Witness In Chauvin Trial Feels Like 'Big Domino That Set Things Into Motion' 1

Witness In Chauvin Trial Feels Like ‘Big Domino That Set Things Into Motion’


NBC's Trymaine Lee reports on why key witness in Derek Chauvin's trial Chris Martin, who was the cashier who alleged George Floyd used a fake $20 at Key Foods, feels like a "big domino that set things in motion."

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Witness In Chauvin Trial Feels Like 'Big Domino That Set Things Into Motion'


  1. Kid is just 1 dot on 400+ years of history. He is not responsible for this, Derick Chauvin and his fellow officers are.

    1. And don’t forget how reports on POC focus on their families.
      Where’s the comparable discussion of Chauvin’s family

    1. @Frszt Take away Judge and Juror cowardice and lying. take away the constant threat of criminal behavior of intimidation then listen to the facts presented and defended… He’d still go to jail but not for all three.
      Anyway, I couldn’t care any less, floyd was a POS and chauvin will never recover and be free and neither will be missed.

    2. That was the first part, if he’s given proper time for his crimes that’s when there definitely will be equal justice! If chauvin’s given a pathetic sentence then once again the system fails America!

  2. He did nothing wrong. I wish I could take that burden off his shoulders. He did what he was supposed to do. Don’t allow yourself to take on the responsibility of what a monster did. That racist was going to be a racist and commit heinous crimes regardless of you. Be thankful that the murderer was brought to justice.

    1. The death of George “fentanyl” Floyd is in no way related to racism lmao. He also wasn’t murdered. He OD’d. Chauvin deserves to be charged, just not for murder.

    2. @Roman he OD’d on chauvin’s knee and lack of oxygen. Get a life. GF’s was taken from him. Chauvin’s is long gone. Send him some money for ramen noodles in prison if you care so much about him.

    3. It’s only human for him to blame himself. The biggest monster in this tale is Chauvin. But there’s also lesser monsters. People like Sarah F.4.1 who use a tragedy like this as fuel for political theatre. Paid msnbc trolls have no right to speak about George Floyd. Normal human beings see the inhumanity and racism of a broken system. Sarah F 4.1 sees an opportunity to score points for democrats.

    4. He shouldn’t feel bad because there was a whole man, a UFC fighter who stood there and did absolutely nothing.

  3. It’s not his fault. Few people know that a young (and unknown) Adolf Hitler was saved from being beaten to death by an enraged mob in Vienna by an Irishman (doing his duty as a soldier to save a civilian’s life from a mob), but nobody’s blaming us Irish, or Ireland, for how History subsequently played out. The same for this young man – he couldn’t have known what would happen, and was just doing what his job as a responsible cashier required him to do.

  4. Chris please don’t let this ruin your life. So many are already heartbroken. You are a good man and will keep you in my prayers

    1. Hello I hope you’re safe over there? I am Thorsten from Key West Florida and you?

      I hope this year brings prosperity happiness and love all over the world

    2. Hi please be careful because, Hartmann might be a scam artist. He might be trying to get your personal information.

    3. @theresaI wright thank you. Wouldn’t give any but kind of you to tell me. Take care

  5. Hang in there young man lean on family and friends there to support you. Becoming all you can be by pursuing your goals and living with purpose will ease your burden in time. Wish you the very best!

  6. I love Chris Martin. I wish someone beside loving him have the privilege to give this boy a prestige education to have a better future.
    I would if I have this privilege.
    Chris Martin you are a noble person and I love you.

    1. Do you happen to know if a college fund has been established for ChrisPlease share any details that people may be aware of? Thanks in advance

    2. @Joni M.L. He sure deserves it, doesn’t he? My heart ached for him during his testimony. His pure and raw honest account of what transpired that day gave a wide-angle view into so many things that are so wrong about our economic system.

  7. Hats off to this young man , who is so brave to have pulled himself together in such difficult times . The world is aware George Floyd and many more like him did not deserve to be killed by police enforcement ? It was wrong to take someone life , they became way too arrogant and complacent of their duties . That day those 4 thought they got away with it ? cleaning their hand of George Floyd ‘s blood , but justice is greater and it will prevail . There are many more rogues who are still in the police enforcement who have committed these crimes . Have no misrake the day of reckoning is coming , GOD cannot let them get away with it. Not now all the parents and siblings tears of blood are as fresh today as they were on the day they lost their loved one’s .

  8. That’s why unfortunately as drug addicts we make decisions that GREATLY affect others. I can only Imagine god bless this brother.

  9. The police never just affect one life. They affect entire communities with their every choice. They MUST be held to a higher standard.

    1. CRIMINALS must be eradicated from EARTH. We will not need POLICE then. Wanna talk a GOOD FUTURE? OR a future with RUNAWAY criminals?

    2. @Heritage Karma You sound like a psychopath. It’s easy to label someone as bad and yourself as good because it’s simple and you don’t have to think about all the complex emotions, behaviors, circumstances, and everything that has gone into that person making those choices. I’d say try using some empathy but psychopaths tend not to have any.

    3. @Heritage Karma I would definitely include Derek Chauvin in that criminal category. Would you?

  10. This young man need not feel guilty, the guilt belongs to gt cops involved in this case for making themselves the cops, judge, jury and executioner of George Floyd

  11. Chris Martin it’s not your fault. Remember you uncovered a deep flaw in the system that hopefully brings some change for the better. Stay safe and God bless you and your family.

  12. After hearing his testimony that day in court, I just wanted to give that young man a hug.

    We teach that capitalist entrepreneurs “deserve” more of the proceeds from a business because they have “taken all the risks”, yet what happened in that shop that day demonstrates a reality that exists all across this country. Counterfeit currency is no risk to the shop owner, because we allow shop owners to dock the pay of the employee in the amount of the fraudulent currency. When the young clerk brought the bill to the attention of the shop owner, who wore a firearm on his hip every day at the shop, the shop owner sent the minimum wage earning clerk out to the car to confront the parties involved. _All_ of the risk was on the minimum wage clerk, _none_ assumed by the shop owner.

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