China issues $2 million dollar fine for joke about army

A joke by Chinese stand-up comedian Li Haoshi, known by his stage name House, that loosely referenced a slogan used to describe the country’s military has cost an entertainment firm more than $2 million after it was slapped with enormous fines by authorities. CNN's Steven Jiang reports.
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  1. WTH?! A $2 MILLION DOLLAR FINE FOR A JOKE?! Is that in itself a joke? You gotta be freaking kidding me!

    1. Keep in mind , this is a country run by the same guy who changed his political view on America because someone online said he looked like winnie the pooh and memed him

    2. @ALE Touché, my friend! This guy has no sense of humor, and let’s be clear, it’s the hardliners who controls him.

    3. ​@Theodore Haskinsnah. He knows the potency of jokes. To delegitimize is to destabilize, because if everythings a joke there is no order. Look around the world… Just madness

    1. @peekaboo peekaboo they would probably expect you to thank the dear leader for the privilege of being executed

  2. There’ll be no sardonic laughter on Winifred the Poo’s watch. Chinese public comedy: dead on arrival😢😅

    1. It’s hard to respect a leader they can’t take a joke or a little bit of criticism, that’s why I love the White House Correspondents Dinner,

  3. They march like there stomping on bugs but as hard as they can. Nothing like wearing out your feet before you go into battle

    1. It’s like a person publicly insulting black people, Jews, and LGBTs in the United States.Kanye lost far more than $2 million.

  4. Was expecting him to be sent to a re-education facility for a few controversial medical treatments and released after 10 years.

  5. If you can’t take a silly joke without lashing out, you are mentally fragile and have a large deficit of self confidence. The more they punish people for making jokes, the weaker we think they are.

    1. The joke isn’t even funny for most Chinese if you have checked China’s domestic social media. It’s illegal to harm armyman’s reputation for no reason in China tho. So you mean the comedian can choose not to abide by the law? Why should they have such exceptions?

    2. @B Z You are right. There should be no exceptions. Free speech is for everyone. Even Youtubers 😉

  6. 2 things an authoritarian/dictator regime can’t stand/doesn’t tolerate:
    👉🏻 criticism
    👉🏻 jokes

    1. @Elian Productions
      Name me a person, or a media in 🇺🇸 who/that was ever hurt by the justice system for criticizing or making fun of the government.
      I’ll wait !

  7. I have another one for you: We have the greatest Army im the world. That’s what Xi said.

  8. You certainly can’t have stand up comics in an authoritarian society unless they ALL on the side of the dictator. They just don’t go together

  9. The same thing happens in the US, it’s just different groups you can’t make fun of. And instead of the government fining you, the corporations just stop paying you.

    So .. who is the government in the US? The corporations!

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