What to know about NACI’s latest COVID-19 booster advice

Dr. Marla Shapiro explains NACI's updated COVID-19 booster advice for all individuals, especially those who are deemed "high-risk."

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    1. @OneSockOff I believe the worst thing about covid is that you could be in danger if you have been jabbed!

  1. No mention of the long term side effects, in the EU and GB there are now charts on unexpected and higher than normal deaths after the Pandemic, and the benefits of getting C – 19 in regards to natural immunity which are far superior to any Vax.

    1. @AI Revolution lol yes and that’s got nothing to do with this. So go be paranoid elsewhere. No idea why the clueless are always a few month old accounts. Seems to be a trend

  2. The booster should no longer be optional. Every politician gov employee, journalist should be forced to get the boosters. Bankers large corporations, doctors teachers nurses ect.

  3. Ignore….
    Other jurisdictions have stepped back from booster madness – why is science in Canada different?

  4. I’ll consider it when our health authorities acknowledge and address excess deaths, the superiority of natural immunity and the effect of vitamin D 3.

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