'Who Would Do That?': Rumsfeld Made 'Mount Misery' Plantation Getaway Home 1

‘Who Would Do That?’: Rumsfeld Made ‘Mount Misery’ Plantation Getaway Home


Rachel Maddow revisits the story of Frederick Douglass being sent by his slave owner to a "slave breaker" to be made docile and have his will broken. The location of the horrific torture that entailed was a plantation called "Mount Misery" and at least one person was untroubled enough by its history to purchase it as a country home.
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  1. He passed before he could face the war crimes that was from his concoction, illegal war in Iraq.

    1. @Little Dikkins Oh wow. You read a book. I read about space travel — that doesn’t make me Capt. Kirk
      LOL just face it — Maddow is nothing more than a propagandist

    2. @Bassil Al-oboudi Lol. No. No he won’t. There is no justice after death but your comment shows why the elites love religion and the control it brings.

  2. If only there was a theory that could explain how a society could tolerate this kind of systemic racism.

    1. @Stephanie Curri What it means is that as a source of “news”, Maddow is as unreliable as FOX Nooz

    2. @bearlytraincot US District Court Southern California District. Judge Cynthia Bashant presiding

    3. @Bjorn Jorgenbjorgenhoogenboogen it was thrown out because she was reporting on a story the Daily Beast had put out. And if I’m not mistaken, the guy who brought the suit had to cover the legal fees. You know, you can Google it just as easily as I can.

  3. I am overwhelmed constantly by the insidious lack of integrity and moral character of our leadership in the U.S. It makes my heart hurt.

    1. @gary the great Maddow was the defendant… and the Court awards Defendants fees in the amount of $247,667.50

    2. @Bjorn Jorgenbjorgenhoogenboogen The Court awards Defendant (Rachel Maddow) fees in the amount of $247,667.50

    3. @Bjorn Jorgenbjorgenhoogenboogen The Court awards Defendants fees in the amount of $247,667.50

    4. @eltorocal Yeah and you’re missing the point LOL Maddow won because the judge ruled that she doesn’t report the news

  4. He took pride owning Mt. Misery. He relished in oppressing those he felt superior to, it’s simply perverse that he would live and entertain there. I hope it can eventually be bought and held in trust to remember Frederick Douglas , yes one of the greatest Americans Rachel.

    1. @G LOL nope I’m quoting the ruling in the Maddow ruling: Judge Cynthia Bashant US District Court Southern California District

    1. @Glena Garrett LOL Tucker Carlson deserves that ruling. And so does Maddow. They’re like 2 peas in a pod LOL

    2. @Bjorn Jorgenbjorgenhoogenboogen This is called an editorial , in which an interpretation of the facts is offered for consideration. Why would it be in any way surprising that viewers understand the purpose of such a long-standing tradition?

    3. @Cathy Baggott So, you admit Maddow doesn’t report the news. That’s a step forward

    1. My God yes these people are crazy sick. There’s a type of crazy and sick that could be contagious maybe.

    1. @Bjorn Jorgenbjorgenhoogenboogen- The difference between MSNBC & Fox News is MSNBC is based on Fact and Fox News is Fiction, and MSNBC viewer have an IQ and FoxNews viewers just have “Q”…..

    2. @black bird I’m sure we can all agree that America dang near destroyed itself to end slavery….

    3. @Robert Nelson LOL I’ll let you have your little fantasy about FOX vs MSNBC propagandists and viewers.

  5. A great philosopher, stated that, “If you can make people believe aubsurdities, you can get them to commit atrocities!” It applies to Rumsfeld and Cheney, their lies that pushed America into the Iraq war,
    2004. A 2008 Center for Public Integrity article reported that a database of pre-war rhetoric found at least 935 false statements about the national security threat Iraq posed made by administration officials in the two years following 9/11, 109 of them by Rumsfeld.
    Our government and Legal system had to state, that Rumsfeld and Cheney, “couldn’t be prosecuted for War Crimes!”

    1. @wolftmfg – Of course there isn’t, none of us are getting outta here alive. It’s the after death professions that are so fantastical and fascinating to me. I’ve lost several longtime, close, friendships over the past five years because of religious belief systems and incongruences.
      Truly amazing and yet despicable.
      Heads Up: WWJD is no longer an acceptable marketing standard.🇺🇸

    2. @Joni BeehiveEnglish isn’t my native language so my bad. Tough for you losing friends.. A religion wouldn’t help me in my life but hey, to each their own. WWJD not being huge anymore says something I reckon.

    3. @wolftmfg Example is accurate but provided as humor and contemplation… my dearest BFF, who flipped out into her christian beliefs a couple of years before the appearance of the former 🇺🇸🤡, jumped full on the tump train 🎪. We’d respectfully maintained a live and let live prior. As I questioned her acceptance of the many well documented things former guy had done and said, she grew defensive and distant. Our final 2 hour breakfast date meetup- I was advised that my lack of faith and commitment to the teachings of the bible, meant I was detached from the Holy Spirit and she could not accept my unwillingness and it pained her too terribly that I would spend all of eternity estranged from heaven….

    4. @3 wolfs down He may have claimed that, but many do as he did: Make the claim while contraverting the teachings and principles. He did NOT live a Christian life as defined by the actual teachings of Jesus Christ. The twisting and repurposing of those teachings into what a lot of modern “Christian” leaders propound is DEEPLY problematic. I don’t know how “Christian” Rumsfeld could claim to be even by those questionable standards.

  6. Nosferatu needed to sleep in a coffin to regain his powers each night.

    Rumsfeld needed to sleep at Mount Misery to regain his.

  7. Rummy was an inferior punt who rose to prominence by virtue of his sadism and slavish obedience to illegitimate authority.

  8. Misery will be his legacy for dragging America into Iraq under the false pretenses of looking for “weapons of mass destruction” which left the Iraqi people in misery.

    1. Bush2 was waging war against Iraq because he and his dad could never diss the Bin Ladens because they were family friends – oil friends. Then, the Bushes could never diss the Saudia Arabians whose young nationals trained at flight school in America and flew their planes into the Twin Towers, so IRAQ – an unfinished war by Bush1 – became the revenge for 9/11. The Iraq war had no weapons of mass destruction, no Saudi Arabians, no Bin Laden. And there are still young men hooked up to breathing straws in veterans hospitals thanks to Bush1/CHeney/Rumsfield/Rice. My friends were furious that these Republicans didn’t speak out against Trump for all his lies and corruption, but how could they? They were just as corrupt as Trump.

    2. Not just Ramsfield, but American politicians on both sides, are guilty of a library of nefarious crimes against humanity. They all shall pay a huge price, including all the people in their bloodline.!

    3. And no weapons of mass destruction 🤬. Horrible, horrible people and must agree with trumpy🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Like I wrote on Facebook, right after the announcement of Rumsfeld’s death: “Another one bites the dust. Score one for peace.”

  10. At least Rumsfeld was consistent with his penchant for reveling in the depths of torturing those less fortunate than himself.

    1. You people are insane. This is 2021 not 1921. And where’d the hundreds of thousands of ‘white men’ who fought for the union come from. If you knew world history youd realize that slavery was always a global problem until the US and england abolished it. Something all free people should be grateful for

    2. @Joni Beehive 1.) If anyone thinks teaching about slavery and systemic racism is unconstitutional, they CLEARLY have no idea what’s actually in The Constitution
      2.) If what happened 200 hundred years ago hurts someone’s feelings that much, it’s time to toughen up buttercup

    3. @John k – Perhaps your diagnostic skills would be improved by pulling your head out of your lettuce pal‼️😉 I was being an arrogant smartass, thanks for spinning tho’!🤦‍♀️

    4. @Long Wong The US was among the LAST countries to abolish slavery!! Go read those history books before the Repugnantcons rewrite them!! 😡

  11. When you don’t see the owning and suffering of human beings as a problem… You get a republican like rumsfeld

    1. You get people after the manner of men like Rumsfeld. Forget the political labeling. Failing to see the “owning and suffering of human beings as a problem” is at the heart, a moral character issue, not a pplitical one.

  12. My very favorite part of Rachel’s show is her “history lesson” format. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen one, it’s part of what makes her unique.

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