1. @kingof206
      If you look long enough in history, you will find more. Btw, it is Dutroux.
      But what about the abuse going on in churches? You dont mention that….
      What about all convicted politicians, sex offenders beeing republican, you dont mention them….

  1. MAGA people are the reason there are instructions on shampoo bottles.😂

  2. provides a glimpse of how it is really emotion driving the followers while it is nothing but greed, power mongering and evil intent driving the manipulators.

    1. That pretty much describes every MLM, pyramid scheme, and snake oil seller in existence.

  3. If you’re into Q anon, good chance you’ve never been a part of anything in your life and you’re desperate to find purpose.

    1. i think there is a need for community and that is quite human; without community we don’t last long.
      same with a desire for a greater purpose in life, again there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s a noble aim.
      there’s also a strong desire to make sense of life in a chaotic world, so cults and religion will be especially attractive when the world seems unsettled.
      i loath the qanon message, but they’ve tapped into these needs brilliantly.
      whoever started this nonsense, i’d love to know how they sleep at night, considering the danger they’ve put people in, not to mention the broken families attributed to this movement.

  4. All the Republican crazy ideas come from movies, they can’t tell fantasy from reality. It’s actually really sad. They also all think they’re in a Bruce Willis movie and are gonna be the hero. Again, can’t tell fantasy from reality and again, it’s really sad.

    1. Yup, they seemed to have studied all the shows with any political storyline. I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix lately and I’ve seen a number of “coincidences” in similar, if not exact, political ploys by Republicans in Government.

  5. I guess next time a fringe weirdo group needs a mascot, a group “Shaman” might not be the best choice…? Hahahaha

  6. Wait a minute – she just lied. She said she had no idea where “they” got the concept that she followed Q then agreed with her own comment praising Q.

  7. Why, as a nation, do we believe being this stupid is something to be tolerated? Take the kid-gloves off. Reporters need to disprove their nonsense right there on the spot. But instead you probably shake hands with them and thank you for the interview.

  8. “I’ve always said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

  9. people will say just about anything in order to achieve a feeling of solidarity with others socially. No beliefs are required.

    1. I want to say this to the Proud Boys you don’t get to riot we know you are proud of your racism you are not OUR soldiers if you want to help your country do border patrol.

  10. I’ve asked several people that are into this, asking where they get their information. Every single time they give me odd links that I wouldn’t even want to click on. I ask for sources from reputable companies and all they say is “all of them lie”. I’ve asked who “they” are… all I get is vague answers.

    Either they don’t know, or are flat out lying.

    1. If you don’t click, then you will never know. Investigate. Dig deeper. Find the truth.

    2. @WehoCommunityWatch yeah sorry I’m not getting malware on my system thanks. Try using reputable search engines and common video codecs.

  11. They stopped using it and now favor Let’s go Brandon. Replacing a proud patriotic tough guy slogan with a petty childish taunt proves that they never really believed in it to begin with.

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