1. @Kardashian5 Whaaa? Not sure if you know how it works. To have tax returns you have to work, generally. Joe has been a politician all his life in office so he doesn’t have any.

    2. @I Eat Pangolins I’m pretty sure he has some other income in his life investments etc hopefully legal
      That’s the point he probably evades taxes on investment income so corrupt

    1. @Vi Trinh I got links too… but your overloards just delete them….rokfin is growing rapidly and allows people the right to speak freely. Project Truth will lead to discovery and nbc will have no choice but to run the story….hope youre job hunting. Good luck

    2. @Hans Hulsebos hahahaha his zest for life hahahahaha. That was truly beautiful! This poster definitely has Cheeto dust all over his hands and shirt.

  1. Dose joe even know what he is going to do next or is a.o.c telling him what to do since she has alot to say but little to do

    1. He doesn’t even know him name at this point. Ask him to say flags and see what happens….but noone calls Karen on jesus joe

    1. big guy – definition, skydaddy, the bearded cat, end all be all, the BIG GUY in the sky
      10% – one tenth, ten percent, Tithe

  2. “Vladimir help me!! I got cornpop in my britches and Majors biting me!!!” President Joe

    1. Who knows, it might be 20% now that he has an army of blind woke soldiers who hate trump more than the truth, credibility and integrity of the country we used to love

    1. @fizza khan having a hard time keeping up with the majority consensus? You’re earning your keep today eh?

    1. @Ali Mo 100% everything is bs. I swear everything. That whole show the other night…they didn’t talk about any crises we have right now at all. Not one. It’s all bs about how they will spend our money and inflate everything. No boarder, no riots…it was all about 2 women for the first time behind the president, one who is black and indian…that was the show. What a joke

    2. @Bradyn Lotterman pretty much. That was really messed up….and noone talks about it anymore because biden is doing such great things in 100days…it’s a joke

    3. @Ali Mo Abortion is definitely different because it is so much worse. Killing thousands upon thousands of babies each year is evil and disgusting.

  3. “Get your face outta your ears!” “I was the first college in my family to go to the moon.”

    “You know the thing!”

    -Joe Biden

    1. @Trigger Warning chicken is disproportionately fried for minorities, which causes high cholesterol and heart disease. Between chicken and menthols there are hardly enough minorities for cops to get target practice. C’mon ma’am!

    2. @Dixon Uranus ain’t nothing like a Newport 100 after some fatbacks and hush puppies. Mmmhmm

    1. Yup, “Fake news” is a thing in latin america now too. And ratings have declined greatly also. To be honest, the US has lost ratings at the same time since El Whacko Joe came into office. Presidente Trump maybe was not liked too much but he was respected.

    2. @Kobe Beef I did not watch anything. I came, I automatically clicked the thumbs down and then scrolled on the comment section. Who wants to waste time watching CrapNN?
      Be my guest if you like nothin burgers.

    3. @Kobe Beef They watch CNN videos to make comments But they don’t actually watch the channel itself.

    4. Kobe there just a bunch of misfits that has no life in the real world. They come here just to cause hate . It’s a trolling moon out. I have gone on fox to read what they say but I don’t respond to any of them. They don’t like cnn but yet here they are lol.

    1. That’s the underline point, as someone who raised his hand, sure they get orders to leave, yet get recycled with new orders! It’s a on going cycle civies just don’t grasp

    2. Iran’s misses can’t reach Israel, so Biden&Kerry will secure some real estate for them in Syria.

    3. But…we’re not invading Syria even though Trump directly did more harm to the stability of that county than any world leader before him.

  4. We will need duct tape, aspirin, an instant pot, beer, cash, credit cards, mother’s day cards, condoms, kitchen sink, box of girl scout cookies, tide, a Bible, a shoe box, cable tv, Your rent paid, a few pot holes, a few pythons, Gentle Ben, and finally a couch for Joe to sleep on.

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