1. Daily Reminder: “Tonight, I say this to my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible – there will come a day when Donald Trump is
    gone, but your dishonor will remain.” – 06/09/2022 Rep. Elizabeth Cheney (R) Wyoming

    1. @Nil Nil lololololololol. Freedom? Like a woman should have the freedom to make choices about her own body, that kind of freedom to choose?

  2. They should keep their money. No one wants to see that 2-faced jerk who doesn’t have Ohio’s best interests in mind. Tim Ryan for Senate 2022

    1. JD is largely unaware that independent voters like me, that have usually only voted in Presidential election cycles will be out this midterm to help sink his efforts.

  3. What’s really despicable is it’s always about $$$$ millions of fn $$$ to get into office. I understand ads and whatnot but we need to have publicly funded elections and equal time ads for both parties. Get rid of Citizens United. People are struggling and these mofos spend millions of $$$ to run for office that their constituents couldn’t make in a lifetime.

    1. Need enough D’Souza in House and Senate to overturn it! As well as codifying some other things we Re passionate about. Vote BLUE!

  4. “Ohio is considered a Swing State, being won by either the Democratic, or Republican 
    Candidates, reasonably each Election.

    As a Swing State, Ohio is usually targeted by both Major-Party Campaigns, especially in competitive Elections.

    Pivotal in the Election of 1888, Ohio has been a regular Swing State since 1980, and has been considered a Bellwether (a Bellwether is a Leader, or an Indicator of Trends).

    This status, however, was called into question after Incumbent Republican, Donald Trump, won the State by a comfortable 8-point margin in the 2020 Presidential Election, despite losing Nationally to Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.”

    [The term Bellwether derives from the Middle English, Belle-Wether, which referred to the practice of placing a bell around the neck of a castrated Ram (a Wether) leading a Flock of Sheep. A Shepherd could then note the movements of the animals by hearing the bell, even when the Flock was not in sight.]

  5. Donnie: “I Have Lots Of Documents, I Have The Best Documents, My Documents Are Tremendous, Why Would The FBI Throw My Beautiful Top Secret Stolen Classified Documents On The Floor?”🤪

    1. Even his generals are saying, “Sir, they are the finest classified documents we have ever seen since president Lincoln.”

  6. “Republicans are working hard…” Means buying more ads.
    Ryan works for the people of Ohio, not the dark money donors.
    If Vance is going to campaign in absentia, how do the folks in Ohio think he’ll govern in the Senate.
    Maybe his Senate office will be located somewhere in Ireland as well…

  7. JD will work less as a Senator than he does as a candidate and DeWine is a decent guy. Vance will lose just like Trump.

  8. Don’t live in Ohio but I’ve noticed Ryan talks facts and needs about Ohio whereas Vance talks “I haven’t got a clue”. Do a Kansas! We The People 💙✌️😊

  9. The US Senate doesn’t need any more “Celebrities” like Oz, Walker, and Vance nor a “Waste of space” like Johnson.

  10. Vance doesn’t even remember where Ohio is, he’s been gone so long he doesn’t know or care anything about Ohio.

  11. Whilst America is going through a recession and prices are high it is shocking and absolutely disgusting that so much money is being poured and spent in these elections.

    1. It’s what we the people allow. If we voted in people who would back a finite, government funded sum for each election, disallow any other money to be spent and criminalize spending by outside parties along with independently drawn districts. Then the people who could successfully run would be the people who have ideas for a better government and it would be easier to vote them out if they didn’t perform well.

    2. @B Bodziak I believe there are other things that need spending, there will be hiring of people and venues to help with the campaign, gas, food, products for giveaways like hats , t-shirts, cups pens.. money going around

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