Sen. Hickenlooper Discusses Bipartisan Group’s Infrastructure Proposal

A bipartisan group of moderate senators, including 11 Republicans, say they've reached an agreement on a framework for an infrastructure package. Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) is one of those lawmakers and joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the details of the plan, latest talks with the White House, and dealbreakers when it comes to paying for the proposal.

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Sen. Hickenlooper Discusses Bipartisan Group's Infrastructure Proposal


  1. I keep seeing these interviews but not a scrap of the actual bill. Let us see what you are trying to get done and the cost. If its worth while you dont have to worry we will support it.

    1. Mitch already said its dead so what’s inside is nil. I see Susan “scrambled eggs for brains” Collins is in that lineup. That’s all we need to know.

    2. They never get into the details and it annoys the sh!t out of me… a lot of talking about nothing.

    3. @Erica Jenkins if they ever got into the details it would show all the pork and politicians lining their pockets. Our government is so corrupt. Our kids and grandchildren will be the ones this wasteful spending will hurt the most. All because of the greed and thrust for power of our elected officials desire. They should all go.

  2. Bi-Partisan bill is a euphemism for the minority party getting their way on the size of the bill ….I realize I must be naive in thinking that the majority party has been elected to enact their legislative agenda ….Democrats have always been far too anxious to cede their power to Republicans …

  3. The Elephant in the room that democrat doesnt want to talk about is – for Republican way of life is about RELIGION… for the progressive way of life is SCIENCE… the first one is a about MAGIC the other one is LOGIC/FACTs.. until progressives are ready to face the real enemy and not afraid tell the blind faith followers that they are wrong .. we will never have a climate change solution or even a step forward for solution.

    1. Right Separation between church and state, or render unto Caeser that which is Caesars and unto God that which is God’s. Mark 12:17

    2. Climate change will force all humanity to step forward and do something. It’s too late to save our coastal cities.

    3. As an anti-Theist, I agree with your point about religion being a problem. The delusional belief in Gods is a poison on humanity.
      But I must disagree with your attempt at making religion a partisan thing.
      There’s 10s of millions of religious Democrat voters. Ever hear of “souls for the polls”?
      The Democrats leverage the God delusion and organized religion as much as the Republicans.

    4. @sal sagev that’s just plain ignorant. You do not see democrats showing anywhere near the same level of religious delusion as republicans.

  4. GOP sure don’t have a problem digging into your pocket year after year for their spending but those who pay 0 cross the line

  5. The US senate has become a black hole for legislation. Bills go in never to be seen again.

  6. The number of jobs it’ll create that’ll keep the economy growing. We need to rebuild not just for repairs but we need to rebuild to meet the demands of the future in mind.

  7. I will give you my diagram that shows how to recycle alternating current. Be very careful with it, there is not stop assassination attempts involved. I had enough. Let me know if your ready for the challenge?

  8. Bipartisanship in the face of McConnell’s only objective to make sure that Biden gets nothing done.

  9. 6 trillion ? That’s how much debt W. Bush ran up in 8 yrs & Obama said that was unpatriotic.

    1. Spending 6 trillion on US infrastructure versus 6 trillion bombing a desert…. huh wonder what the difference is…

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