1. “A delusion held by one person is a mental illness, held by a few is a cult, held by many is a religion.”

    Robert Todd Carroll

    1. Let’s not ignore who the real delusional people are.
      It’s not one person you are dealing with, it’s thousands that are against the grooming of the children agenda.

  2. 00:11 – Restrictive Don’t Say Gay law passes for third graders
    00:14 – Expansion of the Don’t Say Gay law to high school
    00:15 – Controversial opposition to the Don’t Say Gay law and book bans arise
    00:28 – Conservative push for education and Florida’s stance on preventing indoctrination
    00:58 – Effort to prevent supposed indoctrination in schools and concerns about women’s sports
    01:07 – Ongoing Disney dispute over census law
    01:45 – Introduction to Moms for Liberty parent activist group
    02:09 – Campaign against what is perceived as indoctrination of children regarding race and sexuality
    02:24 – Meeting with the Moms for Liberty chapter in Colorado
    03:58 – Proposal to prohibit teachers from asking for students’ pronouns
    04:56 – Criticism from some liberal parents calling the group a hate organization
    06:13 – Promotion of additional curriculum in schools
    07:07 – Advocacy for traditional conservative values
    09:38 – Committee determining the appropriateness of books
    09:40 – Allocation of considerable resources.

    1. Can come firm. Her kids go to private school with mine. She is the reason our parents board got disbanded.

  3. If these moms want to know what their children are learning in school, sit down with them every night and go over it with them.

    Take an interest in what they are learning in school. Not from the news, not from politicians. From your child. And their teacher.

    I can’t believe nobody has thought of this before. Sitting down and talking with their child. What a concept.

    1. That’s how these moms found out about it. Those for the grooming of children are sick and needs to be called out. We have an epidemic of teachers having sex with children and it’s being ignored.

  4. OK. Wasn’t a fan of the town hall choices, but Moms for Liberty is a topic that needs to be aired, so thank you and I want to encourage this level of authenticity in reporting.

    1. “level of authenticity” Ironic, because CNN is known for less than accurate reporting. You probably know CNN wants to be the new Fox is why you’re here from that echo-chamber 😂

  5. 7:00 This woman is so paranoid she’s coming up with her own boogieman without any evidence besides the fact the person exists

  6. Greetings from Denmark. ❤
    You talk so much of parrential rigths, what about your parrential responsebility!

    1. i guess responsibility is a european thing? i don’t hear people wining for their individual rights here either. greetings from belgium

  7. Why doesn’t people allow teachers to teach. No one should impose their believes and values on other people.

  8. They find the artworks of Botticelli, and Michelangelo offensive. They’ve cried Wolf, so many of us don’t care to listen to M4L anymore

  9. At least somebody is fighting. Good for them. Tell the cultist child abusers to leave kids alone.

  10. Darcy should be in the Mental Gymnastic Olympics…she sounds very educated and reasonable.

  11. The mothers believe they have these “rights”. Who granted these rights to them ? Is it codified in the US legal system ?

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