White House Announces Increase In Vaccine Distribution | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

White House Announces Increase In Vaccine Distribution | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The Biden administration on Tuesday announced a sharp increase of vaccine doses — 13.5 million per week — being sent out to states. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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White House Announces Increase In Vaccine Distribution | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Biden isn’t a Lunatic like the Last Guy. I don’t speak that creeps name anymore. I just wish him a bad ending.

    1. @The Tweatles like you are gross. A Russia bot? A China Bot? A militia Bot? A Q bot? A DUMB BOT! JUST A DUUUUUMBOT!

    2. @Paul what do you mean by “his vaccine”? The vaccine was created by private companies and not the government or by Tweetie Twump

  2. The former GUY had jokers around him, mainly with his family members in important positions.
    President Biden is supported by Professionals in important positions with Scientists and Doctors handeling the Medical sector.

    1. @Richard Barber I fully expect that within a few years, the phrase “to trump yourself” will be synonymous with “self inflicted Pyrrhic victory”.

    1. Amazing what happens when the President is focused on the well being of Americans instead of spending his time spreading lies and golfing. Yet 30% of Americans like the liar and golfer. Go figure.

    1. @Valerie Iceni Creepy Joe said he had a plan and would shut it down. Instead he’s let 80,000 die,so far.Think Creepy Joe was lying? Glad you voted for him?

  3. Trump insurrectionists just can’t handle the fact that Biden is SO much more popular than Mango Mussolini ever was.

    1. @BostonBruins 88
      Oh please.
      Your English and grammar is 1950s equivalent or older.
      I’m programming a PCM while on the dyno.
      And you?
      College students don’t loiter around the comments section and make unintelligible remarks.
      They have more important subjects to consume their time with.
      Besides they always have their id field filled.

    2. @B. T. I’m a personal trainer going for my sports science degree. A young guy can’t be concerned about his freedoms that sleepy joes taking away? Think whatever you want bud

    3. I love reminding the Trump nutters that it was mathematically impossible for Trump to win the 2020 election considering how low he was polling. Sure, there are some delusional twats out in flyover love him for his hatefulness, but the vast majority of Americans rejected Trumpism most emphatically — and those poor little snowflakes can’t handle it. It’s almost as if they’re easily triggered, or as if facts somehow hurt their feelings. Where’s that tiny violin?

    1. @Prayer Anon Umm, the laptop was Rudi’s. Weird that you like looking at that sort of thing so much that you are encouraging others to do so as well. You really are perverse.

    1. @Paul Aww, Paul, it sounds like you are easily triggered. Have you thought of following the news a little less? Otherwise facts are going to keep hurting your feelings – which are obviously very sensitive right now.

    2. @Michael Mitchell ..Joe was vaccinated with Trump Vaccine.. But that’s OK .. Just keep your head up your azz.. and listen to what Mika tells you to say..

    3. @Michael Mitchell ”The dumbograps Burnt, Looted, and Murdered for 10 Months… and still at it, But Joe say’s that’s just an idea…

  4. It is a relief to not hear the blathering of the other guy. That alone puts Biden over 50% approval. Add real governance and you have 67% approval. Leaving only the 33% who believe in Q Anon left.

    1. That blaterhing guy got us 2 vaccines in a RECORD 9 months! Does anyone think a politician could have done what a hard-nosed businesman did???!!!!!

  5. It’s good to know that unlike the previous administration, the current one actually has a vaccine distribution plan.

    1. @Paul Then why did Biden’s team report that no plan had been put in place by your cult leader Trump? Give it a rest princess, your lies are wasted on folks with brain cells.

    2. tRump’s plan was to leave it to the states, then blame them if things didn’t go well. (That, and handing it off to Jared, was his way to address any issue.)

    3. @J Dorris Ah yes, the infamous fake news card. You need a new catchphrase Cupcake, that one that you Trump worshippers love using is as overdone as his orange spray tan.

  6. brilliantly said, ty all! yes, the other guy/former president was a worthless hunk of trash. we finally have a real president in charge!

    1. @mary jones Oh my is it the Russia thing again or still — I really wish that Obama didn’t setup such a crime scene to attack Trump and remove him — Russia was their tool — and you bought it — shame

    1. @Paul
      Trump’s vaccin? We never heard of the Trump/Kushner Laboratories again. His press secretary Kayleigh McShrew had instructions to leave questions about “Pandemic, Virus, Covid, Vaccine, Unemployment Rates and Social & Economic Freeze Ups” unanswered, or lie about them. Because these subjects were not about glorious Him.
      Biden’s vaccin program is in full speed. “Fake News!” ? O, yeah, sure. Trump branded every snippet of news that didn’t come from his own head as Fake, False and Untrustworthy. One of Donald’s really smart ideas; Truth and True Facts won’t be believed for decades to come.

  7. I like the way Joe talks about the “other guy”. Even though we know who it is, it’s nice not to hear his name anymore. Love it!

    1. Even though I agree with those statements, I wish this network would keep to reporting facts rather than their feelings and opinions.

  8. I really don’t like members of government bragging and taking credit for anything good. Got sick of hearing that with Trump. I hope Biden just focuses on doing his job. Let others praise your work. So far Biden is doing good.

  9. Mica is talking and hasn’t finished yet joe talks right over her and asks Willy a question, so over him doing that!

  10. The only thing the “other guy” could focus on was constantly bleating about his grievances. Oh woe is me !!
    How refreshing not to have to live with that 24/7.

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