What Will Likely Happen Next After Trump Org. Indictments? 1

What Will Likely Happen Next After Trump Org. Indictments?

Fmr. U.S. Attorney and MSNBC Contributor Chuck Rosenberg joins to break down what we can expect to come after the indictments against the Trump Org. and its CFO Allen Weisselberg.
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  1. Covid is not a joke
    A former patient was so brain damaged that he thought he won an election that he lost be over 7 million votes

    1. @Marc F. Nielssen Gain-of-function research is happening now across the US and the world. Covid was probably a result of gain-of-function research that was produced in a lab. Don’t confuse the issue.

    2. @TheSpicehandler
      Your “probably” is highly speculative. It’s extremely unlikely, but not impossible. Your unsubstantiated claim is of course designed to confuse the issue. Well done.

    3. @Marc F. Nielssen Unfortunately for the human race, my “probably” is not speculative at all. It is highly likely that the gain-of-function research taking place at the lab in Wuhan was the origin of this pandemic but there are universities and research labs across the US as well currently conducting this type of research. Do your homework and learn.

    1. You’re talking about Al Capoe because you have nothing on Trump as usual. Once again you got played like a fiddle. THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN! Bahahaha.
      Have you read the boy that cried wolf?

    2. The Trump Org. makes Al Capone look like child’s play! Capone wasn’t crooked enough to make it in the Trump Org.

    3. @Randall Gordon I’m sorry you look stupid again and didn’t get a Trump indictment. It must be hard being so gullible.

    1. Judicial Watch actually does someone, what does Goenn do but hide Seth Seth Rich’s laptop?

    2. @Bryan I hold a Ph.D. from one of the Ivy League schools in the country. I am currently a millionaire. I teach an MBA program for more than 10 years.

    1. @C Thomas lol you just make your own reality up. You seriously believe you can tell the future and it’s all based on the BS that MSNBC feeds you.

    2. @Jack Bean in your mind everything leads back to Trump, but in reality you don’t have a clue.

  2. If history is any help, Trump will throw a bunch of other people under the bus and do his standup crybully act where he raises money cuz he’s waaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa a counter-puncher cuz waaaaaa waaaaa waaaaaaa he’s such a genius and waaaaaa waaaaa waaaaa

    1. @Marc F. Nielssen Wow, white knight please save me. Sir Marc Nielssen I presume, well sir knight if you think that is smart then you need to hear this. For a one time payment of 2500$ I will sell you my entire estate of 200 acres 100 miles east of Boston Ma. Checks are not excepted on this purchase so please leave the cash in my mail slot. Thank you for your service Sir knight, but that may be a guy using a picture of a women to entice innocent little telephone tough guys so buyer beware. No chance of being smart if you watch DNCNBC guy, thats for dumb people who hate themselves. Gimme some that good ole fashioned propaganda. Putz

    2. @Eric Holdsworth
      It’s better to keep quiet and let people think you’re a moron than to post here and remove all doubt.

  3. It’s gonna be like watching human dominos lol if this had been any of US we’d all would be going to Prison no questions asked
    On the plus side they all will have matching Jumpsuits

    1. @AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL Only people that say the Mueller report is a nothing burger never read it.

    2. @K Jack the only conclusive finding in the Mueller report is that the DNC paid Russia for a fake Dossier. Russia Collusion has been a Democrat strong point. Note Biden shoveling Billions to Putin by lifting the Nordstream2 pipeline sanctions.

    3. Kinda like watching the election audits roll in …. Safest and cleanest election in history right???

  4. One big difference between the US and most European legal systems is that in the USA INTENT must usually be proved. But in Europe, there is a saying: “Ignorance does not protect from punishment”.

    1. Here in the divided States, if you are a wealthy white man you don’t go to jail. Period. It has nothing to do with the law, it’s all about *privilege.*

    2. We have the same thing here in the states we say “ignorance of the law is no excuse”

    3. @[Hashknight Gaming]
      Your quote, as that of A.C. Jackson, is a good moral statement. Mine refers to legal reality.

    1. Just don’t bother the Biden crime family. They’re Dems, so we’ll ignore their stealing and corruption.

  5. Investigation and charges in this kind of situation USUALLY start close to the bottom and work their way up the layers. That isn’t applying to this one because most of them are family members.

  6. Alan Weisselberg, having the feds in your life is like a colonoscopy without lube or anesthesia! Gonna be rough!

    1. @Eric Holdsworth lol Eric, you’re one of the cult losers who thought Mexico would pay for the wall! When Chump said, “Who’s gonna pay for it?” You responded with, “MEXICO!!!!” and then cheered like a zombie cheerleader with mashed potatoes for brains. Haha, sucker!

    2. @Sincuenta Centavo Thanks for the labor, the elite needs you to clean up after them and keep them in office. I guess thats all you expect. You missed a spot btw.

    3. Don’t feed that naïve AF troll folks. Let him succumb to … anything. There’s plenty he can succumb to. Naïve AF’s choice

    4. @KelZ X Your English is coming along nicely, in a few years people will begin to understand wtf you are talking about.

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy how sad that you’ve decided to believe the Russian propaganda posing as right-wing media

  7. ‘Those who don’t know the value of loyalty, can never appreciate the cost of betrayal.’

    1. Elizabeth Wallace:
      Wow – I know the truth of that one…
      And it STILL is hard to conceive of anyone (betrayer) capable of being that cold, that disconnected, THAT solidly caught up in abject DENIAL.
      The hurt goes deeper, longer, than one would ever expect or believe.

      I was told once that a lie is virtually an arrow shot into one’s heart…
      No wonder there are so many people out there walking around with their HEARTS SHUT TIGHT.

    2. Trumps ” keep america great”, really means, america is the greatest country for white collar crime, trump got away with all his illegal dealings and now has exposed himself by running for president, Stupid !!,

    3. @Rehna Fox Boy, u really hit the nail on the head! Sarcasm & cynicism are people’s way of protecting themselves. But its a false escape. Our democracy is being seriously threatened every day! Does being an American right now in history, we need to get involved, stand up & fight the enemies of American. Most of thrm r from within, which makes me even angrier! Its a shame!

    1. You know that trump is with Russia he probably gave them all of the codes he can’t be trusted

  8. Getting the too big to fail backsliding starting feeling. However the banks will want their money back and it may just not be there to repay.

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