1. Schools open and people will go back to work. No one can work full time with young kids at home

  2. There is no magic answer! Everyone is trying to navigate through the wake of a pandemic. Keep UI going as there are people, boomers and the like, that are being considered too old and it’s not right to work for 12.00 or 15.00 per hour when your job paid 25.00, max benefits, and year-round work.

  3. I have never gotten unemployment ever. I’m a 64 year old woman who would like to know why this is top priority when McConnell went on record saying they will vote everything down. JOB ABANDONMENT they are getting 183k + a year for not working kevin McCarthy has anet worth of 300k gets paid 179k he needs his paycheck to live in Bakersfield they need to work before they get paid for judging humans they torture. Republicans go to work 1st!

  4. It sounds like people are trying to find full time jobs with benefits rather than work 50 hrs week on part time jobs

    1. Sure- we need 10 new employees…. we are starting at $17-$25 an hour and we give a bonus after 3 months of $500. We will train! It’s not skilled labor! we call for an interview… they don’t show up but some actually admit they only need it for unemployment benefits

    2. @Val McFamily Must be a real crapy job.. call an immigrant.. offer to sign the immigration papers.. you will have that worker for years…

  5. Thank You for explaining how unemployment works most don’t get that if you are called back to work or are offered a job you don’t have a choice, you got to work or lose your unemployment .

    1. How does unemployment know if you’re offered a job if you don’t tell them? Do you seriously think someone is going to tell the state they were offered a job and turned it down? C’mon man!

  6. People are enjoying their stimulus and not taking additional 2 or 3 jobs after resting at home to reflect on creating a better lifestyle but instead are taking the time to look for high quality jobs.

    1. WOW! Not everyone has the opportunity to GET a better paying job. 50 plus HUMAN BEINGS are NOT being hired. So, you want to pay for my MASTERS, which pays $12 bucks an hour?????

  7. Look at the wages, paying less then before the pandemic came. I’m lucky I’ve worked this entire time.

  8. I’ve lived in a tent and it’s better then working three jobs for extortionists rents. The rich are Clueless and Helpless. They need their slaves back at work.

  9. Is it just me or are people acting like the pandemic just vanished and possibly never happened 🤣🤣 is everything even opened up yet? Lol ugh geeze

    1. Those are jobs. They’re the result of Reganomics which is another term for Economic Exploitation.

  10. “Added jobs” shouldn’t it be bringing jobs back? My job doesn’t exist anymore, but after 25 years doing it, hard to be qualified for much else. Skilled trades are now full of unskilled younger guys who work cheap. Those of us who were waiting to get vaccinated are now at a lose because they sold our jobs out while we were sideline.

  11. Takes awhile to find a safe place for your kids. Ever lost a babysitter with no or little notice?

  12. Good questions, ‘reasonable’ answers! Maybe we should look at the next 3 months results b4 making any definite conclusions!

  13. What a shocker ‘if u pay them more they’ll show up’

    People see that and be like ‘hey go do my old job for way better pay sure why not’

  14. Fact is here in Florida many people simply don’t want to work in a restaurant after what happened to them last year with many becoming homeless.

  15. KC gets it.
    I told my nephew to hold out for $15@ minimum. He waited, searched and found a job better than $15 and full benefits in 30 days. I have owned businesses. I always paid higher than my competitors, regularly got better Customer Satisfaction numbers and had ZERO turnover.
    Exploiting your staff by underpaying is fraught with pitfalls. But if you don’t give a crap about staff morale or quality Customer Service, carry on.

  16. Basically paying people to stay home and not work is working. McDonald’s is paying people $50 to show up to an interview…. we can’t get people to apply at our work! And it’s $17 an hour!!! People apply but when we call them they say they just need it for their unemployment

  17. Keep asking the questions and keep pushing for honest answers. Pace of jobs gain low, very low.

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