1. Well at least she didn’t commit Sedition trying to overthrow a whole government now did those seditionist kiss 🇺🇸soil or take a knee🤔.

  1. Considering Paul also holds a Canadian citizenship maybe Trudeau should call up the Russian government and give them one of his condescending, stern talking speeches and get him released?

    1. Just because you hold a Canadian passport doesn’t make you a Canadian. Did he pay taxes and support the Canadian economy. He’s American.

  2. Break federal law of two countries and cause the release of a warlord, and you’ll get more praise than if you spend decades of your life becoming a moral, upstanding member of your community.

  3. This should mark the end of the war on drugs and the release of all non violent drug offenders in prison for marijuana. To not do so is pure hypocrisy.

    1. @Art Vandelay Because neither Whelan nor Griner were worth trading for Viktor Bout. Anyone with a brain understands that. This is literally “Ok you were dumb enough to make the trade, and then doubled down on the foolishness and went for Griner.

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