Louisville Officials Respond To DOJ Investigation After Facing Criticism In Policing Practices 1

Louisville Officials Respond To DOJ Investigation After Facing Criticism In Policing Practices


Louisville officials responded positively to the Justice Department opening a civil investigation after the cities policing practices faced harsh criticism. Police Chief Erika Shields called it a "good thing," and Mayor Greg Fischer said "good officers will welcome this announcment."
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Louisville Officials Respond To DOJ Investigation After Facing Criticism In Policing Practices


    1. Pretty much. Officials make the rules but officers decide to adhere to them and if they don’t the police union ensures they aren’t accountable.

  1. Just as Truck Drivers have a National system tracking their Safety records Police Too need a safety violation points system of which after they cross a predetermined score against them they then can find no Police Jobs Nation Wide as a Permanently marked individual as To be far Too dangerous of a person to serve behind a Law enforcement Badge. Meanwhile these committee hearings play as if they have no clue as to how to solve this ongoing problem

    1. @Scott Baxendale this is a measure to make sure bad cops as they do now just go get a job at another department with a clean slate. Currently that is a big problem that is not saying the guilty cops shouldn’t go to jail. Much like a demerit system they could not Hide with a federal Database tracking their failures to strictly adhere to policies in this case even cops that never harmed any one could permanently lose their rights to wear a badge over a long history of minor violations

    2. @Grady Harper It would also create liability to hire officers fired elsewhere who had a higher number of complaints per year than average or a total number significantly higher than most officers with that number of years of service.

      And we need more bodycams and they need to be on while the officer is on duty.

    3. @Scott Baxendale their knowingly working Cops with personality disorders. That should be weeded out with internal psychology reviews

    4. @Mac Mcleod they use body cams to take pictures of folks some whom have done nothing and pin completely false information to their identity. Just to crap on them

  2. Review corruption, there’s lots there. So many coverups. If there’s so many good cops why aren’t the bad cops gone.

    1. It’s the classic question: why aren’t the good guys winning. I offer three possibilities without insisting that any one of them is the final truth.

      1. There aren’t as many good guys as we’d like to think; maybe there are none at all.

      2. The natural evolution of enforcers is toward misconduct: more graft, more malingering, more brutality.

      3. There are powerful forces within police agencies which have neutralized the honest and upright so even if they haven’t yielded to corruption themselves the most they can do against the rogues is nothing.

    2. @Jacqueline Ward, Ed D Can you supply a happier one that satisfactorily answers the original question?

    3. @George Dunn no I cannot. Unfortunately I think you nailed the options as well as anyone can

  3. They have no choice but to comply with the DOJ. This is the Biden administration putting everyone on notice.

    1. @Htopher Ollem
      You’ve said nothing that I would disagree with. Also I appreciate your putting forth a modicum of effort in your response. Let’s me know I’m dealing with someone intelligent and not a pesky troll. Corruption is at the heart of the problem in our politics. Societies have been grappling with it since the dawn of man I suppose. Now just in terms of our little American experiment the obvious elephant in the room is Citizens United. Getting rid of Citizens United is of the utmost importance. That would give the people back the power to influence our elected officials from corporations. Its a vital first step. I could of course go on with much more, but that must be done to begin getting a handle on the out of control corruption in the political arena.

    2. @Ted Longings YEAH, how dare he respond to the needs of ALL citizens, not just the privileged, how dare he.

    3. @Ted Longings NO, criminals are those who are the instigators, those who cause the riots like the far right.

  4. The new police chief ran to Louisville to avoid the heat in Atlanta. She resigned as Atlanta chief expeditiously after a questionable killing here. Can’t outrun it, lady. The rot is everywhere.

    1. Okay thank you for clearing that up I literally thought that they were posting old footages as new footage because I thought she resigned I was like what is she still doing up there

    2. @Somar Chimon The same thing all police in her position do, avoiding consequences and responsibility.

    3. I live here in Georgia and I KNEW SHE LOOKED FAMILIAR, SHE COULDNT DEAL WITH THE HEAT IN THIS KITCHEN TO GO TO A SCORCHED ONE INSTEAD……LORDDDDDDDD…Black Jesus take the wheel..…as its said THE FISH ROTS AT THE HEAD…….notice how she welcomes the DOJ investigation almost like she was getting bullied down here in her position…well hunni with Mitch in charge ur still screwed…

    4. And the crazy thing is, Louisville and Atlanta are vastly connected so she had to have known the citizens of Louisville knew this!

    1. @J G Good question. The comparison with the bad apples in the basket is very fitting. While the bad apples destroy everything around them, the good apples are silent and just look the other way. If I were a grocer, I would throw away the whole basket and get new fresh apples directly from the tree.

    2. @J G Because there is something to worry about! Ask Darren Wilson! Ask Derek Chauvin! Ask the officers sent to prison after being found NOT guilty in the Rodney King case! Look around you! A cop saves a black girl’s life and he is still attacked as a racist by BLM, the media, and the Democrats.

  5. . Here’s a thought: since you guys in Louisville aren’t willing to clean up your act maybe you need a little help with that.

    1. I mean, we have recordings of officers saying “you should be afraid” and “this badge gives me the right to do whatever I want”, so…

    2. Unfortunately, too many power hungry types of people, sociopathic, psychopathic, malignant narcissistic personality disordered people, are drawn to certain types of positions.

  6. How is this happening under Mitch McConnell? Isn’t he your senator? I’m so confused.
    I pray this is true and being undertaken with integrity

    1. That’s the legislative branch. The dog operates independently from that branch of government since they are housed under the co-equal judicial branch. This has nothing to do with MM or the Senate

    2. @MJ Pulliams believe me matches hands is in everything thats how he keeps winning he has tooooo much power and power like that lurks in the shadows and runs everything while looking like he doesnt

  7. I effing LOVE this
    Guaranteed arrests coming soon! No more playing games….Merrick’s a comin and he’s bringin the law with him!!! The DOJ will be investigating a corrupt police department in a few other states too

    1. OMG….did you ever hear any of those crazy people who would talk about some letter on the Internet?
      This sounds EXACTLY like one of them would say….lol.

    2. @Naseema Kamara .. This next few year’s we’re going to see cops arrested and law officials as well.
      This is not a corrupt Justice department anymore. That guy is as high character and fair as they come. If you’re in violation of the law, they’re going to pursue you. Innocent? No worries and its how law should work.
      They’ll be in Carolina soon as well. Shooting people that are unarmed and evading the police is illegal and these people are going to prison

    3. @Sarah Brown …. yeah I thought so. Try shutting tf up next time instead of tryna make being racist the new cool and cute. Give decent white people a HORRIBLE name!

    4. @Rashad S LOL…..first time I ever offended someone on the left by making fun of the right….I’m gonna need to write this one down….yes sir.

  8. “Good officers will welcome this announcement”.
    So identify those that don’t welcome it, and fire them all.

    1. @Michael Duff I’m not a cop or a bigot. But I am white guy from texas, and a vet. I remember seeing people like me going crazy over a lie and attack our capital hoping to lynch political officials for a party’s rhetoric. I remember white nationalist in Charlottesville running over people.
      I don’t support any rioting but I do support equal rights for all Americans. So don’t cast stones and not present both sides of the information.

    2. @Ray Martin Micheal Duff is not a racist he just play one on youtube Crazy_ss Wboy

    3. @Ray Martin

      “I’m not a cop or a bigot.”

      I have not suggested you were either.

      “But I am a white guy from Texas, and a vet.”

      Your race is not relevant, but thank you for your service.

      “I remember seeing people like me going crazy over a lie and attack our capital hoping to lynch political officials for a party’s rhetoric.”

      No, you saw and heard what the media WANTED you to think happened that day.

      Do you honestly think anyone was going to be lynched?

      Do you honestly think people like you would attempt to overthrow the government without weapons?

      Do you honestly believe that it was a lie after looking at all the evidence, or are you taking the word of the same media that lied blatantly and consistently about President Trump for over 4 years?

      “I remember white nationalist in Charlottesville running over people.”

      I remember for DECADES white nationalists and Nazis protesting all over the country without violence. It has only been since Antifa started attacking them physically did these things happen.

      “I don’t support any rioting but I do support equal rights for all Americans.”

      So do I!

      There is no right to riot.

      There is no right to refuse the lawful commands of an officer of the law simply because you don’t want to be arrested that day.

      “So don’t cast stones and not present both sides of the information.”

      I have presented both sides. I want facts, not emotions.

  9. What’s the problem with having accountability for bad police officers? Like we are told by them all the time. ‘If you did nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about”

    1. Unfortunately, between their rotten fellows and the unions protecting them, good officers who try to tell the truth are often harassed, bullied, and abused until they quit, and even afterwards, may often fear for their lives and safety (more so if the ex-officer is a woman or POC) and those of their loved ones, as well.

  10. *“Good officers will welcome this announcement.”* – Okay so pay attention to the officers who *don’t* welcome it & *IMMEDIATELY FIRE THEM* then send them on their way.

    1. @Michael Duff And for good measure. I want her DISBARRED and her tax funded pension denied!

    2. I dont know about arrested, but certainly the justification for these warrents should be made public so there is accountability and traceability of these actions.

  11. I like how the justice department always announces they are coming. I can picture shredders buzzing and a dumpster fire in the back of police headquarters

  12. Great job. Clearly they have lots they’re hiding. This needs to be done nationwide. Especially in all of the red states.

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