White House Optimistic About Economic Recovery | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

White House Optimistic About Economic Recovery | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Cecilia Rouse discusses a new WH memo on reopening the U.S. economy showing optimism about economic recovery.

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White House Optimistic About Economic Recovery | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Josef Jerbils An echo chamber? You are stuck in conspiracy theories brought to you by the letter Q.

    2. Jim River poor Jim got brainwashed into holding chinas sack while screaming orange man bad.

    3. @9751matt Millions of us have HAD TO work 2 jobs or more just to try to cover our basic living overhead costs… so sure condon contributed to keeping wages flat and companies rich. That whole tax things didn’t benefit the laborers. He rode the economy coming in that Obama-Biden developed BTW…condon is also culpable for the masses of dead as a result of downplaying COVID 19 and the destruction and duration of the negative impacts on our economy. So yea, perhaps you should school up on real factual data before you run your nonsensical partisan mouth.

    4. @9751matt You must be talking about Mitch McConnell has been in Congress for 37 years and all he’s done is obstruct the Democratic agenda and corrupt the GOP.

    5. @Friend Mitch McConnell is a corrupt penny-pincher that most Republicans dissociate from, myself included. Republicans would never vote for him to be president in a million years.

      Why’d you bring him into the discussion?

      “all he’s done is obstruct the Democratic agenda”

      Why did you point out the most positive aspect about him?

      “corrupt the GOP”

      Last I checked, he’s unpopular in his personal opinions among Republicans, yet he still was against the racist-by-design 1994 Crime Bill that Sen Joe Biden created and President Bill Clinton passed, and supported Trump’s First Step Act which helped undo those racist policies the Clinton Administration and Biden created.

    1. We like to think they are helping the American people but I fear the Joe is being given some very poor advice by the old retreads that he brought into his administration. His first action was to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline that eliminated at least 9000 (conservative estimate) good paying union construction jobs. Our friends in Canada were most upset and wanted to impose sanctions on Joe in the United States for this unilateral action.
      Inflation was expected but not at the levels that we are seeing it today. Last week MSNBC had an economist who was very worried about pending runaway inflation and the out of control federal spending adding to the national debt. He also noted that the job numbers are abysmal. Joe has ordered Americans back to work and we all need to go out and take those hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs that are out there so that Joe’s numbers look good for the month of May.
      We need to do everything we can do to make Joe’s presidency the best one ever.

  1. It’s simple supply and demand. You have less workers available – guess what? The price increases for those workers. Pay people what they are actually worth so they can pay bills with a full-time job and you’ll see those positions filled with haste.

    1. That’s very true. Unfortunately trolls from the Right will call you a marxist snowwflake and msnbc trolls may accuse you of being a russian. But you’re absolutely right that paying people a couple extra bucks an hour won’t tank the economy.

  2. I’d be a lot more optimistic if the GQP wasn’t trying to block everything serious just so they can bring about The Second Coming of Baby Cheesus in 2024.

    1. @WARRIOR.OF.GOD I didn’t say Jesus, I said Baby Cheesus.

      Jesus died for the sins of others.

      Others died for the sins of Baby Cheesus.

    1. Vegetable Biden has given us the highest core inflation rate since 1982. Are those the results you were hoping for? You really think high inflation is a good thing? Did he promise high inflation or is this just a bonus? Veggie Biden makes you look even dumber everyday.

  3. These yahoos have no clue. If employers want to hire people, they need to pay people more money! I guess these rich people only like supply side economics when they are the ones holding all the power.

    1. Employers are paying people more money, indeed they are paying from $100-$300 hiring bonuses. People still don’t go back to work. Joe his orders Americans back to work and we almost take the Hundreds of thousands a good paying jobs that are out there. We almost take the jobs to make the numbers for this month look outstanding for Joe. Don’t make excuses, get out there and take them jobs so that Joe’s economy can look good.

    2. And prices will rise. Rob Peter to pay Paul. Working class need to fight for middle class jobs.

    3. @Klaus World yes, absolutely and indeed. There are hundreds of thousands of good high-paying jobs out there that can put competent people well into the middle class. People have to get out there and apply for these jobs. If a person is at all competent, if a person can get up in the morning and be at work on time, if a person has the necessary skills, opportunity is now knocking on loud and hard.
      Now is the time for females to enter male-dominated field. Unless Joe has rescinded this Trump program, a person can be trained in the trades while working, earning a paycheck and going to school on weekends. The end dividual will have no student loans to worry about. Joe has ordered everyone back to work so that he was employment numbers look good. Now is the time.

  4. The stupid rich only care about themselves, and have enough money to give every American 1 million dollars, and still be millionaires or billionaires.

    1. You got that right! Red states shouldn’t Receive any recovery funding…Being that they didn’t vote for the bill in the first place. It frustrating to see that Steven Miller is still collecting taxpayer funds. It’s outrageous the grifting that’s going on.

  5. All of these people that are unemployed bare NOT wait staff. I have NEVER been a “food server” don’t know how and that job is NOT for everyone.
    Just speaking for me. And I have a position in accounting and work from home.

  6. BIDEN’S stimulus plans working so well, no one needs to work and yet economy Blooming! What does that say about capitalism?

  7. republicans hope that Biden fails, meaning they hope the recovery fails and the economy stalls. So, they basically want America to fail.

    Think about that for a second.

    1. @T. R. Campbell lol really? Really? The Dems could careless about Trump. Other than they are happy he’s out of office. He road the coattails of Obama. And tore the country apart. Signed a bad trade deal and gave 1% of America a huge tax break. Funneled money through the military to his buddies. Biden is just getting started and the Republicans are doing everything in their power to stop everything Biden tries even when they agree on whatever it is?

    2. @Steven Davis I can’t agree. Look at the coverage about Trump on MSNBC and CNN. They can’t let go of him. Trump lives in their brains.
      We like to credit Obama with an economic recovery but there is nothing whatsoever that we can point to that would cause an economic recovery to occur. Some will point to the stimulus money, the shovel ready projects but we have no idea where that money went. Obama admitted that there were no shovel ready projects and then he laughed. We also have him on record telling our union base that what we saw then was the new normal and the jobs would not return to the United States. Obama is also on record of mocking candidate Trump, asking what Trump was going to do, ‘wave a magic wand’?
      Following the Bush recession there was a slight uptick in economic activity but economist pretty much universally say that the economy slog around at the bottom of the pond for too long. Very likely the recovery was caused by the energy of capitalism.
      What Trump did was open the economic recovery roadmap left to us by JFK. The result was a supercharged economy that occurred during the time of JFK and then later during the Trump presidency and continued until COVID-19 struck the world.
      The trade agreements were outstanding and he was able to leverage Canada and Mexico in order to get favorable agreements for the USA. This is been well documented. Trump was able to leverage the trade agreements to have Mexico agree to control their southern border and to keep foreign nationals in their country rather than allowing them to continue into the USA.
      Trump imposed sanctions on China and he did get a trade agreement with them but if he can be faulted for anything it was that he believed the Chinese communist and the WHO concerning the origins of COVID-19 and how dangerous it was. I believe he was hoping to get additional trade deals out of China but he hast to be faulted for believing they called me the Chinese and the WHO we now know lied to the world.
      As Democrats we can find solace in the fact that Trump initiated our iconic JFK tax plan that supercharge the economy. We can be secure in this as fact much easier than we can the theory about Obama which can usually be debunked.

    3. @T. R. Campbell As a republican I disagree. There’s documentation on the Trade agreement and it’s failing now. Theres also much documentation of the job market in the Obama administration as well as into Trump’s time in office. Trump’s bumbling and do nothing attitude tword the Covid19 pandemic did a real disservice to all Americans and their businesses. And when the Trump administration shut the border down they created a bottleneck in the 2 hundred years of immigration policy. Now Biden Harris have to deal with not only this presidentcie but also what should have been Trump’s. Our military has been over funded for a long time. And we backed ourselves it the position of world police which is better than the alternative. We’ve yet to experience everything Trump’s administration has done. The biggest problem I see is the blatant lies that have us divided today. And he’s destroyed the republican party which I am/was once behind less government involvement lower personal taxes and all. But today they’ve lost their minds? And I worry that the right people won’t be punished for 01/06/2021? And the Dems will now have a great chance at holding all 3 departments of our government for many years to come. Biden is not the greatest man for the job but a very good choice for this 4 year term.

    4. @Johnny Young Absolutely, ,and this is one of our problems that we have with these tax plans that we propose. Somebody always wants to add on their pet projects and then somebody else has another project and all of a sudden the Bill is full of add-ons, Amendments and balloons. I think this is how we got the reputation of Democrats being the tax and spend party. This is something that I wish we would get away from and that we would be able to set the standard for fiscal responsibility. We can’t count on the Republicans to do that and if we don’t who will?

  8. Are role into helping build back better…. starts with A MAXIMUM LIVING WAGE . AND TERMINATING THE TAX BREAKS FOR THE WEALTHY . Get on it. Push back grab a pair ..Repubs don’t tell us what to do.

  9. And when people were laid off by the millions last year they were separated from their companies. These displaced workers have either gone back to school for more training, started a business, or are working somewhere else. There are some employers that have to hire and train an entire new workforce. That takes time. Everyone wants a light switch to turn on and boom, everything instantly go back to normal. That just isn’t the case with an economy as big and complex as ours.

    And where are the GOP’s solutions to these issues? Let me guess, they’re just gonna rely on the “invisible magic hand” of the free market.

  10. so maybe the work places pay a living wage…. the rescue amount is minimum amount necessary to live… so if jobs pay less then they are not paying a fare wage… so as Ray Liotta said as Henry Hill “F*** Y** pay me!!!” business got heaps of help so start paying, its only the places refusing to pay having issue’s… like they all charing more so they should be paying more, wake up free market its not all employer driven, you want staff now you pay more just like the rest of us

  11. Maybe those UFOs headed to Congress (yes, that was the headline) means most of them will be beamed up.

  12. Remember there was that ice cream store that wasn’t able to have applications for jobs. After increasing the the pay check it had 2000 applications in the next few hours.
    So please remember me : what is the problem?

  13. If employers paid a livable wage more would go back to work. Frontline workers are not paid enough. Minimum wage or a bit more. Little to no benefits, often dealing with unsafe conditions, customers who are impossible to deal with.

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