The universe is way too big and complex for us to be the only intelligent species. If humans don’t stop our stupid and petty fights, we could get in big trouble without even knowing what is hitting us.

  7. Im concerned that we are thinking so much about national security we have blinders on and are missing the fact that this isn’t actually primarily about us, but that they are doing blanket observations with these low tech devices because they actually had some extreme environmental catastrophe and are looking to see how far evidence has blown from whatever is they are trying to keep silent

    1. Don’t you think that someone would have noticed a big environmental catastrophe and made it known worldwide?

  8. If there was strings/cables hanging from it as described, is it possibly that it lowered below a certain height, dropped its payload into the lakes and the balloon then just raised up and before then getting shot down? Check those lakes

    1. BINGO! Soap Opera drama BULLSHIT! This is all our government does today. Bailouts for rich corporations and Soap Opera drama for all of us American citizens.

  9. Are these things self propelled, or are they drifting w/ the wind. Traveling from west to east seems to indicate they are carried by jet stream.

  10. Billions and billions of dollars spent on defense, the most Hi-Tech military on the planet. Defeated by a balloon.

  11. The objects have probably been flying above for a long time it’s just that they have increased their ability to spot objects higher up in the skies.

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