1. Donald Trump: I’m butthurt.

    Brad Raffensperger: I won’t subvert the election results. Cope.

    1. @peppaz Indeed. When I heard him admit that, I wondered who could still vote for republican politicians ?
      But I’m not American, so I guess it helps SMH.

  2. Robert “SINNERS” had a come to Jesus moment. Wouldn’t it be great if ALL republicans SINNERS had that same moment?

  3. Let me translate that “my views have changed” quote. It means ‘i am terrified of going to prison and i will roll on anyone i have to, to save my skin’

    1. You guys have been closing in on Trump for over 6 years now. You guys can’t even accomplish that 🤣

  4. “Now that I’ve been caught doing crime, my opinion on the crime has changed. Lordy, lordy, I’ve seen the light [clears throat]forapleadeal[clears throat]”

    1. And now he works for Brad Raffensperger’s office. Sure, what could happen? 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Yeah, everyone knows that when you have to do something “official” in complete secrecy or else it will be derailed makes it super legit. Plus the dude’s name is literally “Sinner”.

    1. @Dik Hurtz The Affordable Care Act passed the Senate 60-39 along party lines on December 24, 2009, and passed the House 219-212 on March 21, 2010. So definitely not Nancy, and also what’s your problem with this troll?

  6. The reality of wrongdoing and the prospect of being prosecuted, convicted, and going to prison should scare these conspirators to come clean. The reality of what they did are crystallizing the image of mugshots and prison cells. Yeah!

    1. @We The People Freedom Do you have a speech impediment? RE: Hunter, if he did wrong he should be prosecuted. You see I have no problem whoever commits a crime needs to be tried. Unlike Trumpsters who will never have the personal integrity to say the same. All sheep. …Baa.

    1. Yeah I always know what the DEA NSA FBI CIA IRS CDC FDA EPA are doing all the time when they are doing what they do…

  7. Interesting how they wanted no one to know what they were doing; almost like they knew what they were doing was illegal.

    1. @Laura Santos lmao always have live in the past of 150 years ago might be time to move on stop playing the supposed victim. Black privilege is alive and well as soon as you don’t get your way you claim racism where none existed.

  8. I do believe secrecy is one of the key criteria that makes a scheme technically a conspiracy.

  9. Ooops, sorry. I was a conspirator, but now that the s is hitting the fan and I could go to jail, yeah I’m not a conspirator anymore. I was just following orders and trying to be democratic. Wink, wink.

  10. Hmmm… holding a candidate responsible for something their campaign did? So you agree hillary goes to jail.

  11. “People seem to operate under the false assumption that the majority of Americans are on the side of equality & progress at any given time in history when it’s most often the opposite that’s true. That’s why the true story of democracy & rights in the USA is one of prolonged struggle”
    -Bree Newsome Bass

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