What we know about the mining accident in Sudbury, Ont. 1

What we know about the mining accident in Sudbury, Ont.


The Globe and Mail's Niall McGee explains what we know about the accident that's left 39 mine workers trapped underground in Sudbury, Ont.

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    1. You ppl making light of the situation, obviously you have no clue or have never worked trades let alone mining , just stupidity on display here

    1. Just tell him to put the camera down on something. You don’t need a specialized piece of gear to stabilize a webcam. Literally just set it on anything that isn’t actively moving.

    1. They will all be out by the end of the day. No injuries. How terrible is it, really, that they can’t take an elevator?

  1. So there not trapped, the elevators just isn’t working…
    There’s 6 ways out of every mine, hence the term, 6 ways to sunday…
    I live in Canada, that’s the legislation for mining here, this isn’t a third world country.

    1. I personally think he was chuckling because climbing for a day just sounded ridiculous to him because of how much work that would be.

  2. So glad to hear no one is hurt. That’s a terrible situation but I will be happy to hear that they’ve all climbed out safely.

  3. 4000 feet climb wtf! They better get a huge bonus from the company and a couple of weeks off! The average person I don’t think could climb 4000 feet in a couple of hours! Glad everyone is safe

    1. Mining companies will pay handsomely for all sorts of accidents on site. I’ve heard of planes running off runways at remote mines and the companies paying everybody big dollaz

  4. I wonder what the guys stuck underground will say to the machine driver when they get out. Probbably a bit frustrated at him!

    1. No one was ‘driving’ any machine, a piece of equipment was being lowered into the mine suspended under the cage (elevator) it became jammed in the shaft causing damage to the cage and the shaft.

  5. I work 32 yrs in the mines here in Sudbury , if no one his hurt they should be okay, it sound like they will be using the manway to come up to surface, its a long climb but if they take their time they can make it to surface , hopefully things go well.

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