What Prompted Trump's Threats To Adjourn Congress? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

What Prompted Trump’s Threats To Adjourn Congress? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The president threatened Wednesday to adjourn Congress so he can unilaterally install nominees to federal positions that he said are pertinent to the coronavirus crisis. The Morning Joe panel discusses what would be an unprecedented move. Aired on 4/16/2020.
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What Prompted Trump's Threats To Adjourn Congress? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Ral Deform

    2. @Lenny Beason
      The democratic serpent left antichrist network is the devils legion literally pushing full beast system Demonic tyranny and the destruction of humanity, all the lies and corruption comes from there proving youre a brainwashed bimbo mindfukked by msnbc serpent brainwashing disinformants

    3. @Lenny Beason
      Na, demonspawn, the Beast is the Antichrist and the democratic serpent left antichrist network is the devils legion, all the lies and corruption comes from there you squirvey little septic tart

    1. Warwick Dennis We voted him out. Congress is under Democrats control. I was up to the Senate ( under Republicans control )to sentence him. Republicans chose not hold the president responsible. By sentence him. They chose not to Sentencing him. Now the Republicans gave him the green light. Trump is only be having like a totalitarian and dictator. No It is up to the Democrats and all the people to show up and vote them out.

  1. French person here. Last time someone said “my authority is total” we chopped off their head.

    1. @Alan Roberts fake news. Louis XVI was actually very much in favor of the guillotine precisely because it was painless.

    2. @wildgoosedreaming1 Are you all right in your head? What does Putin has to do in here? Please keep to the subject. We are talking about the guillotine, French revolution, and a little about Trump. I couldn’t care less what you do about Trump. I am not US citizen and I bless fully live in Europe, where our leaders are mostly sane (maybe incompetent, maybe I don’t like them, but I have to recognize they are vastly superior to what you’ve got). Instead of insulting strangers who have done you no harm, sharpen your wits to try to prevent your fellows US citizens to re elect your narcissistic orange menace, because I’ll tell you, here in Europe, most people think there is a good chance he’ ll win. You have work to do, and insult will lead you nowhere.

    3. Now there’s an idea… (can’t believe I said that) The man is downright evil – a medieval religious term not usually applied in politics. Where are today’s Lee Oswald or Sirhan Sirhan. The man is so dangerous and devious – Prison or assassination do actually seem a suitable fate. Maybe also some of his sycophants and enablers.

  2. Trump: “If I seem confused on the constitution it’s because I get all my law words from this blonde skeleton that s been haunting the WH since Jan 2017.”

  3. Told ya so. He’s going to try to “Postpone” the elections. He’s introducing the idea of shutting Congress down, to his mob, Someone is directing him toward a coup. I don’t think he knows enough about the Constitution or Government to be doing this himself, this maneuver came from someone else.

    1. you know,as much as a plot from a real good novel as this sounds,it’s scary,cause You are dead on the money.

  4. “Because I don’t have to”! Don’t we have a master of arms to sack this guy and secure him until his trial?

    1. When did this mass neutering of Americans take place? They sit around whining their country is being ruined but do nothing. USA the new welfare state.

    2. @Renshia”s World If you do not live here you have no context. This is karma playing out in real time and it cannot be stopped until this plays out. Please consult what comes after chaos.

    3. Barbara F., technically yes the House has a Sergeant-at-Arms who on paper has that as part of his job. With that being said, we’re talking about a president with (somehow) over 40% approval from the American people.

    4. @purple rain purple rain Order Ab Chao! Nothing stops probability, and mathematics. Sooner or later, the dark era comes, then it cycles back around again. I just hope the outcome leaves humanity, myself included intact. I guess you see it too?

  5. “I have a very strong power…” “we have to do what we have to do”. Wow – profound! Such eloquence, such wisdom, such insight. Platitudes, flim flam, bluff and bluster. No humility, no vocabulary, no sincerity. Straitjacket time folks, before it’s too late.

    1. @Way Waynes With respect to… the president’s idiotic behavior? Just an act on his part? Or you’re saying he’s not in on the plan?

    1. Decisions, decisions.
      Do we aim him at the sun so he burns up?
      Or do we shoot him out of the solar system so he freezes?
      I vote the sun.
      Wouldn’t want E.T. to find the Dotard and revive him.

  6. This is what Hitler and his SSMen in the 3rd Reich said and did Mr President! I believe you have lost your mind!

    1. You know he’s DO know he’s a Hitler worshipper ..right? Read ex-wife Ivana’s book “Raising Trump”…

    2. You REALLY need to understand what Narcissistic Sociopath (AKA Malignant Narcissist) means. Think Saddam Hussein. Psychologists and Psychiatrists have been nearly SCREAMING He’s DANGEROUS!!! The minute he has the power to get away with it, people are going to start dying for offending him, in even the slightest way. Why do you think he admires the kind of people who murder political opponents?

    1. @B Bodziak I can’t wait until the debates if they are like helliary they will give Biden the questions to before the event the only difference will be Biden will forget either the question or the answer they want him to say

    2. @imagrandpa the Demon rats I refer to them as blue rats are just plain stupid, blind and deaf and selfish to just name a few .

    1. As much as shiver when thinking about him, there are worst than him out there. The ones that hide their thoughts.

  7. “Totalitarian”, is what he said. Only two other countries have this. North Korea and another. Guess which one.

    1. @Hailey C.Conner He wants to adjourn Congress when they need to pass relief so he can control news! Tyranny, thy name is Trump. There goes the first amendment. How much more will Barr allow to be redacted from the Constitution?

    2. Yes but there’s heavy dirt on all of obumas cabinet with a paper trail and on tape even the queen helliary but the media has y’all so brain washed if Trump would have done this stuff the media would be going crazy and we know because he hasn’t done anything and the Dems and media has y’all washed to think so

    3. @Frank Campos you idiots don’t know what this man has prevented and you might not have the good old USA if it wasn’t for this man that’s doing it for free and don’t need the money think about it think for yourself and stop listening to the media are you aware of the story of the young man in a maga hat being disrespectful to the native American , I have native American blood in me but CNN told a fib , the true whole clip showed the boy doing nothing and the native American man came and disrespected him but they did this because the boy had a mega hat on this is very dishonest and the boy won a lawsuit and is very rich now think for yourself I have woken up.

  8. “Who told you that the authority of the president is total?” – A journalist with guts, the country needs more like her.

    1. If I remember correctly, weren’t conservatives all up in arms when Obama used those powers? Just cutious

    2. @lane Anderson wtf is wrong with you? People like you are ignorant have no common sense to understand what is right and what is wrong. Go back to ur corner and hush. No one needs your input cause all ur doing is making yourself look very stupid.that’s for you and Trump.


  10. “I have total authority, but I’m just backup and not responsible for any of this.”

    King Trump

  11. Enough? He says that to a reporter..man he is unhinged. The reporters are not in kindergarten sir, you are!

  12. There would be blood in the streets if Obama ever said, “The authority of the president is total.”

    1. Why is Trump so entitled and above the law? And why does his party tolerate his stupidity? A president who wants to mine in our national parks and State parks and monuments. Fortunately most of trumps stuff doesn’t get anywhere because of the democratic congress. But his intentions are mean and ego centered. Trump should go to jail for the things he would do if he could.

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