NBC News Exclusive: Allen Weisselberg’s Former Daughter-In-Law Speaks Out | Morning Joe | MSNBC

NBC News' Tom Winter has an exclusive interview with Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg's former daughter-in-law. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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NBC News Exclusive: Allen Weisselberg's Former Daughter-In-Law Speaks Out | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @M G and perhaps a hidden cam in the prison shower while an inmate asks him to pick up the orange soap bar

    1. It sounds like she’s
      married to and enmeshed with an entire family of narcissists, all beholden to the biggest narc of them all, Donald Trump. No one should ever criticize her for doing what she’s doing. She’s clearly a victim of parental alienation, in which narcissistic partners use the courts and their deep pockets to alienate the targeted parent from their children. The alienating parent and their allies lie to the courts and use the kids as bargaining chips to vindictively punish their partner. It’s pure evil, and one of the worst forms of abuse a child can experience; they’re literally forced to choose one parent over another, which will wreak havoc on their mental health the rest of their lives. Yet, family law and the courts are duped over and over again by these ruthless manipulators.

      A good friend of mine is experiencing this exact thing. She hasn’t seen her young boys in two years as her narcissistic husband and his wealthy, psychopath mother have systematically brainwashed the kids into believing they were sexually assaulted by their mom. Despite zero evidence to back up the accusations and a dismissal of the case by prosecutors and DCSF, not to mention, a flawless polygraph test from my friend, the judge is still entertaining their motions and denying custody as they bleed her resources dry. It’s mind blowing.

      I share this because people NEED to understand Parental Alienation and it’s devastating consequences. Bill Eddy, a lawyer and therapist from SanDiego has written a number of books about high conflict divorce and narcissism. It’s become the psychological plague of our time and it’s only getting worse. If you know anyone in this situation, please help educate them.

    2. Chris Davis You need to check out the debt other presidents added to the debt load. The top ten has Trump in 10 th place and Oboma in 4th place. The dead came from the virus wasn’t Trumps fault. Those words come from the corrupt news medias and corrupt lifetime politicians. The lies are a lot less then the Clintons. The small minority’ that support s Trump was over the number that that voted for Biden The national embarrassment is all the corrupt executive orders Biden is signing. Also the blank look on Bidens face and all his mess ups. The really worrisome thing that we all should be worried about is the number of terrorists that hate the government and the politicians from both parties. They are not Trump followers or any presidents follower, they have their own anger that is very dangerous. We saw it happen all last summer when Nancy Pelosi and others like her was calling them peaceful riots. These terrorists was doing the damages then as they have made their way into every riot. These are very dangerous times and if we don’t get some of the messes taken care of we will loose our great country. This wasn’t started by Trump, it has been building for years, a long time before Trump ever ran for president. When we have people in congress for 50 years,they are the ones to blame for all our problems and until we do something about lifetime politicians that are making themselves very wealthy and making a career of government ,we will have problems.

    3. @EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary) exactly they don’t take children away from mothers for no reason. Or because of her political stance in a family

    1. @DR1CHECK
      2 amendment ok.
      Not military weapons.
      Why does anyone need a military weapon to shoot a deer.
      What’s wrong with using a deer rifle.
      Why not leave the military weapons for war.
      Not killing people or kids in our own country.
      Most people that are scared cowards.
      Hides behind a gun 🔫.

    2. @Nunya Business well, you see, it kinda is. They all got away with all their illegal activities, so why bother this one? Oh, that’s right, because msm says so.

    3. @D11Dozer They don’t and military weapons are already illegal. The reason for the 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting. It is about the population protecting itself against a tyrannical government. Why do you think the liberals want to take the guns away .. because then they could have full control and could do whatever they wanted and we couldn’t do anything about it because we, as a people, are not armed. Please do a little more reading on the constitution and the intent of the founding fathers. If you think our government isn’t capable of turning on it’s people, like we are seeing right now, then there is no hope for you.

    1. Cy Vance Jr.’s Father was Secretary of State under Carter, Deputy Secretary of Defense under Johnson, and Secretary of the Army under Kennedy so this might be personal.

    2. @Jason C. possibly, but if his devotion to democracy and the rule of law bears integrity in this process of bringing justice to a long history of the Trump family bending and breaking NY and US laws there, “personal” doesn’t really matter…..it should be “personal” to ALL of us to hold as many of those in power, wealth, and position, to the same standards the rest of us must bear……and i say this without regard to political station…..ANY human making the claims, choices, “deals”, and acts he has for decades should bear scrutiny against facts, effects, and outcomes in terms of justice and the law, period.

    1. Ya, just like the Russian collusion and the Ukranian quid pro quo and Stormy Daniels. Did you know that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

    2. @jon Morgan no, that’s not the definition of insanity though it’s often said to be. The description of doing the same things over and over expecting different results is in itself something “insane” to not learn from errors and mistakes. But insanity is a whole different ball game, mental illness and delusions and what not.

    3. @Leonie Romanes That’s right. Thanks to mail in voting and ballot harvesting we have the great Joe Biden. No little girl is safe in the whitehouse!!!!!

  1. I want her to have her children back!! Now she won’t have to live in fear anymore. Since hopefully he’s going to be in an orange jump suit for the rest of his pathetic sad life.

    1. Exactly right! I would hope that in the same circumstances I would have her courage. If anything happens to her they will know exactly what happened to her and who’s responsible. I just hope she has security. The DA should do that much for her.

  2. You know they have found at least one thing illegally done by Weisselberg. He should be picked up for questioning ASAP. She lost custody of her kids because she isn’t the one with the money and power. That case and ruling should be reviewed to make sure the judge wasn’t illegally influenced.

    1. @Sylvie Walker …BS, not in Washington State anyway, the father almost always loses even when both mother and father earn the same amount the kids go with their mom, and the dad having to pay child support many times to the point where he can’t afford to pay for his own cost of living.

  3. It will be hilarious if it turns out that Allen Weisselberg has been stealing from Trump for years.

    1. @Elaine Daprano So the Feds are investigating Trump and in the process they’ll dig into Weisselberg and say “A-HA, what’s THIS?” (this is such fun!) (3/22/21)

    1. This “poor lady” was plenty happy to play alongside these wretched, crooked, vipers as long as the illicit perks were rolling in. (Reap the &%#@ whirlwind that you helped sow, Not-So-Tiny Dancer!)

    2. @mulemule I think both statements are true… she’s genuinely hurt (and I can’t help feel bad for a hurting mom) but your point is very valid. I do think it is possible that in the beginning she didn’t know much about wrongdoing, but as she became aware, probably didn’t care. ? It seems like a classic case of rich boy buys pretty girl. We don’t know much beyond that. It is hard to feel bad for anyone in those cases. I only feel bad when anyone loses their kids, I mostly feel bad for the kids—it’s always painful for them.

    3. @TheRedPIll Agreed. The children will (ultimately and unfortunately) bear the stain of their parents’ sh^t-show.

  4. I’m telling what I think, I believe her and I believe she deserves to have her kids back so they won’t be raised by a bunch of criminals.

    1. @Paul Kiker I agree totally,she has no power probably not a lot of money or influence so she’s fighting back the only way she can i hope she prevails but in this world where money seems to count more than morals,I doubt it.

    2. @Beth Brown I have also been a wrongful victim of corrupt family law courts. However, there is not enough information and no evidence in this video for anybody to making any conclusions. It blows my mind that so many are just taking what she says and running with it – without a shred of proof on anything. How does anybody know she’s a fit parent? While, yes, it tends to go to whoever has the most money or liars on their team. Sometimes the facts are the parent that loses custody is an unfit parent.

  5. she should not stay quiet, she should not let them play “you will never work in this town again card game” which in other words she will not financially survive. Go for it Girl.

    1. She can get a reality show off this and get her kids back. She can write a book exposing all. I hope a good custody lawyer and publisher sees this.

    2. @Amystar305 News and Stimulus *** well she probably wouldn’t want to expose her kids to that publicity. But a book, maybe written as fiction…..

    3. Maddie Vega…I disagree completely she shouldn’t be talking about this case publicly at all, this case isn’t about her it’s an investigation into tRUMP and his businesses. If she has information into that it should be kept between the DA and the grand jury. Her speaking out like she has been doing won’t help the case against tRUMP OR her battle to get her children back those are 2 separate issues.

  6. This is what rich men do to their ex wives who didn’t come from money.. The rich men pawn them off to nannies anyway so why not just keep them with the mom?

    1. @Markus Schebesch – “She didn’t seem very stable”?? How do you expect YOU would ‘seem’ if YOUR kids had been taken from you, especially if they’d been taken from you by your powerful and wealthy ex-spouse and the ex-spouse’s family!! Let me guess: you’d be all calm and collected…. and totally ’stable’…. right? Yeah, sure!!

    2. it’s petty revenge, aimed at their own selfishness. It’s not about the kids, not about her. It is about breaking loyalty to a narcissist.

  7. How the tables have turned! It looks like the ball is in her “court” now (pun intended) and her day of vidication is nearing. 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌

    1. I always hope in “watch your back” situations like this that the people have already spilled enough beans to point authorities in the right direction, no matter what happens, so there would be no reason for harm to come to her. And if it did, it would just prove her correct. Same with Michael Cohen.

  8. She needs to be in protection..dt or her father in law will put bounty over her head..I hope she gets her children back..she’s brave

  9. Give her freaking kids back no reasons to be low down and take her kids children need the true love of their mother pray for her kids to be returned…..

  10. Be brave and be careful. This family are very vindictive and dangerous. But continue to open the pandora’s box and let all their evil deeds come pouring out. They are not above the law. Go get them all. Evil evil.

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