1. The classic argument of “they don’t make them like they used to” is very true. A water heater lasting 28 years with modern appliances is unheard of. Renting now makes sense when every appliance has a computer that tries to be smart

    1. He tried to assert the moral high ground but instead looked like a chump on LIVE TV. I hope he thinks before he opens his mouth.

    2. NATHAN DOWNER the legend asking the question that everyone else is afraid of getting punched in the mouth for…CANADA CANADA CANADA👍🟥🍁🟥🏍

  2. Long term contracts are a plague on consumers for things like water heaters and alarm systems. They do allow you to get something without paying much up front but cost you mega times what they should over the long term. I had a terrible time getting my contract not to renew with Reliance and they made it exceedingly difficult to get out of the contract and buy a new water heater from my regular company.
    New purchase $1100 installed, zero monthly; rental at $25 per month, 15 years $4500. A no brainer…

    1. Strongly agree. My water heater failed and stopped producing hot water. I wanted to use this to get out of the contract. They came to inspect their equipment and started “well, you don’t have the correct vent piping, we may need to report this”..

      I asked a simple question which got him to change his line of questioning – “if that pipe is not correct, how did it get there, you put it there when you installed the water heater, correct? Are you stating you failed to follow the laws?”

      Scare tactics. the rules did change and now you need to use a different grade of exhost pipe, which is very cheap.

      Forced assignment of rental contracts need to go. I bought a house, not a rental water heater contract.

    2. @David Kennedy Absolutly agree….this is nothing but a form of blackmail since you have no control over it.

  3. I cant help but wonder.. if builders were not in business with the rental companies would Ontario be like this? A small legal change would END Ontario’s rental market – How exactly can a builder get a rental water heater, and then force the buyer to assume the contract?

    It is strange that “Party A” enters a rental agreement with “Party B”. “Party A” sells the house to “Party C” who is FORCED to assume the rental agreement?? If “Party A” entered into an agreement they should be forced to fulfill the contract, not transfer it over.

    Sweet deal, pay 4 or 5 times what a water heater costs over its lifetime, multiply this by millions of forced rental units…

    One has to wonder what the builders get out of this deal? Saving $1200 on a water heater? Anything else?

    1. Unfortunately they probably have it in fine print in the contract you sign to buy a pre-construction.

    2. Save $1200 doesnt seem like much? Big builders build more than 100 homes per year. Do that for ten years. Now you see why they do it?

  4. Buy an on demand water heater…… Increase carbon tax for homes and properties with water heaters.

    1. @David Kennedy it doesn’t store water and doesn’t continuously heat the water. Its been around since you were born genius.

  5. water heater rentals….how about renting apartments…comes down to same thing,,,,add up years of rental costs! It all comes down to rent or buy, no mater what it is a water heater or apartment, or anything else. Many don’t have the funds to purchase so rentals is the only option

  6. maybe they cant afford to buy a water heater and that’s why they rent? you know justine’s bosses motto,” you’ll own nothing and be happy”

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