White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds news conference | USA TODAY 1

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds news conference | USA TODAY


White house press secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds press briefing

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As the pandemic reached new highs in Florida and across the world, New York City provided a glimmer of hope: zero deaths for the first time in four months.

Total confirmed cases across the nation surpassed 3.3 million – about 1% of all Americans have now tested positive since the outbreak began racing across the nation just a few months ago. More than 135,000 Americans have died.

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  1. A make feel good round table but nothing to fix the problem!! Bunker boy won’t do anything but get everyone at each others throats!! Shes such a liar!!

    1. The problem is spiritual, not political. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Solution , repent and believe the gospel. The left, right paradigm is a fools game. Save yourself from the wrath to come.

  2. Allow me to translate “Planning materials released in there fullest form or best form…” – means materials that cdc believes are necessary to prevent further spread but nearly impossible to implement today. Trump would like to have schools open tomorrow. So instead let’s release a simple guideline that people can take/use as they see fit. Why even bother. Should just release a statement “Wash your hands and Try to distance or do whatever you think will work so the country can use schools as daycare and parents can return to work and stop asking government for money. FYI no data on kids spreading ( because we have been distancing , schools were closed and parents kept kids home safely. Now let’s send the kids out into this mess we will certainly eliminate the population that is at high risk and can get back to business!

  3. Why are we still getting the long swab shoved all the way up into our sinuses? I know the puss president isn’t getting that test done daily since he cried about the long swab. When can we get the easy test like him?

  4. America should have stayed closed over the summer. Then we would be able to open school in the fall. We couldn’t stay inside when its warn out…

  5. He shouldn’t comment on the name change situation. Take the high road and say “That’s up to them”….

  6. Too bad USA today has become just like any other “Fake news” outlet..there journalists must have been CNN rejects …or msnbc…very poor journalism …actually lets not even call it journalism…

    1. yomama yodaddy , I don’t get your rationale.. This is Trumps press secretary speaking, the press are asking questions. If there’s anything fake it’s her answers and deflecting from the truth to paint a rosy picture of Trumps poor handling of everything that is being asked of her. To say their testing more than anywhere in the world is totally incorrect, Australia tests 400 times more than the US, it has 1/1300 the death toll so to say the US is doing well is complete BS.

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  8. Trump stands on the side of law and order. But if he needs to pardon a friend he writes his own laws.

  9. Did this girl said something like the world envy US handling of the pandemic in her previous announcement ? Is it true?

    1. Just think our tax dollars pay her salary. If bashing your friends is a good relationship, thats proof he was really raised by wolves.

  10. lol – she’s got a cheat sheet of lies that she’s reading from… amazing how terrible this admin is.

  11. Guess whose parents received a PPP loan? See why do they need it? I’m sure she is getting a lot of money. How else does she do a low murdering the people job

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