1. Not sure hand guns are that much of an issue, honestly. I like the background checks we have. and I fully support the ban on assault weapons, but hand guns? I honestly don’t think this helps with any problems we see with violence in Canada.

    1. Sounds like we got an IPSCer LoL
      Your the problem. You didn’t say anything about the gun ban like you all should have and now they’ll come for your freedoms. You should think of others instead of just yourself.

    2. assault weapons would be considered military grade weapons. Which have been prohibited from civilian use and purchase since the 60’s

    3. @Deeds none of the 1500 that were just banned were really assault weapons. An assault weapon would have to be able to fire in full automatic. Those were already prohibited.

    4. @Rob Davidson I used to have a coworker who had a prohib licence and owned a converted auto AK. He was a super lib too. I wonder what he thinks now

  2. My 50 guns were acquired legally. I’ll never give them up or my rights. Pure Blood and Free Forever!

    1. @Ken Faught on the side of my gun, it says Glock 17 gen 5 Austria 9×19…. now come and take it 😉

  3. No politician’s security detail should be allowed to carry guns anymore, especially our little dictator’s.

    1. Very mature of you, you’ve added a lot of great info to this debate and issue. I bet high school was tough, so you didn’t finish it?

  4. this country is going down the poop shute right quick…..get another passport while u still can

  5. 3D Printer goes burrrrrrrrr just have a valid PAL get a manufacturer’s license and register all the printed handguns. Trudeau didn’t think to ban manufacturing.

    1. If he does dumb things that solve nothing and only antagonizes a law abiding segment of the population, like this current freeze does, then yes it is completely his fault.

  6. Well, the Airsoft community can certainly attest to this summary of another tragic era – “I stood by and did nothing, until they came for me”

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