What’s next for CERB payments as eligibility soon runs out?

Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough says the gov’t will not abandon those who have claimed the CERB which will run out in three weeks.

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  1. Get a job in essential services. This is a recession, many of the jobs aren’t coming back and our economy needs to recover.

    1. Don’t worry. The government will pick a minimum wage job with 60% income tax for you. They will give you a government bus ride and a shared government apartment with a government ration and two hour of government electricity per night . When you are no longer useful, you get a government room in a government senior cull centre and a free dose of covid. Thanks for voting liberal.

  2. Sooo business owners are going to need to use the CERB to pay the 25% wage to qualify… all while there is no business. Must be nice to be a government worker with a wage and no worry how long this will last.

    1. I think most MIDDLE CLASS Canadians are over this and just want to get back to work.

    2. Get up and go no one is stoping you your doing what you’re told. If everyone said no it wouldn’t happen plain and simple.

    1. She has an ear bud in and is listening to someone on the line helping her what to say in her answers.

  3. It’s too late now. There are only about 8 million taxpayers left and they have a trillion dollar debt.
    That $125,000 per person or
    $375,000 per liberal voter .

    1. You know what is funny…..Alberta is suddenly quiet about separation as the price of oil has tanked, and they are living off the government teet…AGAIN! Gotta love socialism. Without it Alberta would have been bankrupted many times over. Yes…even under El-Harpo the great dictator.

    2. Chris Ashcroft how many HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS has Alberta contributed to Canada through equalization payments? Oh yeah, over $640 BILLION….get informed, moron.

  4. Liberals have a minority The opposition has spoken on behalf of the Canadians that elected them. Open Parliament and be transparent.

  5. Why is she being questioned? Stop interviewing inept politicians! Her understanding about economic forecasts and marketing is at a high school level. CRC is one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet. She might want to clip their abusive powers, like arbitrary assessments – criminally wrong, and embraced with love by — your elected, inept, politician!

    1. Considering that every Canadian politician has sworn the oath to uphold the monarchy democracy, I am hard pressed to find ones that even dare to think outside the royal status quo let alone speak out against it.

  6. Dont worry it’s an election year, there’s lot’s of money. If Trudeau runs out he can just print more.

  7. This liberal circus 🎪 is very quickly becoming a disastrous failure . Trudeau has created far more issues than he can fix . 5 years of failed ideas = largest debt ever to Canadians. How much will taxes increase in next budget ? Would like morneau to address this question !🌚🌚🌚🌚🐒

  8. Drop the flawed CERB program and implement a UBI (Universal Basic Income) for all legal Canadians, so no one gets left out in poverty !

  9. They are of the opinion to leave Canadians in the dark for as long as possible is the plan.

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