1. @The Outlier this was probably no concern to the part of our government that has no oversight CIA, in the 80s while supplying freedom fighters, they had established lucrative heroin smuggling trade routes into the US from Afghanistan, it wouldn’t be too hard to re-establish if their was a reason to reinvade in 2000’s .
      In the 80s the US backed Iraq with war materials and jets( Iran iraq war) and Afghanistan, the US created Sadam Hussein and Osama bin laden. In the 90s with the CIA out, the US lost positive control over these two and had to go back and terminate them

    2. The 1980s was the golden age for the US covert secret little dirty wars in the middle east and Central America, let’s not forget the US military selling arms to Iran ( while funding Iraq to fight Iran) , the US was selling arms to both countries fighting each other)to fund the contras in Central America. One year the US was on one side then the other depending who was profiting from the war machine

      Fast forward 40 years later and the result is tons of Central American people requesting asylum in the US, as a result of the US created chaos and now Afghanistan refugees.
      And as usual the US turns their back on people who fought alongside the US, trump turned his back on Iraqis and Kurds who once sided on the US and let them get slaughtered, just like Trump turned his back on Central Americans requesting asylum

  1. Just goes to show these journalists have a lot to answer for – yet we already know that. There will always those who want to make headlines and gain advantage for personal gain and those who want to report as factually as is possible. Sadly the former type are the ones who get most exposure.

    1. No they actually acted like real journalist for awhile, don’t worry they’ll be upping your liberal socialism brainwashing dosage.

    2. @justsayen c63 What is all this about liberal socialism. Or are you just throwing words around to appear knowledgeable on the subject.

    3. @Molaodi Menyatso
      See that it right there. There are a lot of people that’ll vote for the Democrats and they don’t evan know their being fed socialism from the liberal MSM. Social programs that give free money in the form of welfare and all the other socialist programs. Except its not free money somones paying for it,, yep the tax payer. The Democrats love handing over other people’s money to buy votes.

  2. Nobody wants to let go of a tiger’s tail, but it’s the only way to stop holding onto a tiger’s tail.

    1. ​@Amber Andrews Gee, Amber, maybe they listened to Biden when he kept saying there was no way the Taliban was taking over.

    2. @Amber Andrewsmoving 2.5K troops out of a destined war zone before evacuating 11K+ American civilians and officials…and blaming them in the end for being a victim… typical bidenist..no empathy for fellow Americans… 👍

    3. No one is against letting go, but letting go of the tigers tail while you and all your friends are inside a locked caged with it, is nothing short of insanity and a betrayal of all that was done to keep that tiger 🐅 from harming others for 20yrs. One could have held it, while everyone else was bright to safety. Then, and only then, should the Raul have been released.

    4. You dont turn loose of the tiger until your family is safe and away from the danger of being eaten. Worst thing thats happened in my lifetime and I was alive during Carter. The dementia ridden traitor sock puppet must resign.

  3. taliban are controlling the road well. they close it when biden’s refugee planes are done for the day. bipartisan congress is calling for 65-80 K refugees by aug 31.

    1. @Megan’s Garage No he wasn’t, he is the leader of the free world now. He wasn’t beholden to anything or anyone. Do you not think these politicians break promises, give me a break. He made a choice, he was wrong. If it was a flawless exit would it be Trumps doing? No, ok, cant pick and choose….

    2. @GHOZT 21 No one is saying this wasn’t Trump’s original deal and Biden’s execution. Both are at fault. The world isn’t black and white. All politicians are scum.

    1. How do we just magically forget about the Afghan army deserters? All we heard about for at least 10 of the 20 years was this Afghan army we were training. When they are needed most they vanish. Even if that 300k troops number is wrong. Even if its half that it’s still far more troops than there are Taliban. What if all our policemen, fireman, and national guard just deserted off the job the moment a crisis arose that they were desperately needed for? Wouldn’t there be consequences for that? Or would we just look at another country and talk about how it’s their fault?

    2. @SmokeStack The 300k troops hate u as well. Almost everything u were ever taught was a lie.

    3. @You can’t handle the truth So I guess it’s a lie that 300,000 > 30,000, that desertion from duty is a crime, and that if you withhold fuel, food, and supplies from troops they tend to run out.

    4. @SmokeStack If u believed the herders when they told u the Islamic leaders of the Middle East will deal with these militias, while they directly financially support them, well, what can I say?

  4. These three banks are reported to have helped out the Taliban finance their terror across Afghanistan..
    Standard Chartered, danske bank and Duetsche Banks .. breaking news !!!

  5. Watch news stations from other countries and see multiple perspectives. Crazy and not rocket science to piece the reality together

  6. There were members of the military who died in Afghanistan, who were toddlers when this conflict began! For context: I was in Somalia in 1993 and sadly enough, it is still there, the way we found it…..🙏🙏

    1. @Dan Cle say something stupid again, Joe Biden ANTIFA terrorist and democrat racial hatred klan member

    2. … did we leave Somalia with thousands of US hostages? That is a big difference with what we are seeing here

  7. No one disagrees with the withdrawal, we disagree on how it was handled. The most vulnerable should have been protected and escorted out before removing all troops or taliban took over. It’s as if no one had any idea what was going on and we are just reacting to the talibans next move rather than controlling the situation

    1. @Marie Smith Biden stalled withdrawal by 4 months. What is your evidence those 4 months were spent wisely.
      To still harbour TDS 9 months after he left office is pathological and embarrassing. You should seek help?

    2. @Marie Smith Exactly what we mean , Marie , Unfortunately msnbc has got to you over the years of you’re viewing their Propaganda , and sad , We as an Americans don’t hold you responsible . but wake and smell the Coffee , The Democrats are changing the fabric of our country , You must see this , Don’t you?

    3. Only a wise president like Biden could have been brave to pull out the armed forces before safe evacuation of civilians in the past 4 months – kicking out all ties with Afghan Marsh including the locals who worked for US service men for more than a decade.

    1. @Khloe Pardew Wishing has never done any good at all. Human hands solve human problems.
      I am not doing well at all, thank you for asking. I am depressed because my once great Nation has turned and Run. We have become a country of cowards.

    2. @J’raelien I understand how you feel okay. You don’t have to be depressed okay cause it kills. Where are you located

    3. @J’raelien Millions of us hear you J’raelien! The Corporate Socialists along with the Swamp have stolen America but they’ll fail. I guarantee they’ll fail because with each passing day the people see them for who and what they really are.

    1. Agreed, and a lesson that’s repeatedly made. I equate it to when you tell someone the burner is still hot or the knife is sharp. Sometimes you get burned and/or bleed. 🖖

  8. 20 лет вы убивали афганский народ ни за что. С позором ушли.Ха ха 😂😂

    1. Afghan army should’ve fought, not Bidens fault. Biden said in april this withdrawal was happening 🤷

    2. @Marco M Biden failures?

      1) Illegal immigration is at a 21 year high on the southern border
      2) Inflation rates are at 13 year high
      3) gas prices are at a 7 year high
      4) food costs are through the roof rising at a fastest rate in over a decade
      5) Afghanistan withdrawal is a complete disaster, it has also humiliated the U.S as a country and stained it’s credibility world wide.

      I can go on but Im sure you will simply handwave all this away and say “Orange man bad”

    1. @iwinzeazy News flash, Chuckles; you don’t get to charge President Trump rent for living in your head 24/7 when you’re the one keeping him there.

    2. @iwinzeazy It says a lot when people like you try to make every story about Biden into a story about Trump… 🤣
      REEEE!!! 🐸

    3. It’s funny how all they do is defend Biden, but when people negativity criticize him, that’s when they have a problem.

    1. @vita pedrus 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Your words are not going to make him not be president is it. 😂😂😂😂

  9. WOW even with the facts right in front of them, they still stand for their own agenda. can you say reprobate minds. Wake up America!!!

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