White House officials address Biden’s positive COVID status

White House officials address Biden's positive COVID status 1


  1. I feel so sorry for our commander-in-chief! He cannot experience the joy of sniffing women’s hair. Such a poor unfortunate man!

  2. He can’t go to jail so they will “kill” him with covid. Hunter however, he’s going for life.

  3. So sad! Sniffing used to bring such Delight to the man. The virus has taken away his only source of joy in his life.

  4. Just cause I’m not a Democrat doesn’t mean I hate Biden or wish harm to him. Act like you got some sense.

  5. Ladies are gentlemen a letter how much does it cost that letter to go from one room to the other how much do they pay for that did they use a stamp a letter the Democrats finally decided to solve the economical problem by bringing back the pony Express with letters delivery

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