Which States Lost Or Gained Seats In The House From The 2020 Census Results? | MSNBC 1

Which States Lost Or Gained Seats In The House From The 2020 Census Results? | MSNBC


NBC's Steve Kornacki breaks down the first results from the 2020 census count and discusses the six states that gained seats and the seven that lost them in the House of Representatives.
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Which States Lost Or Gained Seats In The House From The 2020 Census Results? | MSNBC


  1. The Gerrymandering is coming. You have look at House Districts in Texas you have El Paso and San Antonio in one district they are 600 miles apart.

    1. @The MMA Circle by your logic, if democrats Gerrymandered all there states like republicans they would keep the house for decades

    2. @The MMA Circle Gerrymandering is a means of warping the voting results so a party gets more seats than its voting share should give it. Its a form of electoral fraud: something Republicans pretend to be against.

    3. The 2020 census was protested by democrats when the GOP wanted to count only legal and US citizens. Democrats won in court but still lost in the census. No wonder they let more illegals in this year.

    4. @The MMA Circle only person living in delusion is you buddy. SMFH you’re a real piece of work

  2. Actually, there were many false predictions then
    RI, MN, AL were expected to lose a seat but didn’t
    AZ was expected to gain a seat but didn’t
    TX was expected to gain 3 seats but only gained 2
    Florida was expected to gain 2 seats but only gained 1

    1. I didn’t hear anything about Rhode Island, but I pretty much heard about all the others. There was definitely a lot of talk about Texas gaining 3 seats and Minnesota losing 1.

    2. I think the predictions would have been correct had everyone filled out the census. New York lost a seat based on a population loss of only 89 people.

    3. @Brian Tuma At one point, they were saying New York might lose 2 seats, but I think everyone expected New York to lose atleast 1. They came within 89 votes of not losing any.

    4. @Brian Tuma Yep you’re right, I wrote this comment almost immediately after the results came out, with no extra information

  3. Over one in four Americans now live in just three states: California, Texas and Florida. Nearly 90 million people.

  4. As someone who looks at both sides. What I’ve witnessed over the last four/five years have taught me more about government then school ever has. This actually gives me a new respect for our founding fathers and the constitution.

    1. @Darkest_Eclipse : Nothing in life is perfect or even close to it, so expecting “the liberal view” to be perfect is a flaw in thinking that to whatever extent young people have is also expressed by young people who have “the conservative view” and by anyone who expects anything to be perfect. As you described the change in views that happens with age I think you’re reinforcing my view rather than contradicting it, that as we get older we tend to develop biases and other flaws in our thinking whereas the younger someone is the fewer biases they tend to have such as racism, sexism, classism, etc. However, I try to be clear when I write, which is why I use the word “tend” when making generalizations. Plus I’m simply describing my observations having interacted with thousands of people across all age brackets and levels of income on an in depth personal level throughout 30+ states in the U.S. and 9 other countries, as well as a little of what I’ve gleaned from reading some sociology and psychology.

    2. @Laura Goldschmitt : Like you, I started off more conservative and became more liberal as I’ve become an old fart. But my observations and what I’ve read have shown me that we are the outliers generally speaking.

    3. @ConfusionFusion no, we just troll like these miserable fools do. They have no life to speak of so they lash out. They are so profoundly ignorant that they are basically unteachable.

    4. @Joseph Gerarde : I adamantly disagree with you and I’m confident in my assertion that older people tend to fear change, plus I don’t think wisdom is as widespread in older people as you seem to think. If you go back and reread what you wrote though it seems that you’re agreeing with me rather than arguing against those points. You said that as we get older our world expands and instead of adjusting to the real world we want it all to be like it always has been. That’s fearing change in a nutshell. There’s no wisdom in fear when it’s simply fear of the world changing from what we’ve previously known.

  5. They only cut seat for the house of representatives Senate seat does not change as stated per constitution. America has to change with the time and seat determines that change see change happens in many other countries so it’s no different.

    This is every 10 years so it will be the next 10 year until any new Seat increase.

    1. Leslie Jones said to, I think it was Jimmy Fellon on The Late Show: “Steve Karnacki, my little snackie”.

      . She’s hilarious.

  6. Potential shift in the party makeup of Congress with those seats being lost to traditional Republican strongholds by NY & California.

    1. Even then, most of the migration are to the bluest areas of red states, ie Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Charlotte. Dont get me wrong, there’ll be a ton of gerrymandering for the house map in these states, but I just dont see too many of those seats changing parties if 2020 were to be redone with this map.

    1. Pretty much new york’s fault is minnesota’s gain essentially, you know what good for you because new york should haves tried harder.

    1. @MonkigunMkII Flash Civics is rarely taught anymore. If the decennial is taught anywhere, it would be in a US government’s class like it was in my school 47 years ago. Only certain students could even take the class.

      I took American History which was required. We barely got to the World War 2 before the year ended. Since I was in a southern state, we almost spent one semester on the Civil War.

    2. @Ron Johnsonface I get your attempting insults, you must be referring to an “American” education?

    1. Hilarious considering 3/4 of the US economy comes from so called blue states. Red states are corporate welfare states.

  7. I see a trend, I feared this was the intent of not giving more time let alone trying to stop it early amidst the pandemic situation. I don’t know how my state lost a seat, we are not losing people (Ohio)

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