1. I wish they would allow tar and feathering one time, just for traitor Trump. I can’t stand Pence but at least he gives a damn about Democracy even if it the old GOP flavor.

  2. I say treat trump the very same way he treats you. Don’t hold back, get after him about everything. Believe me, if pence treats trump the same way then those very same people that were chanting “hang MP” will respect you more than to be just a politician.

    1. @Passing through Time OHHHH!! Is that why, the female rioter was shot dead!!?? As she and her co lunatic rioters were trying to smash and, break a door down too gain entry IRONSTEIN!!???

  3. Trump says he appreciates the pictures in Pence’s new book and hopes to have someone read it to him as soon as possible.

  4. Daily Reminder until the final Mid-Term results!

    “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

    Donald tRUMP

  5. Daily Reminders!

    “I’ve known Jeffrey Epstein 15 years.

    Terrific guy.

    Jeffrey’s a lot of fun to be with.

    It is even said that Jeffrey loves beautiful girls as much as I do,

    and many of them are on the younger side.”

    Donald tRUMP Quote

    To The New Yorker Magazine


    1. @$hiek Yobooty Potentially. It *was* Bill Barr’s father who gave Epstein his first job even though he was *not* qualified.

  6. Yeah his book pretty much says he’s a co-conspirator and he decided to have cold feet when they wanted him to get in that limo. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell pun intended.

    1. He may not have fully trusted his Secret Service guys, perhaps thinking that Trump had gotten to them. Plus, he could not have certified the vote if he left the Capital grounds. No guarantee that he would come back. Not alive, at least. Trump already knew that Pence had gone off the reservation. Pence should have gone to the FBI after Biden was sworn in though, knowing that Trump was still lying about Jan.6th. But it’ll be pretty nasty now that he’s confirmed that Trump wanted him to ratify the coup attempt before the Capital invasion happened. That’s conspiracy and straight-up sedition and treason by DJT! Truly insane!!

    2. @Gary Spence not to mention by the second count of high treason under article 3 of the United States Constitution punishable by death by hanging and that’s the only punishment for being guilty of that as it should be. Kind of ironic huh Justice I guess is that way too if it’s put in practice as it should.

  7. Amazing that this man claims to be a Christian and then stayed quiet when it counted. now a book. Really? Who cares!

    1. Anti God!! SO many scandals around Trump, he’s STILL going strong!! The devil himself. Remember hookers, Jaffery Epistein, using the US for his personal gains, and then Jan 6th.

  8. Hopefully Mike told him not only do I not have the authority to just change the vote tally but I wouldn’t do it anyway, I’m the VP of America and only a criminal and a much smaller man would even think of such a devious idea . By the way, I believe a lot more than a few thousand people thought, correctly, that Trump was “stupid” before the embarrassing pewter escalator decent.

  9. Whether if you love him or hate him in some ways I got to feel sorry for Pence being trapped in the office with the orange man for the past 4 years must have been tortured😂🤣😂🤣

  10. Does anyone remember when Trump was in primaries against Hillary and he actually said “if she does win, she’ll screw up within a month and then I’ll end up being President anyway and show you I was right”? Lol…that right there should have told the entire world that he didn’t know a thing about how the Presidency works.

  11. He did look into if he could overthrow the government though. He asked his lawyer if he could overthrow the government! American people never forget that!

  12. You know you can say things about Pence good and bad but if he caved on January 6 and there was a lot of pressure on him, we’d probably be saluting that dictator dude.

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