NIH Director Weighs In On Ethical, Theological Concerns Around Genome Editing | Morning Joe | MSNBC

NIH Director Francis Collins joins Morning Joe to discuss the development of CRISPR technology and how it can be used. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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NIH Director Weighs In On Ethical, Theological Concerns Around Genome Editing | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Maybe God just wanted another being to be able to look up and understand the universe and go … WOW. The keyword is understanding … without science, there is no understanding.

    1. There was a time when the Church endorsed, supported and even funded science, because the belief was that science helped us better understand the wonder and magnificence of creation. There were a lot of early scientists who were monks, and even nuns, during the middle ages. It has only really been since the 19th century that the church has diverged from the scientific community.

      I’m a biology major, but I don’t find that exclusive to belief that God exists. If anything, I feel like it gives me a greater appreciation for how awesome and complex life is. I’m not claiming to represent the entire scientific community here, but I do think it is possible to believe in science and God simultaneously.

  2. That photo of the woman with her hands full and smiling ๐Ÿ˜Š … like a yawn ๐Ÿฅฑ it spreads to the faces of straight men.
    What was the question again ? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  3. Gene Editing, BEFORE we have ALL the Facts and Know How, is absolutely INSANE!! And THIS is what the most intelligent people in the World are willing to do??!! Scientists map the genome, identify markers, knowing where the diseases and mutations are. Parents can manipulate a child’s hair color or try to change other traits in the genome. Scientists can clone! But, there is NO WAY to determine HOW the Helix of Parents’ DNA is broken up and introduced and joined, to Create an INDIVIDUAL Human Being! This is WHY siblings are not stamped out replicas of each other! It happens during conception and is quite the mystery! Why? How? Where? Does this DNA CHOOSE to Mix itself together and what other Gene’s are effected?!? THIS is where the True Miracle of Life Lies!!

    These people are going to experiment and experiment and there will be Losses. Not only in other areas of study but, in the Traits, themselves!! What are the effects on some Gene’s when editing other, seemingly, unrelated genes?? Sure, a kid can be altered in a lab before in$emination, in vetro. Blond hair, blue eyes, tall, a Boy…. but, there are some mysterious kinds of sacrifices, of other Genes’ individual INTENDED make up, that can keep the subject from being…. substantially, a better version!!

    If they want to help, they can start analyzing offsprings’ DNA and at least predict HOW a person should live out their lives, as far as activities, diet….
    I’ve had 10 broken ankles and dislocations of joints, because I was born Hyperextensive! I WISH my Parents could have known, through SOME kind of testing, before putting me through a Decade of Sports, where I was highly competitive!! I had No Business being in sports!! Piano? Yes! Ball games and Discus?? No!!!!!! Much simpler tests could have revealed this, imagine what a mapping could provide, at an affordable rate!?

  4. Dr. Collins, while I share some concerns, I have to ask – are you that naive? You KNOW that any technology will be bought, sold, stolen, leveraged etc. You don’t think we are wise enough? Well, we aren’t wise enough for atomic bombs or fossil fuels either. What makes you wise enough to decide what we are wise enough to do? Theology? As a believer? What would you think if it turns out that we are, all of us humans, just ourselves the result of a genetic experiment. Some aliens long ago decided to fiddle with apes and – tada!!! The human race. Can we look out into the vast universe (the only one we can perceive so far) and explain its structure and physics? Nope. I’m a believer too Doc. I believe we don’t know what we don’t know. There may or may not be a God or other such super entity. Whatever there is, or isn’t, has nothing to do with what we believe. God may be science – a science that we don’t understand yet.

  5. What about the ethical concerns of allowing a patten on the vaccine instead of sharing it with the world for the good of mankind.. putting profit of the few over the lives of the millions

  6. people fear what they dont understand. Even though I know about the tech being talked aobut can do it does sound like a new version of eugencics.

  7. I wonder if Mr. Collins has the same theological and ethical problems with editing the DNA of
    plants and animals used for food.

  8. Do you want to find out your REPTILIAN…and PALLADIAN…want you…..๐ŸŒ when you understand water has more memory…than us..then you are AWAKEN

  9. Who would’ve guessed! Not only does QAnn use star trek motifs and tropes as the basis of their lore, now we have the Khan as a possibility..

  10. Way back when Madame Curie came up with with drug treatments that have saved millions of lives over the last hundred years how can we not recognize women in science please

  11. DO IT. The human race could do with some editing. God has definitely dropped the ball…HE’s spending too much time on sports outcomes!

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