1. @Spikd it seems to me, that Trump is just a Russian asset. I don’t believe he’s smart enough to play the role of a spy. Russia is just using him.

    1. Nah….i don’t believe that. Where’s your proof?😂😂😂✌Q- A NON Organization 😃use their words against them..”Stop the steal” The Steal? ….STOP!😃✌

    2. @Calvin Parish circles, lies, Fox News, 😂😂😂 so funny.. you don’t own truth its discovered. I don’t own truth I observe it. I think the thing your running circles around, is the fairytale you tell yourself. Here it is again … I notice you still haven’t addressed the issue 😂 and you think you have a monopoly on it 😂😂. You make my day 😜🤔😂😂😂. It’s so hilarious
      Once again let’s watch you run away from the truth and undeniable facts …

    3. @Kenny Michael Alanya Apparently you can disagree with the Constitution as well when you don’t like the election results right?

    4. @VETERAN A president can ask for the Election to be challenged. It’s been done four times in US. History
      1876, 1888, 1960 and 2000.
      There should’ve been a Special Counsel for this review of the Ballots in those 6 states. There wasn’t any.
      The integrity of the Election system might’ve been jeopardized. Who knows really.
      As a citizen I would normally not worry but because of our situation. This pandemic crisis We, the world are in, I am concern about what could happen now.
      Only thing I’m grateful is that there’ll be another Stimulus check and possibly a 4th. I hope more come. It’s a win win for me. Trump loses but the people get more money. The smaller businesses lose however and maybe our lives won’t return to normal ….EVER.
      But it’s ok because we have free food, money and tents for anyone who can’t afford an apartment or house which by the way is getting more expensive and hard to find.
      The disparity between the rich and poor will be even greater due to COVID.

    5. @Kenny Michael Alanya The difference is, in those previous elections, the vote count was much more narrow. 2020 was a landslide victory for Biden. It wasn’t even close. Nothing close to the 2000 election results in Florida.

      See, you conservatives talk about the Constitution but only when it is convenient to you and your beliefs but when you disagree with the election results, in other words, when the guy you want to win doesn’t win, then the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore. If the roles were reversed, you would be telling the other side that the people have spoken and to respect and abide by the Constitution.

  1. I lost my dad to a cult. Haven’t spoken to him in years. Will probably never talk To him again. It sucks, but parents are humans, and when they put their crazy beliefs over their children, you have to cut them loose

    1. @Marcus Rashford you don’t let someone continue to ABUSE YOU unless you want to be a SIMP & a CHUMP your entire life. You may think that’s a fantastic idea,but you don’t represent the greater majority of people.This statement is childish,judgemental noise. I hope one day,you are capable of much better.

    2. @Calvin Parish Multiple security agencies said Russia interfered with the election, so it is pretty clearly established.

      It was Trump that kept insisting “no collusion.” None of the security agencies claimed Trump worked directly with the Russians. I thought Trump did a really good job of manipulating the media into talking about collusion when that was never the claim by security agencies. It also wasn’t even the basis of the Meuller investigation. It got the media talking about what he said rather than what was actually being investigated.

    3. @David DeJesus First of I hope for the best for you regardless of the methods you take to improve your life. Secondly I cannot fathom or begin to truly understand your situation with the factor that you have been living with this circumstances for so long. Now to my thoughts, I would say your life is your life, if there are resources and your still physically able you can turn your life into any direction you want as long as it’s you who truly wants such an outcome. Continuing on, I would say there are many people who built a good environment for themselves and people around physically and socially through their own initiatives and the people they chose to help them reach their goals in life. My point from that although not direct is that all good things including family or friends and just good ideas come from a mind that is longing for good so as long as you diser and wish for good in your life then not many things can stand in the way especially those who choose to not bring good and meaning to your life. Also there are many people out there who have faced a similar situation and who have made there life better out of it, so I would say search for them if you have the time, for inspiration sake.

    1. @milkey1 ok, so let’s start on trump now, shall we. Or does that not count. Different story? You wouldn’t have enough time for me to list the lies and childish jibberish that he has spouted, for his whole adult life, not just the past four years. He only wishes that he had the intellect that our President Biden has, or any other President for that matter. Just not trump. Ever.

    2. Everyone waiting for Jesus… no Jesus…8.( .. _WHO can we get_ ..?!?
      Plus Matthew 10:37
      Plus Luke 19:27
      Equals Jan 6

    3. anyone that goes to a church, mosque, whatever really has no right to be calling Qanon people crazy. They are crazy believing in non sense, but so are you.

  2. These women sound so similar to my patients that are children of people who struggle with addiction and/or mental illness.

    1. the first woman also reminds me a little of my people: raised by narcissists (the mother with the youtube channel seems a case of that, since they thrive both in religious organizations and conspiracy theories groups, where they tend to lead copious amounts of very gullible people and get their supply of blind admiration and attention)

    2. I know you don’t know me, but thank you for acknowledging the comparison. I’m so grateful my mother was not socially aware enough to fall into this level of conspiracy during my own childhood. She was an avid consumer of The National Enquirer, so it’s likely things would have been very different if I had been born a decade later than I was. So much of this madness would validate her poor parenting, and support her victimhood.

    3. Thank God i have been in al-anon for over 20 years. I learned so much about myself and the sick family i was raised in. I now have tools to just walk away and disenage with anyone’s insanity no matter what it is. We are in danger in this country. We have an epidemic of mentally ill people getting sicker by the day because they never learned to question authorities or research information before believing anything they hear or see on the internet. My Mother a very sick borderline was very easily persuaded by anything she heard without ever researching the sources. She would just parrot whatever sounded good. I had to stop all communication with my entire family years ago. My life has more sanity and peace. I know what these adult children are going through because i was raised by mentally unstable alchoholics. There is no talking to them. If you dont side with their beliefs they ostracize you and become vicious and dangerous. Just leave and dont look back.

    1. @T Dickson I don’t follow anonymous sources that put out cripic messages open to interpretation… Only cnn keeps telling you sheep this narrative.

    2. @wtf I don’t follow q sheep. So tell me when is that net neutrality repeal supposed to destroy the internet?
      Tell me sheep. If trump commited quid pro quo… What favor did he promise the ukranian pm? You betas only come at me with lies when I get to tease you with the truth.
      I know everything I’m telling you is beyond your scope of intelligence. I bet you can’t figure out my questions have no answers because they were media lies you sheep were programmed to believe. The fact you can’t answer is proof they were lies.
      You don’t actually Know anything. You just eat what you are told.
      How about you come at me with some fox news lie I know you can’t give examples of?

    3. @UTubeKookDetector notice how none of the sheep will ever Know this story. Yet they all stroke their egos on how informed they are.

    4. @Calvin Parish you support the DEA? Well bad news, they got caught letting their agents have sex with minors provided by cartels (as young as 12 or 13) in 2018. Guess you have to hate them now forver and completely.

    5. @Odin Griffen fine by me.. I trust no gov organization..
      Have you not noticed how trump supporters want minimal gov? … I thought that was obvious by now.
      Obama allowed the nsa to record everything we do… What will biden do?

    1. And likely a good support system. One mentioned she’s in therapy and the other sounds like she’s in an very healthy relationship.

  3. You feel sad for them. That’s how I feel. They call everyone a sheep and they don’t realize they are acting like one too.

    1. Yes seems like a lot of resentment on the daughters side and she’s using this Qanon cult stuff as a way to get even with her mother.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek If Qanon were the only thing you’d have a case… Her mom is a science denier, MD denier, anti-vaxxer, homeschooler and all the rest!

      This poor girl had to wrestle with the reality that her mom was a NUT and that she would have to disobey her and own mama’s teachings.

      That is absolutely traumatic for a child…

      Qanon is just her CURRENT stupidness!!

  4. “I want them to be proud of me.”

    Being rejected by your parents as brainwashed or “on the other side” for pursuing higher education makes the situation all the more tragic. The more you dedicate yourself to your degree(s), the more distrusting and distant they become. And the more you want their approval for your accomplishments. I’m glad she (anon) mentioned that part of her story, because it’s something that I think a good amount of people in higher education can resonate with… at least, I know I can.

    1. @Bessie King I don’t what happened after I left high school in the early 90’s, racism just wasn’t a thing for us back then we had friends of all races we all got along we all mocked each other and encouraged each other but your generation is obsessed with racism and have revived it

    2. @JHK 23 I could never hate my parents. My heart breaks for them and for my relationship with them. I only hate the politicians that fed into this madness, all those people in positions of power that they trust and believe in who lended credibility to the mayhem and made my parents feel so fearful of this amazing country. I love the United States. I want to leave this earth with the peace of feeling that our nation will be left better off for the generations I’m leaving it to. And It may surprise you to hear that I know, unequivocally, that my parents feel the exact same way… even with our disagreements, even if I may think they’re misguided, I can still honestly recognize that in them. It hurts that they struggle to see the same in me.

    3. @JHK 23 how little faith you have in your children’s ability to think for themselves. Have you ever even ONCE considered the fact that you might not be right about everything? Have you ever once given our youth the credit that they can decide for themselves, instead of merely parroting what they’ve been told their whole lives?

  5. This goes both ways. There are parents who have seen their kids go down this rabbit hole and it seems they’re not coming out.

  6. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire’s simple statement that those who can deceive us into believing lies can make us commit evil is a most apt description of our current political reality.

    1. The “dumbing down of America” is a real concept that we are seeing the results of it now. I think real, caring, logical Americans need to be even better CITIZENS so we can overcome these extreme people who wreck our society. For me, it’s the people who need to look in the mirror, find their center and help America find it’s soul again. The founding Father’s envisioned people being active in our Democracy – town meetings, volunteering, donating, supporting important causes/politics , etc. Few of us do that and it shows. I’m no saint in that respect, but I do some activism, and other actions. My mantra has been : 👉🏼👉🏼 “Democracy takes Participation”. Wouldn’t that help??

    1. Yes s as Bd my grandkids are being told trump trump trump and taken away from my love because I don’t turn to QAnon.

  7. “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false and by rulers as useful.”
    Lucius Seneca-Roman statesman

    1. @Sonja Baris Too often, religion is a quagmire, into which the spirits of men sink and are lost, but it is the fault of men and not of religion. Each man has the religion he deserves and not necessarily the religion he needs. When it proves inadequate for his needs he becomes disillusioned, he seeks to lay blame on the religion and not on himself. Religions which nourish weakness of character and ignorance in men have been destroyed by those same failings and are no more, but the religions are not more to blame than those who served them. If a man put to sea in an unseaworthy boat can he blame the craft if he be cast into the water? Still man is never abandoned and somewhere there is the religion he needs, though he may never find it because of spiritual indolence. – The Kolbrin Bible – The Celtic Texts of the Coelbook: Chapter 12 – Book of Wisdom: The Religious Life

    2. @Thyalwaysseek Never heard of the Kolbrin Bible. I read that passage twice and I disagree more then agree with it’s assertions.
      I think religious patriarchy is losing its grip on the younger generation now but the masses will always be indoctrinated/uninformed enough to keep tithing their money.

      “There must be religion. Otherwise the poor would murder the rich.” – Napoleon Bonaparte (I know he was a weasel but he was highly intelligent).

      Thanks for sending me that passage though. I’m going to look into it. 👍🏼

    3. @Sonja Baris Religions, like humanity itself, had so many things in common and so few differences; and yet, like humanity, they ignored these many things in common and so magnified the few differences that theology became a ghastly travesty of religion. Nearly three hundred sects of Christianity alone have remembered the Fatherhood of God, but forgotten the Brotherhood of Man. So faith, which should have multiplied human certainties has for the most part only increased its fears. ~ Manly P. Hall (Some Philosophical Fragments December 1934)

  8. I wish these stories would be aired more often. My parents aren’t into QAnon, but they have fallen for “The Big Lie” and blindly support Trump. It has caused some hurtful words and conversations. I just try to avoid discussing politics as much as possible but it’s hard. I wish the FBI could find this “Q” so he/she could be held responsible for the damage done!

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