White House press secretary Jen Psaki tests positive for COVID-19 | USA TODAY

Jen Psaki tests positive for COVID
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White House press secretary Jen Psaki says she's tested positive for COVID and will not be accompanying President Biden to Europe for meetings on Russia's war on Ukraine.

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  1. Ok, it’s really quite simple. The third dose increases immunity, so after the fourth dose you’ll be protected. Once 80% of the population has received the fifth dose, the restrictions can be relaxed as the sixth dose stops the virus from spreading.

    I am confident that the seventh dose will solve our problems and we’ll have no reason to fear the eighth dose. The clinical phase of the ninth dose will confirm that the antibodies remain stable after the tenth dose.

    The eleventh dose will insure that no new mutations will develop, so there is no longer any reason to criticize the twelfth dose.

    1. @UncleVampy They said if you get the vaccine you wouldn’t catch Covid. Then they said it at least reduce the chance you catch it by a good amount but that’s not true. I don’t trust them and I’m never taking their vaccine. Had Covid back during Delta wasn’t a big deal. Zero actual good reason to make it mandatory.

    2. @Dark Magician Fan So, again, you completely missed the point. According to the data, when they said you would not catch COVID, that was what the data supported at that particular time. Then as the data came in showing it was different, the information was changed to fit the data. Again this is how science works. This does not mean they lied to you, only that their data was not complete and needed to be updated. You should get really mad at paleontologists; after all, the models of how dinosaurs lived and moved keeps changing. And let’s not even get started with meteorologists and weather forecasting.

    3. @UncleVampy Why did they say the vaccine does things that doesn’t actually do. That seems irresponsible to me but I know the answer greed. I love for you to try explaining how pharmacy companies are definitely not beyond corrupt and purely profit driven.

    4. @Dark Magician Fan Because at the time they said it, it did. But I know this whole science thing is hard for you to comprehend. So let me put in simple terms that you might understand. You open the fridge on Monday, you see there is food in the refrigerator it is currently good to eat. You go on vacation and come back several weeks later. You open the fridge again. You notice some of the food has spoiled. Did it lie to you about being good to eat?

      As for big pharma, yes, there are some problems, but just because they want to make a profit does not mean every one of them is out to get you. They just tend to work on treatments rather than cures, and some will price gouge because they hold the patent and thus can monopolize the product. The problem with saying the vaccines are a part of this conspiracy is that different companies have different vaccines for covid, so there is no monopoly on either price gouging or safety.

      You could just stick it to big pharma and not take any of their products. That will show them!

  2. Isn’t that the second time? Maybe if she gets the fourth perfectly safe, highly effective booster she can survive to get it for a third time in 6 months.

    1. @Star Rain Bahahahhaha Bahahahhaha Bahahahhaha Bahahahhaha Exactly! HA HA HA LOL LOL Bahahahhaha yes! More Bahahahhaha that is what the numbers show.

      Is there a reason you’re confused? Bahahahhaha!

  3. You can test positive for covid up to 3 months after you’ve recovered. Didn’t she have covid already???

    1. @Sergen3 The Red Cross said Covid vaccines wipe out your immunity to Covid?
      That would be a little difficult considering the fact that no one, vaccinated or not, has ever been immune to Covid because no cure for Covid has ever existed (just the vaccines, which are a measure of protection -not a cure).

    2. @D. LaFollette I have a immunity to covid since I have never been vaccinated. This has been reported in many peer review research. Covid is just like any other virus of its kind once you have had it you are immune to it. The vaccine wipes all immunity to covid that is why Israel has had the highest covid levels since the vaccine was rolled out and Switzerland had a big jump and then not really anymore after that. Stop listening to media that repeat what the government says that has lied to you your whole life and do some research.

    3. @D. LaFollette

      Your post about the validity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which has been confirmed now by the New York Times, just in case you missed the memo there in the buzzhive.

    4. @Sergen3 Unfortunately you are putting yourself in a dangerous position.
      I’m afraid none of that is accurate and this isn’t info I got from “the media.”
      As has always been the case with other viruses, you do not have immunity. You have antibodies which can recognize the strain of Covid you had and those antibodies are not necessarily (or even likely to be) effective against other variants.
      There’s are videos you can watch of scientists actually demonstrating in the lab how your immune system & antibodies respond to the vaccines.
      You need to watch them because your are needlessly putting yourself at risk.
      Don’t take my word for it. Watch a professional (who’s actually qualified to do scientific research) prove it to you.
      Haven’t you even once stopped to wonder why only source of all the antivaxx/mask/science disinformation is conservative media & those who parrot it and why literally all of the world’s credible doctors and scientists say the exact opposite? Nothing about this is difficult. You either listen to credible sources of scientifically verified information or you get what you you deserve – and all those sources are telling you the exact same thing I am: you are wrong.

    1. Brooooo. Don’t disrespect the Scaramooch. The Spicey Sean Spicer. The Huckleberry Sanders. Uncanny McEnany. They are leaps and bounds ahead and have earned titan status of lying press secretaries. Ya can’t make the claim “in many years” when it was legit 3 or less years ago.

  4. I heard you can catch the BA.2 variant by lying. I am no democrat but don’t wish illness on anyone. Get well soon Jen.

  5. let’s see.. fully jabbed and boosted and has had covid for a second time? Seems to me like the jab is not effective or safe.

  6. Good thing she has the vaccine so the symptoms are mild just like 99% of unvaccinated people who also had mild symptoms.

  7. Anyone remember when Trump got Covid and people were saying nasty things about him, where are those people when it comes to this lady?

    1. You remember when Trump mocked people for wearing masks just days before he publicly confirmed he had COVID? Remember how Trump spent months downplaying the seriousness of COVID and basically tried to brush it under the rug because he was doing an ineffective job at combating it?

      Gee, cant seem to figure out why people might have said “nasty things about him” given all of that.

      Remember when this lady made similar comments about COVID as Trump did? Yea me neither. Maybe try a better comparison next time.

    2. @ICU1337 you remember when Trump tried to close flights to China and people called him a xenophobe yet they criticized him for not acting soon enough even though their action stopped him from acting faster? Remember when Kamala Harris said she wouldn’t take the covid vaccine during the Trump administration which was also the same vaccine she was pushing so many people to get? They are all a bunch of hypocrites.

  8. Nope doesn’t count anymore. Remember how you guys completely dropped ALL REPORTING on this? Yeah, we remember. Stop pandering.

    1. The Circle Back song is one of the greatest things ever made. Listen to how many times she says it. lol

  9. Isn’t she vaxed like 4 times? How in the world could she have gotten covid? The vax should have protected her completely. That’s what she’s told me over and over….

    1. @Dr. Rock It kinda goes in a circle then? Like you get 100% protected and you go clockwise to circle back and… BOOM AIDS?!

  10. i remember when she lied about hunter’s laptop claiming it as “Russian disinformation” and it was in fact, 100% true!

    1. It was disinformation. That’s what Fake News is all about. Like the putative cyber attack from “Russia”.

    2. @roger dildeau  well, it _was_ disinformation… from Psaki!
      The laptop though, it is 100% genuine.

    3. Yeah everyone knows man but no one actually does anything so if you actually care and do nothing isn’t that on you… I mean I know but I don’t really care… you know… seem to care… yet don’t fight or nothing…. so I guess jokes on you

    4. @roger dildeau did you tell that to new york times a reputable news outlet?
      Are you scared to admit ? Or are you doubling down on your dumb decision to vote for Biden?.
      Please 🙏🏼 get your head out the sand an do some critical thinking an no critical race thinking or what ever you “woke” people say now

    1. We Will Not Comply i sure hope that the COVOY stays in DC till the Mandates are Permanently Dropped. We The People will not comply with your Deep State COVID mandates

  11. Covid tests are about as accurate as a Stormtrooper’s aim in one of the old Star Wars movies.

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