Rescue Plan Coordinator: Child Tax Credit Will Be A ‘Major Weapon’

White House American Rescue Plan Coordinator Gene Sperling joined Stephanie Ruhle to break down how President Biden's new child tax credit works and the implications for families across the country as the administration marks "Child Tax Credit Awareness Day."

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Rescue Plan Coordinator: Child Tax Credit Will Be A 'Major Weapon'


    1. @Friend Coming from the channel that talks about race 100% of the time in order to make things worse. Then they only talked about covid and scared all you liberals into your homes for a year straight. Notice how only liberals are worried about the virus? Not a coincidence. Good luck in the absolute garbage thing you call “India”. Poor thing.

    2. Republicans think we should keep the 14% corporate tax cut for the very profitable multinational corporations. Besos, trump and all the ultra rich do not want to give up the trillions that went into their pockets but skyrocketed our federal deficit.

    1. investment are stepping Stones for are absolutely right waiting for the government to provide is a big waste of time…


    1. If you’ve filed tax returns for 2019 or 2020, or if you signed up to receive a stimulus check from the Internal Revenue Service, you will get this tax relief automatically. You do not need to sign up or take any action.

  2. No Republican will allow this to go on, taxes are collected to administer government anything left must be funneled to the rich.

    1. My prediction: The GOP will claim credit for this ex post facto, after opposing it and not voting for it. The GOP will go further and claim Democrats wanted to prevent it but the GOP made sure it was passed. And their voters will believe that.

  3. Checks like this shouldn’t only go out for families with children. There are millions of Americans still struggling to return to the jobs market, and receive pay that is indicative of a living wage to support themselves. A federal Minimum wage increase needs this much energy, efforts and attention that this gets.

  4. What about the millions of jobless, for various reason, but childless & homeless adults living on the streets? What about the retirees struggling to make it on poverty level SS checks after working until age 63? Why is the US rewarding young adults that reproduce & are able to work? I could understand elderly with children, but they already get head of household credits. Why no credits or checks for the childless, single, elderly? My neighbor has 4 kids, ages 4-7 & they both have good paying jobs & are back to work & just bought a boat & camper. I’m a childless senior that can’t make ends meet on my SS. If they can’t afford the kids, do not create them.

  5. A public servant (appointed, maybe) working for the American people.
    Naturally he’s a Democrat.

  6. A child tax credit has nothing to do with infrastructure. You want to extend a credit, that only goes to people with children, do it in another bill. It does not belong in any infrastructure bill.

  7. What in the Blank is this Host Stephanie asking if there restrictions on what people can do with the child tax credit? Proves she’s one of these people who feels this is personally coming out of her check and she gets to decide how it’s spent. I do not like Stephanie or Ari on this Network.

  8. darnet ruhle ran out of time!! otherwise surely it would’ve been asked in an econ whereby the avg for a family of four is around 250k/yr, surely it would’ve been asked how child poverty became so high the gov’t had to drop everything to try to help?

    hey but who knows though?

    when bezos gets down from playing buzz light year, maybe some pocket change will fall out of his astronaut outfit and that’ll definitely take care of it, right?!


  9. Weird how all the major politicians adopt Andrew Yangs policies and pretend like they came up with it.

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