1. @Priority Target
      You are completely entitled to YOUR opinions that are not supported by evidence.
      But the moment you spread that OPINION as Fact, you are a LIAR.
      And if you spread it as fact knowing it is not supported by evidence, you are both a LIAR and a FRAUD.

    2. It wouldn’t though would it..There would be mass starvation as supply chains broke, mass or total bank failures, communication failures, business failures, militia and gangs in every neighborhood – civil war and general mayhem. All computer systems would fail….planes would stop flying. Half of us would be dead in months.

    3. I’m glad we have the internet. Information is so much easier to find using a search engine than it ever was with a phone book or directory. I use one social media platform, YouTube, but that is all. I want nothing to do with Meta, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But I do feel sometimes the world seems more fractured because of it.

  1. Takes a couple of seconds to say a lie but takes hours to dispel it… so yeah good speech doesn’t get rid of bad speech

    1. @Metalosopher no, I got it from the justice department press statement… You really do need to get out of your bubble, kid. a lot of things happen in life that they don’t address on CNN

    1. I would argue it’s the constituency as much as the politicians. The representatives are, after all, a reflection of the constituency.

    2. Indeed you seem to know more about geopolitics and shee, daim bruh u should have been the president instead bruh bruh bruh. Typical CNN audience who think they know everything lmfaoo

    3. No, the system is like it is for specific reasons. One can work make adjustments. But we are blessed to considered the world’s richest nation. We are greatly blessed, but most people are complaining. There is a reason others are walking a thousand miles to get here. And there are enemies, embedded here just to attack our faith.

  2. “More speech” is only better if it is face-to-face where you’re forced to hear others. The problem with the internet is it’s a series of thousands of ‘Mic Drops’ where people say their piece and leave immediately. Sure some comments get responses, but few here are actually exchanging ideas.

    1. @Ash//Fox but it should be.. don’t u think? I agree there has been a lot of positive things that come from social media.. especially connecting people.. i just feel like if ur someone who hates someone else for who they are, u should have to keep that to urself. Giving those people a platform to express that kind of hate is not something anyone should be proud of. That is not what free speech is about in this country. I wish people, myself included, could always remember to be respectful, no matter how mad they make us. Some of the things i see people saying to women in leadership positions is just awful. America is better than this.

    2. @Mosquito hate speech is abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

    3. @Ash//Fox You’re right that online communities are great places for minority groups to come together and thrive. The double edged sword is that destructive minority groups are also amplified, such as the neo-nazis.

  3. The thought of Elon Musk, Kanye West and Donald Trump being in charge of those platforms, would lead me to uninstalling. I’ve long ago got rid of Facebook. Don’t need it or want it. I’d miss Twitter, but I would cope. We, the users, need to vote with our keyboards.

    1. If your that paranoid just throw any tech u have and live in the wilderness or in the middle of the ocean

  4. For those of us that are old enough to remember a world before the internet, life was so much better then.

    1. These people existed but were just harder to identify. Definitely not better. Society as a whole has made so much positive progress, even if the bigots lash out harder over it.

    1. @Red Rick “SING terribly?”
      Please go back and listen to whatever terrible music you listen to. Granted, Kanye is freaking crazy, but you obviously have zero idea what he does.

    2. @Boat Beard you one of those people stuck in 1982 that think black people are the biggest purchasers of hip hop?

    3. Don’t worry! Ye loves himself enough for all the haters. He is positive he’s an artistic genius. His own children will make fun of him one day. 🤣

    4. @Mitch Haelann That’s your opinion. Probably mine as well, if I ever heard the guy. But other people feel differently, and there’s a whole lot of ’em. And Kanye seems to have a Trump-like ability to intuit exactly what they want to hear, and give it to them – even if it does sound like elevator music, filler, and background noise.

    1. Two years ago, before the new crown epidemic came, it was the best period for the American economy. U.S. commodity prices are low, U.S. gasoline prices are lower, and Americans have the most jobs. At present, the U.S. economy has experienced inflation in the past two years. There are some signs of weakness in the U.S. economy

    2. @small group Look around. Inflation isn’t a US problem. It’s global. Trump would have tanked us even further by now. Now doubt about it.

  5. ‘Hate is the point’. Agreed. 
    I am Australian, living in Australia. I have been deep diving into American culture for almost twenty years through forums, to get an impression of real Americans rather than the stereotypes the media and entertainment industry present – to foreigners and to Americans.
    My first shock was just how polarised the US population is, and how deep the roots of that are. That polarisation has become more extreme every year.
    I see a lot of adversarial material from Democrats and Republicans. I see little else.

    So it seems to me that the first order of business for anyone interested in the survival of American culture – meaning the survival of democracy, without which America will rapidly devolve into hell IMO – is to look deeply not only into that division, but also into what forces are being brought to bear which are exacerbating that historical polarisation and producing an irresolvable conflict.
    Firstly, Americans need to own that polarisation as a circumstance – and set of allegiances – into which they were born. In my opinion, you all need to realise that you are all caught in the same net in that respect. You are all identifying as one side or the other. That can only fail spectacularly.
    Secondly, I think you need to be aware that there are forces – some outside your country, some within – which have learned to manipulate that polarisation, and who will fan the flames in every possible way. China and Russia and Saudi Arabia certainly fall into that category. So does organised, corporatised crime.
    You will never resolve this as a Republican vs Democrat issue.
    That is ‘putting out a fire with gasoline’.

    1. Two years ago, before the new crown epidemic came, it was the best period for the American economy. U.S. commodity prices are low, U.S. gasoline prices are lower, and Americans have the most jobs. At present, the U.S. economy has experienced inflation in the past two years. There are some signs of weakness in the U.S. economy

    2. The pandemic hit, over two years ago, and was a reflection point, a slowdown and a chance to look within, for each individual. Oceans started to revive, atmospheric pollution started to lift, less cars on the road meant less demand for gas. Hence lower prices due to less demand on gas. Many were out of work at that time. Ask yourself why Jared came away with over 2 billion dollars from the Saudi Arabia elite? I completely agree that a unified approach has to be taken and identifying with a party is a fast track to Hell on earth. . Sadly of the two, the far right is more dangerous and destructive. Both need to rise above and see the big picture before it’s too late.

    3. Of lead a peaceful existence in North,S.C. on your own land with great neighbors like Donna and Jeff Smith, who love the land and animals and their jobs and family and mind their own business and help others when needed and raised and educated wonderful human beings that do the same. I love my animals and only neighbor…and our Community!

    4. Great post! However, you leave out one main thing. In th3 1990’s a politician named Newt Gingrich, a republican’s, came in, and influenced the republican party, to oppose everything democrats did, for the sake of power. Prior to that, when the party in power proposed a bill, the opposition would find ways to get their own ideas put in, and end up with bipartisan ideas. But Gingrich brought in a oppositional approach to oppose every democratic bill, to keep them from getting credit.

      And just to show you a concrete example; look at the US medical plan, the ACA, which has a nickname, “Obamacare”. Democrats took the idea from a republican state plan. But once those same ideas were put into a national plan by democrats, republicans opposed it, and none voted for it, or put much into the plan for thier own constituents. All they did was criticized. However when republicans came back to power, the ‘better plan’ never materialized, even though Trump promised one was coming. Consider that the ACA was not perfect, but the republicans offered little ideas to make it better, because it make the idea look better, as well. Now it is 12 years later. Republicans have put in some ideas to weaken the bill’s impact, but still have not come up with a better plan.

      “Secondly, I think you need to be aware that there are forces – some outside your country, some within – which have learned to manipulate that polarisation, and who will fan the flames in every possible way. ”
      There are reasons why this truth has not been emphasized. That could be the subject of another reply, if you do not understand the dynamics of this issue, in the USA today. Thanks, again for your original post!

  6. Appreciate this reporting. There’s so much at issue here. Getting dopamine hits from the vitriol or from getting agreement for one’s own views — that’s a thing. So that makes social platforms addictive and how do you solve for that, other than self regulation by users themselves.

  7. At the time when Obama called Kanye a “jackass” I thought he was being harsh…now I realize he was taking it easy on Kanye

  8. “The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” – Maximilien de Robespierre

    1. @LivtheDream and I never said all billionaires are left leaning. I said cnn host implies we only need left leaning tech billionaires running social media.

  9. I believe the only good that could come from GAB or PARLER is that they are “outing” basically dangerous people. I hope (and I can’t imagine that they aren’t) law enforcement agencies are monitoring those that are frequent flyers and instigators on these type of sites.

    1. There is uncensored CP on Twitter… but its Christian GAB and Kaynees Parlor that you are concerned about??? Maybe its time to stop watching CNN…

  10. I never thought there would be someone married to Kim Kardashian who made her look like the smart and mentally healthy one in the relationship, but oh boy did Kanya West achieve the impossible.

  11. How can people make bogus accusations about people and not be held accountable? By accountable, I mean either prove the accusations or publish a retraction. This is just horrible and weakens us as a society.

    1. I just started a FB group. The idea is to expose something. The rumors started flying that same day and I told people that if they had something to state in the group they had to provide their proof. I was shocked at how many people applauded that and I lost two members. Keeping things truthful is important to me. Rumors only get in the way. All posts are expected to have credible media cites or photos to back it up. The results I’m getting are great. I don’t have to weed through garbage to get to the truth. I still have to verify, but those rumors are not flooding us. All social media and news should be that way.

    2. @R Campbell I don’t think any one party should break the law and the other party hold him responsible unless they are willing to hold their own party members responsible for criminal conduct. I’m an equal opportunity prosecution fan.

  12. There’s always been a monster in the closet. Ever since I was a kid. There _is_ a boogeyman. A dark, evil thing that is hiding just out of sight, with one intent – to cause fear, bad feelings, a sense of self-righteous power for itself, feeding off of the fear of the good, hoping to take you down and make you a boogeyman, too. It leaves me with a desperate need for comfort, but not much comfort to be found nowadays. Best just to take care of yourselves, your family, and those who are good, kind, bright, hopeful and cheerful. Stay away from the dark sites, for there be monsters there. Stay safe. Be good. Have and spread peace.

    1. thank you, beth, for that uplifting comment. but human betterment can only be achieved through acceptance of reality, empathy and dedicated and committed action, not apathy or hope. but i liked your comment nonetheless. and peace to you my friend.

  13. Musical genius is a stretch, he knows how to throw a few rhymes together is how much musical genius he has, a musical genius is a person that can play multiple instruments and can compose and write quality music like prince was a real musical genius, kanye just got lucky that some people liked the crap he produced

    1. i wouldn’t be able to name 1 song of KY’s. I thought he made his living , living off the Karcrashings

  14. The answer is simple, you don’t need moderation, you don’t need to limit speech. Remove the anonymity. Pass a law that you can’t participate in social media without your real name. Let’s see how brave people are with their free speech when they’re held accountable by the public and their peers.

    1. The problem with this is that in today’s political climate, any speech which is to the right of Karl Marx (or AOC for a more modern reference lol) is considered “hate speech” by many businesses and institutions, such as universities and big tech. So the removal of anonymity would defacto allow left-wing speech only and exacerbate the already existing left-wing echo chambers of large social media.

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