What's behind the surge of support for O'Toole? Nanos explains latest polling | TREND LINE #shorts 1

What’s behind the surge of support for O’Toole? Nanos explains latest polling | TREND LINE #shorts


“Conservative support is much better distributed in this particular election than in previous elections,” said Nanos. “The old structural advantage of the Liberals is not as strong.”

He also attributed the better showing to Erin O’Toole’s increasing appeal as a potential leader and his positioning on issues such as mental health and on reproductive rights, where he is pro-choice.

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    1. I so very much agree. I vividly remember that this was happening in 2019
      But then the liberals pulled off a surprise win

    2. I expect that would be especially true if they had the testicular fortitude to allow Max Bernier to participate.

    3. @Arjun Sidhu it was no surprise…
      They cheated to get Trudeau in and they will cheat again….this is all just smoke and mirrors…Canada is

    4. @justinator 77 How is that cheating? It’s just that not everyone in Quebec and Ontario agreed with the conservatives

  1. A lot of Canadians go the polls with the objective of either supporting or firing the current government. I suspect the Liberals are now questioning the wisdom of their calling this poorly timed & unnecessary election.

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