1. @free thinker oh, you haven’t heard the latest updates have you? I think you may end up being disappointed.

    1. @Patriot please get help bro I’m a republican but I will not support trump his lies or the people that want his clout voters the party has become a joke……

    1. @Jonathan Burton a 5 year old can’t understand what all the way is. If Trump really did that he molested n raped her.

    2. @Alisa Johns wouldn’t be surprising if he did…I don’t how true this is but there are police reports of Trump being brought up on charges of playing with a 13 yr old but like i said i dont know how true it is i just searched out allegations

  1. Does this say something about the intellectual level of the republikans. I wonder if they still believe in the Easter Bunny?

    1. They believe Hugo Chavez hacked the voting machines,and the election was stolen,so they are as dumb as two bricks

    2. Clinton “Democrats” are certainly intellectual snobs and not very intellectual at that considering they can’t handle basic FACTS about their extremely toxic legacy to America. Not populist intelligentsia who work for the betterment of the working class; definitely dangerously disconnected snobs who manipulate the guilible through corporate propaganda. Democrats? C’mon, these aren’t Democrats.

    3. @Mogamad Greyson Don’t forget that JFK Jr. is going to rise up from the grave and be Donald Trump’s running mate in 2024 Lol.

    1. Watching 1/6 and the reactions from some reps and Senators -> people calling them traitors and the like, I realised it was ‘the people’ who drove this. And the ultimate desire from reps and Senators to stay in their seats and not being threatened.
      Even Fox turned back quickly when viewers fled to NewsMax and OAN.
      The GOP created a monster they can’t control.

    1. They have had them drinking bleach and piss , what’s next week drink some radiator fluid ? Watching these trained sheep ask how high to jump is ridiculous.

  2. So if everyone in those rooms “feel” Unicorns exist, then it “must be true!”. SUE THESE INDIVIDUALS! Make them prove it, IN COURT!

    1. When you can no longer trust the government, it’s time to change that government. Our great President Jefferson would heartily approve.

  3. These guys r saying whatever it takes to get elected – “…no one is so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE…”

    1. @ShunSha there’s no evidence in there🤦🏻‍♂️ do you not know what evidence is? It’s not a claim, you need proof!

    2. @Diego Afox ain’t news.remeber it’s own lawyers and a judge said it’s just entertainment and you can’t take anyone serious over there.😂😂

    3. @Mike V O the funniest part Is that the report is about how they cant produce evidence.

      Here they come making unsubstantiated claims in the form of digression and schoolyard rhetoric.

  4. “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.” — Attorney General Bill Barr

  5. At least we know the Republican candidates are lying. My concern is about the people in the audience that truly believe the liars because they are the ones that will vote for these liars

    1. There’s a lot of people out there who won’t do any research of candidates claims. A candidate can lie thru his teeth and still get elected by lazy and stupid voters. Voter apathy is the reason we are in the predicament we are in.

  6. Basically, all the evidence they have is “Who would vote for Biden over Trump. Then ask only a group of Trump supporters. “See that proves it!” as the crowd cheers. That’s all the proof we need.

  7. Difference between 2020 election and others in the past was voting in a pandemic; more options for voting were made available and many took advantage of those opportunities to vote…and voted. That’s all that was different. Some things never change though; Diaper Don cries and denies it 24/7. He lost in spite of every obstacle and lie he tried. It’s past time to move on.

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