Where is Kenney? Alta. premier on vacation as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations climb


  1. It could be worse, he could go on vacation out of country while telling everyone to stay home like Trudeau does.

  2. So no new tic toc videos?Will nurses still find time to chase camera crews filming empty hospital parking lots away ?

  3. Everyone is entitled to a vacation once in a while. It’s been almost 1.5 years since the world was normal.

  4. What cases and what hospitalizations? We demand proof already, been listening to this crap for almost 2 years now and still no proof!!!

  5. Dr. Mithani could probably care less about an open economy and the mental health impacts of covid measures.

  6. Trudeau has been on vacation for 2 years. Dude literally lives at his cottage now. Comes out to greet reporters once a week like he is a movie star. The guy is disgusting, but city reports on Kenney. I guess thats what funding the “news” gets you.

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