White House Negotiations On Infrastructure 'Extremely Stalled' | MSNBC 1

White House Negotiations On Infrastructure ‘Extremely Stalled’ | MSNBC


NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell discusses the negotiations on infrastructure.

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White House Negotiations On Infrastructure 'Extremely Stalled' | MSNBC


    1. Exactly right. Moscow Mitch has stated his intention to obstruct everything and done exactly that for years already now. Democrats should know that and do whatever it takes to move on to get things done.

  1. Fork the Pubbies and move on without them, they’ll just try to take credit for something else that they voted against.

    1. That’s a good way to lose votes and credibility because it’s extremely divisive. Maybe dial it back a little before someone lays you the f out.

    2. Republicans don’t, and won’t have any accomplishments to run on next year, so their mid-term strategy will involve demonizing Dems and making sure they accomplish nothing by then.

      Time for Dems to end the filibuster and start passing their agenda. Minimum wage, infrastructure, voting rights, gun control, and marijuana law reform… all have popular support across the political spectrum. Then, let the voters decide in 2022 if they like results or want to keep feeling smug about “owning the libs” and trying to return their disgraced failure of a president to the White House he allowed to get infected with COVID.

    3. Exactly ….just have a big show of would -be workers stand in a line, along side of a chained link fence , ready to go in to the job site. Lunch pails, hard hats. Ready to go to work. Just start.

      Be ready to cut them down to size when they take credit for it. Surely that will happen. Like never encouraging vaccines, but tripping over their own feet to get vaccinated.

  2. You can’t negotiate with a Lovecraftian cult trying to bring about The Second Coming of Baby Cheesus.

    1. @David Eby There was inflation during Baby Cheesus’s term but that apparently doesn’t bother you because of The Magic R.

    2. @Insignificant360 HIGHEST core inflation since 1982!!!! 39 YEARS!!!!!!! You didn’t explain to me how that’s a good thing. Still waiting.

    3. Biden’s policies are helping the American people and those policies are helping the American economy prosper.

  3. The Republican Collaborator Clones would destroy democracy to satiate the Appetite of Trump/Putin. Vote 2022 and Crush the Beast

    1. Veggie Boi Biden helped Putin finish his pipeline. Putin thanx Veggie Boi and his stupid supporters.

    2. Your fearmongering about Putin is getting old. How about saying we should vote for Biden because he’s good for this country? No, your argument is always about scaring people with Trump and Putin. As far as I’m concerned people like you are The Beast

  4. How great would have been if the government had spent their money on infrastructure instead of desk furniture pens harpists and fancy dinners for themselves

    1. They need to stop wasting taxpayers money on Ridiculous Radical Right Wing audits using Retrumplican Carnival Cult members and Capital Police Killing
      Insurrectionists as ballot counters, getting Cheetos dust on already twice counted legal ballots! When will the Cult stop believing the Orange Failures idiotic Conspiracy Theories, while he and his minions take in millions and millions of donor money?

  5. The GOP is the party of NO. They would rather prevent Biden from having a win than give the American people what they want and need.

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson the Dems just passed a $1.9tn COVID relief bill: the largest single bill in US history. You think that’s “inaction”?

    2. @Matt Jackson A bill with no $15 minimum wage in it and a piddly one-time payment of $1400

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson you claimed inaction, I demonstrated action. Now you want to debate the finer points of the bill? Why don’t you tell me how many Republicans voted for the bill? Then you can tell me how many Republicans tried to take credit for the bill after it had passed.

    4. @Matt Jackson The “finer points”? $15 minimum wage was a major campaign promise. The Dems took it out. $2000 checks wee a major campaign promise. The Dems reduced that to $1400 after weeks of squabbling amongst themselves. Student debt relief was a major campaign promise. That is gone. Public option in health care was a major campaign promise. That’s also gone.

      So, tell me again about the “finer points” and how “active” the Dems are

  6. It’s pretty clear that the republicans will block any and all attempts to do what America voted you into office to do.
    Time to cut them loose….so the GQP can focus on the real issues, like if Mr Potato Head is a man and finding those bambooballots!

    1. Yes,…Bipartisanship is apparently broken and will take time that we don’t have to fix it. So time to move on without those clowns. All they’ve done is obstruct progress for years!

  7. Nothing has stalled. Democrats are moving forward with their own 21st century ideas and plans on infrastructure without Republicans. We don’t have time to wait on those people to make up their minds on what’s infrastructure and whether or not children should or shouldn’t be drinking water filled with lead.

    1. @mike briganti
      Are you sure you can see?
      All caps at your age?
      My five year old nephew knows better.

    2. @B. T. – does your nephew know Obama & Biden could have fixed the lead pipes 10 years ago in Flint? What happened ? Obama had the money to do it.

  8. How anyone could think Republicans ever cared about helping the working class taxpayers is beyond me.

    1. That is why these idiots cannot find workers. You treat them lousy during a pandemic have to deal with mask less Karen’s hollering at you. I do not blame them for refusing to go back to work for low wages and lack of respect.

    1. A couple weeks ago GOP governors said they’d return the federal money they get, but none have sent a penny back yet…

  9. Hmmm … things are not “extremely stalled”, they are just “stalled” with little hope of hope of …

  10. Because of the Republicans, we can never have nice things in this country.. We the people, ALL OF US in the 99%get nothing..

  11. Recognise the criminal GOP syndicate for the obstructionists they are, and forget about any ideas of bipartisanship.

    1. Don’t you get it? They’re all one party, looking out for their greedy interests, not ours!

  12. When did voting for your choice of politician become a “partisan” issue?? I just assumed you voted for the politician “you” thought would get the jobs done that “you” wanted done ——— PERIOD !!!!

  13. *Remember: whenever you hear the word “bipartisan,” it’s code for “we don’t really want to do this.”*

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