What to know about the Conservative's campaign platform 1

What to know about the Conservative’s campaign platform


Erin O'Toole released the Conservative election platform today. Glen McGregor breaks down the party's pledges.

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  1. It’s time for Liberal to find a new leader… because your current leader is very weak and phony for Canada.

  2. Would pending immigration files be cleared till December 2021 or processing time will be extended

    1. Yep, unknown to most Canadian’s that bill also includes 20,000+ Bolt-Action + Hunting Rifles + .12 Gauge Shotguns.

    1. It has been like a day or two since it was called, and I don’t think any other party has theirs out early either, I don’t care, I’m voting whatever gets trudeau out.

    1. @Qube Conservatives arethe only party that can get enough votes to possibly win and I’ll take them over the Libs.

  3. Pick up your socks O’Toole. This is your chance to be a true Conservative. I’ll be voting PPC if you don’t get your chit together.

  4. Trudeau npd npd trudeau show them the door they was no reason for this election at all trudeau does what he want whit the npd enought.

  5. I don’t know how legal it is that the 3 main news outlets in our country are allowed to campaign for one party and slander all others.

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