White House Announces New Sanctions Against Russia Over Navalny

The United States is preparing more sanctions against Russia in response to the poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, according to national security adviser Jake Sullivan. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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White House Announces New Sanctions Against Russia Over Navalny


    1. Veggie Biden helped Putin build his pipeline,Stupid! Trump shut it down. Biden also gave Putin a list of our 16 most important entities to hit with a cyber attack! That is treason. Biden keeps making you look even dumber everyday.

    1. @reality; So you lack any ability to express yourself, so you put up pictures like a scared, insure five years old, no wonder America is spiraling down the drain exponentially!!!!

    2. @john smith ok, I was confused for a moment. I forgot that people like him only communicate in emojis and with dog whistles.

    3. So you are saying the blues support a dictator? Republicans are truly the enemies of democracy.

    4. I don’t get it. The second one is the clown emoji. Does that not stand for Trump because of the thick layer of orange make-up he always wears? So “reality” was laughing about Trump sheep, no?

    1. But while we’re celebrating “unknown” sanctions, we’re letting the Russian Ambassador back in.

  1. Why does Joe Biden add salt to Don the Con’s wounds – resoundly defeated at the polls, Covid-19 pandemic taken care of, the thug in Russia told of blood on his hands? The bankruptcy -ruddled third rate businessman must be missing the Moscow golden showers and Helsinki!

    1. Covid-19 isn’t dealt with until enough people throughout the world have been vaccinated that we are not creating new – potentially vaccine disabling – variants. But yes it is nice to have a competent administration that is handling the crisis effectively. That;s a big improvement over an absentee president who spent his time golfing,tweeting and watching TV and whose time actually in the Oval Office was so limited he can hardly have had time enough to get through his workload of sacking people who objected to his corruption, finding new ways to steal money from the taxpayer, and appointing new crooks when the last crook he appointed to a job had to resign.

    2. Oh, you can bet Trump hasn’t missed a golden shower. Anything with “gold” in it…that’s Trump’s jam.

    3. @Big O Fan O 17 Trumpty Dumpty (who had one great fall and is about to have another in court) is your guy…so, your opinion is worth less than the contents of an outhouse.

    1. @R L T Your bot swarm operation may have been shut down by the censors. Looks like the channel or the platform is deleting most of your posts. I’d suggest acting more like a human with a pulse rather than repeating far-reich talking points.

    2. @R L T I’m genuinely confused, so I have to ask whether or not you are able to distinguish between the Media, Democrats, and random liberal commenters.

      It sounds like you think I’m the channel and control the content. Also, slow down on the “sweetie” usage. I’m married, and if I were single, I wouldn’t be into other dudes.

    3. @RiteMo LawBks Oh hon…you are so bossy. You are such a rascal. You are a rather prolific commenter. Too much to read actually ….lovey. Cheers.

    4. @RiteMo LawBks How so….how could you tell sweetie? You seem to be receiving them. Tell me which posts have been deleted. I would suspect they have gone after yours. Am I right hon?

    5. Evan Devries. This coming from a punk who’s mom did the naughty with a porcupine. Don’t you know farmyard relationships don’t work?

  2. Hold on, hold on, hold on…didn’t Trump say he was harder on Russia than anyone else?! Naw, Trump was Putin’s lackey who did everything to please his master.

    1. Biden to Putin: “Here’s a list of things NOT to hack. I’d really appreciate it if you wouldn’t hack these things!”

      *Putin thinking to himself: “Thank you, Comrade. I will get my best people on that, right now!”

    2. @firestream93 I didn’t realize you were present during the meeting. I’m ever so impressed! I didn’t realize you were so important!

    3. @firestream93 Drumpf’s best buddy Putin to President Joe Biden:
      “…I sure could use some of that MONEY You guys have frozen in my Offshore Accounts.”
      President Joe Biden:
      “What Money?”

    4. @firestream93 hahaha and Biden going “gotcha with both hands in the cookie jar”! Come on man…what ya think?! I ain’t punk Trump…in soccer you get red cards and with me in the White House you get the sanctions card, not free pass like with the guy before me…

    1. @Bianca Culpo Yep… MAGA thinking…. why do you think Republican Fascist party favors PAPAPUTIN (WITH A FACELIFT AND BOTOX) over Biden?

    2. Didn’t you hear? Putin had four US citizens assassinated by drone strikes. Hold up, Obama / Biden did that!

  3. This is a clear difference from trump at his summit he called putin strong and powerful after failing to adress their attack on us .putin called biden on top of it !!and sharp!!! That signifies respect.trump was almost going to shine Putin’s shoes.that was embarrassing to all of us.

    1. @eltorocal Racist BIGOT Biden to Putin
      ( please don’t tell anyone why Hunter received 3.5 million dollars from your Russian lady friend)

    2. Putin’s honest words about Biden were just a tactic, to try to soften Biden. It didn’t work.

  4. This is good, the last guy tried his best to be their friend and we see where that went
    This seems to be the most logical way to deal with Russia

    1. Sanctioning Russia is a joke. Idk why Americans don’t see Russia as allies when Russia is on the ISS and in Israel

    2. Trump fell for everything that every other US president didn’t fall for because
      ” he’s not a politician he’s a businessman”…but that doesn’t work in the real world of politics and diplomatic relations with a hostile authoritarian country who’s president is smarter than you.

    3. ​@StealieSteve Because Russia has been reportedly meddling in our elections, Spreading Russian Propaganda to the point that our politicians are sharing it, annddd the absolute plethora of cyber attacks coming from russia.

  5. And all my life I will never forget that one female reporter who said all of your political enemies are either dead in jail or poisoned and said it straight to his face, braver than any politician I’ve ever seen.

    1. @Kimberly Winters, As an African American Female, I felt like the “Protective Auntie”, of the ABC Reporter, named Rachel Scott…I am not a religious sort, however after her crisp, cogent read on the WORLD STAGE of putin, and that “Scorched Earth” follow up to putin , ” You Didn’t Answer the Question”, I think there were audible GASPS and clutching of pearls in that room… I LITERALLY PRAYED TO WHATEVER GOD THERE MAY BE TO PROTECT HER AND ALL HER ENDEAVORS ALWAYS. [ CAPS are for HIGHLIGHTED points, not shouting, LOL ]

    2. @alex silent 😫🤪😂😂😂😂Russia is a democracy and the best country in the world. No wonder millions are struggling to move there for a better life! Silly me!

    3. @Ben Frank It’s a matter of personal preferences. Maybe they don’t like Russian climate… who knows?

  6. “Trump humiliated himself” with Russia and “Trump humiliated America”. Those comments would apply to literally any news story.

  7. Putin is irritated, once again. He misses dearly Orange make up sliding down his inner thighs.

    1. @firestream93 The current dementia patient sitting in the Whitehouse has also been accused of sexual assault and it was swept away. Explain that.

    2. @Ben Smith He wasn’t rightfully acquitted. he was impeached. And charges would ahve been brought on him, IF IT WASNT FOR THE CURRENT CORRUPTED REPUBLICANS. But they are coming for him now in the federal courts. I dont see why you and a few others are playing blind eye to the facts. It really don’t matter actually what you say….the courts are coming fro him…thats why he was trying to get that 2nd term . FAIL.

    3. @Ben Smith You thought you said something there? Really? And ” TRUMP 2024″? You do realize, I hope you do, that he will NEVER be president again?

    1. @edmundo oliver
      At least in Russia we know who is in charge.
      Unlike the shadow government of the United Threats of America.

    1. @Kimberly Winters He is always been Rude , long before they were married hate Him for this , but it seems Mike likes it

    2. Totally agree. Aside of her commentary, though, I also LOVE her audible gasps and sighs when she’s not on camera. Surely, I can’t be alone.

    3. @Kimberly Winters excuse me? They’ve been together FOR YEARS. 🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂

    4. @7 Haunted Days both are toxic.. We dont need to see 1950style white leave it to beaver crap on the air every day..

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