1. We’ll all just have to wait and see what cards are being played and who stacked the “DECK” in their favor!!!…Where’s the popcorn?

    1. @Suzy McHugh I think its more likely you are a conspiracy theorist who believes they are intelligent… However what you say seems to contradict that.

  2. Slight of hand, distraction so we don’t notice the crazy that Biden is doing. The democrats have the senate, the house, congress, and still Biden feels the need to rule by executive order.

  3. The NYTIMES laid out self incriminating evidence that the Capitol Hill raid and the election were planned exactly the way they went.

    1. Yep, they followed up after the Times put out a similar piece. It’s because they know everything will be massively exposed soon and they are trying to get ahead of the story.

    2. Look Everyone.. Face IT and Move ON.. Democracy IS “S*****D”.. NOTHING to Report HERE.. The United Nations, SAID SO..

    3. @NoTimeLikeThePresent Does it matter? What is anyone going to do at this point. The Dems are in power and they’ll make sure anyone that helped them are protected.

    4. @P. Upson Agreed but I’m still going to do my best to expose it where I can. Morally I feel I must, even if the outcome is negligible…

  4. “Go down to the Capitol “. Why did this reporter leave out “peacefully and patriotically ” .? It a rhetorical question

    1. Slows it’s interesting how YOU interpret ” peacefully and patriotically ” , one way…but the word “fight” , another…I get it, you hate trump…but try and take a step back and see the big picture……and FYI: the fbi and the Capitol police have evidence that the storming of the Capitol was planned weeks prior to his speech….

    1. It’s not that they know nothing, what they know is wrong…. I can’t remember the exact quote, but that’s the gist of it.

  5. Anyone read the Time article essentially confirming Trump’s claims of conspiracy during the election? Why would you secretly recruit poll workers if you weren’t doing anything unscrupulous?

  6. So glad they fortified the election.
    Looking forwards to Canada’s election being fortified in a similar manner.

  7. Nancy Pelosi needs to pay her $ fine FOR BREACHING her own metal detector BEFORE the impeachment can begin !!

  8. So this is the democrats way of “uniting the country” 🤔. I think they’re running scared and rightfully so!

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