What Police Know About Some Of The Victims In Deadly Spa Shootings | Morning Joe | MSNBC

NBC News' Blayne Alexander has the latest updates in the shootings at three Atlanta-area spas that left eight people dead Tuesday evening including what is known about some of the victims of the shootings. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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What Police Know About Some Of The Victims In Deadly Spa Shootings | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Gary D I’m not justifying murder. I just commented on why they may not know their identity. I hate what happened and there is no justification. You said assumed all that.

    2. @Carla Fulton please read the words this person is actually saying. Not everybody is an absolutely perfect writer and expresses what they’re trying to say exactly the way you would like them to

    1. Yes pray and sympathise but you need to act. Change gun control rules. Think of innocent victims and families. Ban guns (from a very safe UK because of gun control)

    2. How long does it takes for your god to answer your prayers?
      Fock prayer! Gun control and universal background checks now!!

    3. @LiBeRaLiSm USA You saying fock prayer then you not in a position to change nothing. Your small mind can’t even begin to understand the power of prayer. Don’t ever disrespect God, didn’t you grandma teach you that?

  1. 6 Asians and 2 Latinos so far.
    Not racially motivated though.
    You know, driving around to different Asian businesses,
    killing Asians but! not racial.

    1. @Gloria Jay What a crazy world we live in. Terrorists are coddled by cops, because the cops agree with the terrorists.

    1. @RowStone you mean your assumptions about them based on stereotypes. One if the women was there as a massage client. Lots of people get massages, myself included.

    2. @Jennifer Joyner I only bring it up so human trafficking is not overlooked. I’m sure the officers will investigate appropriately.

    3. @Jennifer Joyner, Yes, his poor victims will never be able, to load their crack pipes again and get super high, and eat brown rice.

    4. @Cerebro Brother Wow, you are a horrible person. Sorry for those who have to know you. You shouldlearn where to place commas in a sentence

  2. It was motivated by the killers entitlement. He didn’t want to be “tempted” by these women. So he murdered them. His comfort was more important than their lives.

    1. This is like a nicotine addict going to a tobacco company shooting and killing the employees blaming them for their own nicotine addiction.

  3. Still trying to find out the motive?!? But I thought Capt. Baker already knew the motive – he was just having a bad day. s/. Disgusting!

    1. It’s amazing how committed people are to deflecting blame that they create a youtube account to comment on the video on the same day just to defend the murderer….

    2. @martianunlimited might even say they have a vested interest in deflecting responsibility for said crime.

    3. @J Ho it’s a song by boomtown rats about a school shooter ‘I don’t like mondays’ is the name of it.

    4. @roof pizza statistically speaking, if he wanted to target “happy ending” places this is what you get

    1. I’m sure they’d rather have their family members back than some complete stranger’s false piety. How about instead of empty prayers, you call your lawmaker, and have them pass sensible gun legislation?

    1. We know that this vile person is already registered as a suicidal person before what he did. It’s even more ridiculous that he could get his hands on a firearm despite his registered condition.

  4. Allegedly? We’re still saying that?
    This is a hate crime. If it’s not considered hate, then it’s terrorism

    1. Murders driven by misogyny ARE under the umbrella of what a hate crime is. I’m also really sick of the use of that stupid adverb – “allegedly” whether it has a legal meaning or not; start calling things as they are.

    2. Everything doesn’t need a Racist or Terrorist label! This was a nut job plain and simple! Don’t make more out of it!

    3. @Ruth Cassidy, you say a “HATE CRIME”? Adjust your tin foil hat, so you can a better “conspiracy theory” signal from your boy A Jones, on Infowars.

  5. There is one country in the developed world that has a mass shooting about every two weeks. There is one country in the developed world that gives its citizens the right to bear arms. Turns out they are the same country. I wonder if there is a connection.

    1. And there is only one country that was led by a bankrupt( morally and financially ) conspiracy led privileged “experiment” leader that tore the fabric of democracy… I also wonder if there is a connection…

    2. @Stew country songs Stew Well, probably true, because you have used many qualifiers. Remove one or two and there is plenty of competition. I like the thought, though.

  6. He bought the gun the day of his executing the victims. Now wait for the “mental health card”. He had a plan.

    1. @kerpal3 or a background check could have highlighted something that would have barred him from gun ownership. Assuming that is a thing in America. And then maybe no-one would have been killed?

    2. @Heaven Sophia The best thing about living in America is that the Asians can hop a plane and leave the country if they don’t like it. Stop complaining.

    3. @Heaven Sophia exactly if he still does this after waiting 3 days it is now pre-meditated murder. Not just had a bad day excuse.

  7. Even if the actions were not based on race, the fact that his victims were primarily women, and according to statements he stated it’s still a hate crime.

    1. @Don Jindra You make great points. Perhaps you’re both right. Then again, the perverted, hateful killer could be lying through his teeth to avoid a life sentence.

    2. @Gloria Jay It’s possible. But racists are usually glad to admit their motives. They’re practically evangelists for their cause.

  8. Gee, could the murderer have been coached in the patrol car, before even getting to the police station, as to what his answer should be regarding the motive for his crime?
    If he was coached, I wonder who could have done that?

  9. Cops: This wasn’t a hate crime
    -How do you know?
    Cops: Oh we know because the killer told us he killed 6 Asians but no hate was involved
    Where do they find these cops

    1. @Flyboi Clarkston you can find these cops same way you find the captain baker with his facebook denigrating Asians calling them China Virus on his facebook page and now making excuse saying he had a “bad day”. Also same folks saying George Floyd died of overdose when the cop literally put his knee on George Floyd for 8 minutes straight while the man told him he cant breath! Foking racist inbreds.

    2. @h n George floyd was saying he couldn’t breathe well before the knee on the neck but keep watching the 20 second arrest video

  10. Korean News is focused more on the victims and has interviewed survivors and Korean News says that the shooter is quoted saying “I’m going to xill all Asians!”. Look it up. This was a hate crime. Stop giving that young white man (murderer) the microphone through the cops and the media.

    1. @TheBrownIsland The murderer’s personal testimony points to it but in Korean News says the survivors have a different account. Your agenda is to pretend racism doesn’t happen or exist or when it does it’s an anomaly not a pervasive cultural problem. We know what you want.

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